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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Member of the House of Lords, lives in Wales

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 24 Jun 2010
RT @LibDems: Last week @vincecable proposed reforms that would open up the Liberal Democrats so the party can become a movement. Find out…
RT @LizRNewton: It’s not just the boundaries that need reviewing – it’s First Past the Post https://t.co/BjrBtkRPIF via @electoralreform
RT @stbons: Many thanks to @mjgerman for speaking to our Politics students today. Very insightful. https://t.co/qF1WiS7qVH
RT @campbellclaret: It’s all going one way .... Bombshell poll reveals massive union backing for new EU vote https://t.co/bYcE1ytNzw
RT @DolenCymru: Follow our award winning work on Literacy in Lesotho by registering on our website https://t.co/snJqA9LJQC - Happy #Intern
RT @LibDems: Why can't @jeremycorbyn answer a simple question about Brexit? Despite the fact that 70%+ Labour voters oppose Brexit and that…
RT @LibDems: Brexit has taken far longer, cost more, and ismore complicated than we were told. The Tories have made an utter mess of it. Th…
I've voted for my @YMCAEng_Wales' Youth Matters Awards semi-finalist! Vote today at https://t.co/LdlsQgPmk3 #YMCAYouthAwards
RT @LibDems: A drop in the value of the pound could lead to a serious cost of living crisis, all because of a botched Brexit. Add your nam…
RT @JoeWatts_: SIGN IT NOW - The @Independent has launched a petition demanding the people have a #FinalSay on Brexit https://t.co/ds5ZzMc…
RT @Lisa_Smart: We want to boost our fighting fund to take on the Tories in Hazel Grove. Can you help us out? https://t.co/5RVTdgXNJ4
RT @Wera_Hobhouse: A #PeoplesVote is the most rational, and most democratic way forward on Brexit...it also could be the only way May can s…
RT @LibDems: Today @vincecable laid our the Liberal Democrat plan to end the housing crisis. We must be pragmatic, not ideological. Free ma…
Well thought out policy to give people an affordable home😅! https://t.co/2LpZqhCZWk
Big expansion of the rent to own scheme is needed to tackle the housing crisis says @vincecable. Have to deal with… https://t.co/jLqwoZRZ6F
Need a new non government body to be able to acquire sites at a cheaper rate and provide rent to buy initiatives,… https://t.co/KWnTw1ciXh
Country needs a new model for providing affordable homes to get to 500,000 new homes a year. Action 1 - lift the c… https://t.co/YtI7KSwE5R
Land and planning one of the key factors in limiting affordable homes says @vincecable. But Building companies are… https://t.co/Al7HoDBhnu