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Lord Jay of Ewelme

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Twitter bio: Member of the House of Lords EU Committee. Tweeting in personal capacity.

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 18 Sep 2006
Those of us who have worked over the years with successive US administrations can only be appalled by Trump’s openl… https://t.co/ynvs9JvIq8
The spotted flycatchers have fledged by the village pond....uneasy but spectacular standoff above the church tower… https://t.co/lOsJy5rKA0
As Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Office, I always found Hugh Evans’ thoughtful interventions well worth listen… https://t.co/IAwAVNr7Z2
By the allotments this morning a sparrow hawk swooped on a squealing wood pigeon who somehow escaped. Later, on the… https://t.co/KPtBABfqld
Above the goldfinches, chaffinches, thrushes and blackbirds - the real battle of the skies. The watchmen rooks fly… https://t.co/XKpVhRB61y
It has always been hard to get to Baku.100 years ago today my grandfather was based there, fighting for the White R… https://t.co/jBon2icZiS
Yesterday swifts circled the church tower, above the roses newly planted as a memorial to the dead....this morning… https://t.co/7ophZxgsfW
I am puzzled.....where is the expertise on either or both sides of the Irish border? https://t.co/U7wLeBFp6S
Five hours down the Thames yesterday from Goring to Henley in Pat’s silent electric boat. Swans, Canada, Egyptian a… https://t.co/hZPeZmy47D
Mark Padmore accompanied by Ryan Wigglesworth sang Schubert’s Winterreise superbly in Dorchester Abbey last night,… https://t.co/K0zdndamWj
Today is world curlew day... and curlews are nesting in the water meadows by the river Thame near Waterstock in Oxfordshire...
RT @EmmanuelMacron: Notre-Dame de Paris en proie aux flammes. Émotion de toute une nation. Pensée pour tous les catholiques et pour tous le…
The fire at Notre Dame de Paris is an immense tragedy not just for France but for our collective culture, religion and civilisation.
Thank you....good of you to put up such a nice photo. Addison when he walked past used to call me by my Latin name,… https://t.co/wV9qpeVsP2
A long walk through fields and by the river. Through the lych gate to medieval churches, mallards, Canada geese (… https://t.co/JBovDzFJ1g
If the ERG block May’s deal, a customs union looks the likely winner of Monday’s votes, the PM may accept it, the D… https://t.co/WjxF8BUHt7
This afternoon in Addison’s walk, among the fritillaries and primroses were jackdaws, mallards, blue and great tits… https://t.co/XTR9ZF3pYG
And without Britain present.....What would once have been unthinkable, when Britain had real influence in European… https://t.co/lil1q2C41z
The yellowhammers on Rabbits Hill object to their name being purloined for No Deal contingency planning. But a-litt… https://t.co/QtGS9FhbkJ