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Lord Jay Of Ewelme

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Twitter bio: Member of the House of Lords EU Committee. Tweeting in personal capacity.

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 18 Sep 2006
The rooks’ nests in the ash trees sway in the gale. A single rook clings to an upright twig at the summit of a tree… https://t.co/SUnVY1Jf1J
Hmmm......it is a little unfair to lump all British people together...many of us know pretty well what no deal woul… https://t.co/s7itIWQp5A
At dawn today against the low key chatter of the rooks and jackdaws a blackbird sang, a mixture of melancholy and hope..
Megaphone diplomacy at this late stage is not a good sign. https://t.co/oeSmO9HWnN
Yes....I spotted it....hope the blood’s been cleaned up... https://t.co/dHOLPFr80X
There is urgency before the storm. The rooks collect large twigs from the cherry tree for their nests in the ash tr… https://t.co/nAMFkH0VgT
RT @sarahwollaston: Honda joins Nissan, Ford, JLR, Panasonic, Sony, Dyson, Phillips, Hitachi, Toshiba, FlyBMI in showing real world consequ…
Nothing in British politics is unbelievable at present... https://t.co/pC8eGwq6ZM
As the dying sun bathes the garden in gold and red there is silence save for the thrush’s fluting song and the cawi… https://t.co/A8C1TReIMQ
Why on earth would we keep on the table an option which all are agreed would do us great harm? This is Alice in Won… https://t.co/HWDYAKBrnQ
I have just read Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks, and recently Primo Levi, di Lampedusa’s the Leopard, WG Sebald, Victor… https://t.co/vEb4uLvKPw
RT @anandMenon1: Robbins is the one who’s been in the room with the EU for almost 2 years. His view on what they will or won’t concede ther…
While the politicians bicker, Brexit begins....the European Medicines Agency has closed its doors in London and mov… https://t.co/O2vT29l1R8
Fluent and confident evidence by @SteveBarclay to Lords EU Committee yesterday. Not a huge amount that was new, but… https://t.co/7zwRdujXAc
The little egret on the watercress beds today at Ewelme is as life enhancing as the chough at the Old Head of Kinsa… https://t.co/kPFeyuDeB2
At a meeting with David Davis shortly after he was appointed Secretary of State at DexEU, I told him Ireland would… https://t.co/JXZQGEeicv
Two main conclusions from last night’s Lords debate on police and security: the potential effects of Brexit on the… https://t.co/zinwYGZAPm
In the garden a charm of ten goldfinches search for fallen niger seed among the snowdrops.