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Lord Foulkes Of Cumnock

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Twitter bio: Chair of Age Scotland, peer and avid Hearts Supporter! "Deeply Unhelpful" on Brexit

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 16 Jun 2005
RT @martinmccluskey: This is a great thread on the Scottish budget. Main takeaways for me are extent of cuts to local government and the ef…
We're all doomed! Pull the curtains and watch repeats of "Dad's Army" https://t.co/MtaYYTipjO
RT @SkyNewsPolitics: Labour's @BenPBradshaw says the only solution that's going to "command a majority" in parliament is to give the vote b…
a)What problems would it create? b)How can a further vote for all the people subvert democracy? It is the essence o… https://t.co/dGjHoLo1Sf
RT @csav55: @carmic3 @GeorgeFoulkes @afneil Is this the establishment you're referring to? 16m voted to Remain, we aren't the establishment…
A pub in Gillingham is not really a representative sample! https://t.co/0ZpibbOpx7
That's what a good Labour GOVERNMENT can do! https://t.co/7lICibm3lf
Why do they never have any elderly mischievous Scottish Labour pro-EU Peers on @bbcqustiontime ? Asking for a frien… https://t.co/Lqwcv4BwEK
Why is she afraid of another Referendum. Doesn't she want to appear shoulder to shoulder with Farage again? https://t.co/TP5w5gITQ5
Indeed! It's time for @JamTarts to receive rather than give. https://t.co/CtjydF2PmL
I've challenged @SirSocks to define a WTO deal and @DerbyChrisW to name the brilliant backbench Corbynistas which b… https://t.co/sqvhuivhrV