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Lord Foulkes of Cumnock

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Twitter bio: Chair of Age Scotland, peer and avid Hearts Supporter! "Deeply Unhelpful" on Brexit

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 16 Jun 2005
Time is running out to stop catastrophic #climatechange. Our leaders have let us down - but people worldwide are ta… https://t.co/39x07oRlZX
RT @ODFoundation: Small sample of ODF's daily work, from last @CoE @PACE_News session. Consistently, relentlessly anti-Russia (& other Puti…
But why is nothing being done by any of the Party Leaders to protect their interests now? https://t.co/2oLirmMavt
What is Sir John Elvidge, the "Chair" of Edinburgh Airport saying about this? https://t.co/36X4k2sHPJ
RT @agescotland: We're looking for a motivated manager to lead the provision of our Independent Living services. If you're ready for your n…
RT @David_K_Clark: Has he come with an alternative to the Irish backstop? https://t.co/fmpJeo8CLZ
Oh no! Either Revoke Article 50 withdrawal now or let the people decide in @peoplesvote_uk https://t.co/paMRaadSuZ
RT @MrHickmott: This is incredible - Brexit is threatening the economy of the Falklands because most of its fish and seafood catch is expor…
RT @onewendy: Brexiters pose with photos of Mrs Thatcher and claim to be her heirs, while systematically dismantling everything she achieve…
40% of the Falklands economy relies on the duty free export of squid to Spain which is threatened by Brexit. https://t.co/936g0hrf99
RT @CentreleftMcGee: We're facing a choice as a country: Freedom or Brexit Peace or Brexit Opportunity or Brexit Change or Brexit Reform or…
Doreen is a wonderful woman and a valuable member of @UKHouseofLords https://t.co/YvU2VAjnKj
37 years ago 255 UK servicemen died in Thatcher's war to retain the Falklands now May's Brexit threatens the Falkl… https://t.co/tMKSmdR4GU
RT @tom_watson: On the first #StephenLawrenceDay, his courageous mother, and my parliamentary colleague, Doreen Lawrence calls for a renewe…
I'm fed up being labelled a "Remainer" All I want is to continue with free trade with the largest bloc, free moveme… https://t.co/YrIlNoa7mA
Surprised that Carlos Alba posed as a journalist, not a PR man when he phoned me. Can he please reveal if any of hi… https://t.co/fVFscHdslT