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Lord Jay Of Ewelme

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Twitter bio: Member of the House of Lords EU Committee. Tweeting in personal capacity.

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 18 Sep 2006
In the garden a charm of ten goldfinches search for fallen niger seed among the snowdrops.
The path from Huntinglands narrows to a single track between hedges with rose hips and red hawthorn berries. Ahead,… https://t.co/7jto9mnDWm
A Christmas walk round Ewelme...the red kites fluting, fieldfares searching for berries, and a jay....
Funeral in Oxfordshire yesterday of David Evans - RAF pilot turned head teacher turned one of the world’s great har… https://t.co/EqbkujbnsV
Here in Dubai flamingos, egrets and a melodious bulbul outside the house, oryx and gazelles and a hoopoe-lark in t… https://t.co/xhwdPmwTcC
A song thrush has been singing in the village since dawn today, eloquent, passionate, lyrical, mourning Raed Fares,… https://t.co/ShLRVOjT5P
I always found the Times was best, particularly when the front page was all small adds... https://t.co/fRSaVXke9l
No, it is not as good as we now have. But it is the best we could get after people voted, albeit in a flawed refere… https://t.co/ux80GAsEQg
Absolutely right. And not just in the Commons. The PM has secured the best deal available. It deserves support. If… https://t.co/3Hf8B9tmkF
Nothing could do more to enhance Macron’s reputation than insults from Trump...
Trump’s failure to attend the First World War commemoration - because of rain - and his email about the deaths from… https://t.co/uKP2GcATKZ
A dragonfly in a shaft of sunlight on the oak bench. Two red kites mewing on the telegraph pole. Four mallard upend… https://t.co/c4DgkG7git