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Twitter bio: Times columnist, Conservative member of the House of Lords and father of three.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 11 Sep 2013
RT @NvOndarza: There are some very optimistic takes that a no deal #brexit is practically off the table because a majority in the house of…
I have always thought Labour was quite likely to adopt a position that allowed it to show support for a second refe… https://t.co/9CABHtvQ95
RT @PCollinsTimes: Literally a running commentary. Also a commentary on a run. https://t.co/54UaSbsg8Q
If you are so confident you won’t mind having one then. https://t.co/4Fy4K1Qtoy
RT @_CreativeAccess: @Dannythefink Pls RT! TWO incredible journalism opportunities👇🏽 ✨Be paid while you train in this 18-month @FT Reporte…
Anyone making a big decision soon? My review of Steven Johnson’s Farsighted is in tomorrow’s Times and online now. https://t.co/tTlfdbrBaI
Once chips came wrapped in newspapers, now newspapers come wrapped in chips. https://t.co/iZ9OEXw5b6
I’m mystified as to why there are people who want to leave the single market in order to allow state aid to corpora… https://t.co/MCjfiMJjgf
RT @tonymc39: Wikipedia page of a Jewish woman calling out antisemitism is maliciously amended to smear her... this is apparently something…
I’ve had lots of comments about whether this is an appropriate metaphor. It wasn’t supposed (or not supposed) to be… https://t.co/vKAKMNVkDo
In my local cafe they ask about Brexit as so often. Then they talk about leaving without paying the bill & seem unc… https://t.co/NS56xna1nm
So I reflected that all direct action raises this question and that many advocate it. I thus gently raised the fact… https://t.co/TbR7ISygpc
I was wondering about the question of banning this sort of barracking outside the Commons and thinking about the fr… https://t.co/rVa5dTNW8n