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Lord Deben

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Twitter bio: Climate Change champion. Former Minister Agriculture & Secretary of State for Environment. Chairman Climate Change Committee. British subject, European citizen.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 21 Jun 2010
Absolutely right. US behaving unacceptably. https://t.co/IXGVUHr6go
RT @CharlesTannock: Utter madness. Don't remember this Brexiteer promise on the side of the bus! https://t.co/211Uwa6whT
No Andrea you’re not doing your duty as an MP which is to use your judgement to do the best for your constituents.… https://t.co/xRsJJHkum8
No. But he’s right as usual. Brexit is a damaging self-inflicted disaster and its supporters will not be forgiven a… https://t.co/s8sExp5cQN
RT @jonsnowC4: Institute of Directors report One in Three firms plan to move abroad in survey of their 1,200 Members...amid fears of hard B…
It is a common thread with Brexiteers. They rely on prejudice, other people’s comments, gut instincts, popular misc… https://t.co/4QyOeknZp0
RT @ColinTassell: Mark Francois, who tells Remainers to “suck it up” claimed £7.87 on ice cream, £4.36 on bags of sweets, £3.24 on Kit Kats…
RT @CharlesTannock: All Remainers in the nation are proud of the courage and dedication of Madeleina who speaks for UK's Remainer youth & f…
Whatever your view of Scot Nats, it’s difficult to believe the UK Government is busy drumming up business and trade… https://t.co/z2XbgYhzgi
It is difficult to take Nadine Dories seriously. She doesn’t appear to have any strong links with reality yet she s… https://t.co/45q6HKquMO
RT @MikeGapes: Pleased to see that I’ve annoyed the Trots Stalinists and Antisemites on this thread. Truth hurts doesn’t it ? And as regar…
Mrs May really has to include Parliament into her plans. She has to accept there is no way ‘no deal’ will be suppor… https://t.co/rn2Cc9PXqv
RT @mwarhurst: “This new Malthouse doctrine is really the old hardline Brexit delusions in shinier shoes. It is the bluff that Britain hold…
They’ve already shown great flexibility. It’s we who’ve had the red lines: we who’ve asked for all the advantages o… https://t.co/vykNj2DV69
Simply because we would have to renegotiate all our trade agreements. Our lorries would no longer have free access… https://t.co/GCKaDqGnA4
I fear that if Ms Mordaunt has said this she is wrong. Rich countries have a moral responsibility to help the poor… https://t.co/lb37wfKrev
RT @simoncoveney: Backstop was agreed by UK/EU as the insurance policy to avoid a hard border in all scenarios. We hope it will never be us…
RT @heidiallen75: My votes tonight will be in the best interests of my constituents and my country. I was elected to safeguard their securi…
Well he’s at odds with whole of food and drink industry. We’re clear that we can’t properly service retailers or le… https://t.co/EAoLsoNbhr
RT @brexit_sham: FINALLY - and it's taken one of their own, @Anna_Soubry to speak the truth in parliament, a rare occurrence in itself, 37%…