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Twitter bio: Climate Change champion. Former Minister Agriculture & Secretary of State for Environment. Chairman Climate Change Committee. British subject, European citizen.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 21 Jun 2010
I think the Open University does a history course which the Taxpayers' Alliance could pay for from their training b… https://t.co/bKZZlO6q7m
RT @JMPSimor: I read the Chequers (white paper) and as an EU lawyer couldn't see how it could be reconciled with EU law, nor how practicall…
RT @hugorifkind: Amazing postfactual Brexiter triangulation from Dominic Lawson. They used to say Project Fear was all lies which nobody sh…
RT @spaceangel1964: Another Brexit Fantasy concocted by those who want to take the UK into a race to the bottom. 4 reasons why it's #PlanFM
RT @Andrew_Adonis: Any people’s vote must have an option to remain in the EU. I could not support a referendum purely on the ‘terms of Brex…
Why is it ok to have a General Election 2 years after the last one when there was no cheating or overspending but n… https://t.co/RzNh95cEHb
Ms Westley fronts an organisation that won’t reveal its funders, cannot explain with whom it’s allied, represents o… https://t.co/BhUQlFDeaK
So we destroy British agriculture, import hormone rich meat, chlorine washed chicken , and American subsidised sug… https://t.co/oZcbEo7WLg
Is there no one in the US administration who can get Trump to understand the dangers of his actions leave alone the… https://t.co/ronTWR2lXi
Wrong again Mr Bridgen. Why don't you ever admit it? https://t.co/IUbsaOXqXK
RT @OOK_Librarian: #Panorama If Brexit were cancelled... 5% of the population would be raging 25% would be pissed off at the waste of time…
What strong hand? Ms Jenkyns view is that of a Brexiteer that can't get over the fact that Brexit would do real dam… https://t.co/93Q539Xqmw
RT @LeoHickman: Harrison Ford hits out at climate sceptics: "Stop, for God's sake, the denigration of science. Stop giving power to people…
Dr Lee is absolutely right. “Choose between me and chaos” misses out the one sensible option which is ‘trust the pe… https://t.co/BXReKcRYpT
RT @bbclaurak: Dominic Grieve doesn't seem happy at PM's claim, back my deal, or there's no deal - he tells @bbcnews ' I do not see the cho…
Mr Paterson seeks to defend the indefensible and Nicholas Soames gives him too much credit. Spode was funnier. https://t.co/5qWu5tqp55
Once again Mr Jenkin seems to say whatever suits the Brexit view. He’s too intelligent to behave like this. Is it j… https://t.co/ouzeNKAFCV
RT @JamesMelville: Yes it will. - You wanted it. - You manipulated voters to vote for it. - You wasted 2 years procrastinating over it.…
RT @Pontifex: Let us deal with climate change through international cooperation: each person’s choices have repercussions on the life of ev…
I know it’s British to blame both sides but on this occasion Leavers were found to have broken the law and Remainer… https://t.co/jiVlHm1xqB