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Lord Hain

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Twitter bio: Labour peer and campaigner, author Back to the Future of Socialism (Policy Press 2015) and Mandela: his Essential Life (Rowman & Littlefield July 2018)

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 22 Oct 2015
RT @Sally_CF71: I have 2 shops in Cowbridge. Thanks to Brexit, I’m closing one in order to save the other. @AlunCairns you have to #STOPBRE
Timely clarion call to the left from left wing critic of neoliberalism ⁦@Adityachak⁩ ⁦@LabPeoplesVote⁩ ⁦… https://t.co/fittsWRd52
RT @ViewFrmStormont: Here's another to chance to see last night's show with @ChrisHazzardSF , DUP MP Gregory Campbell, @PeterHain , @Alliso
Thumping rejection of No Deal on cross Party vote by 321 to 152 in defiance of Government on @LabourLordsUK motion led by @LadyBasildon
As I Vote looking like big Cross party majority against NO DEAL https://t.co/KxlugM9Bg2
RT @TomBaldwin66: As so often, @RSylvesterTimes has the most interesting quote from a Cabinet minister in tomorrow’s @TheTimes. https://t.c…
RT @peoplesvote_uk: "What is Government afraid of in a People's Vote?" Betty Boothroyd says we must consider the future of young people and…
RT @GMB_union: Theresa May's bringing her bad Brexit deal to Parliament tomorrow. It's time to #VoteDownTheDeal. Share this message 👇 #Bre
Yes absolutely: No Deal #Brexit would torpedo the #GoodFridayAgreement and destabilise the hard won peace process https://t.co/6ILp8t42Wn
About to vote @UKHouseofLords @LabourLordsUK against dreadful May Deal and even worse No Deal in offering our advic… https://t.co/CrY6Krxqsw
RT @OfficialCSA: Congratulations to South Africa who have moved to number 2 in the MRF Tyres ICC Test Team Rankings! #ProteaFire #SAvPAK ht…
RT @GMB_union: The public should have the final say on Brexit. Agree? SHARE 👇 https://t.co/HGg61yIoSC
Exactly! @theresa_may and @Conservatives voted against the Bill enacting the referendum result to establish Welsh A… https://t.co/RuDqGZDMdF
Thanks very much for this! My biography Mandela His Life published @RowmanInternat https://t.co/Yf0IeMy23l
Great to meet you to and share our support for Wales & @WelshRugbyUnion https://t.co/Yf0IeMy23l
See my book on their life Ad & Wal - Values duty sacrifice in apartheid South Africa Published @BitebackPub https://t.co/dKSxVX9waZ
My accessible short biography Mandela His Essential Life Published @RowmanInternat https://t.co/ZNY35kAA0u
RT @RWynJones: BONUS If you're interested in what happened in Wales then copies of this by @roger_scully and myself are no doubt still avai…
RT @RWynJones: Loser's consent has not been forthcoming in part because Theresa May and her government has made absolutely no attempt to ge…
RT @RWynJones: A narrow referendum mandate was regarded as giving carte blanche. Remoaners; Saboteurs: Remainers were simply meant to suck…