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Twitter bio: After a high-octane lifetime in business & politics, I now do what I chose to do, I'm nice to those I chose to like and I go to where I want to go. Golden years

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
If two weeks ago somebody had said to me that Spurs 3 games against City would have resulted in them getting into t… https://t.co/hP9m8kkO8E
David Miliband. What a loss to Labour and the country. https://t.co/NXKY2C0AqC via ⁦@nytimesphoto
If only we Jews could understand irony we would realise how ironic it was for Jez and pals to wish us a happy Passo… https://t.co/Hzpb17pMM0
Exodus. As we speak at Penn Station in New York there are more Jews exiting the city than there were when Moses led… https://t.co/N95shwWAnu
Half-baked: UK Labour ridiculed for Passover bread greeting https://t.co/8iWaY5OjJx via @timesofisrael
Corbyn wishes Jewish community Happy Passover. Featuring glass of wine. Star of David and a loaf of bread. Nice try… https://t.co/PJoBxseP6p
City versus Spurs on Saturday. Forecast a goalless draw. What else?
Guardiola once called Spurs the Harry Kane team. Are you choking on your words Pep?
My unbelievable Tottenham Hotspur. COYS
Go David Lammy. No messing about. Thank you for standing up for for us all with such passion. And he’s the MP for Tottenham.
Despite everything the United States is our closet ally. Julian Assange released classified information.Yet Corbyn… https://t.co/0L0oRgfOTV
It’s more than 30 yrs since I was last in Amsterdam. What a fabulous city. The new Rembrandt exhibition is spectacular. Today Van Gogh.
My son tells me he is now on 5G in New York. Can this be true? Where are we?
Sadly it’s true. Too many are burying their heads https://t.co/pnSlyz5OgA
Please explain. Why don’t diesel taxis pay ULEZ charge?
I live very close to the Marylebone Road one of the most polluted roads in the UK. Pleased Sadiq has introduced ULE… https://t.co/MvaDJwz8JN
If social media bosses faced jail for their platforms containing harmful content it would change their attitudes ov… https://t.co/uFLxoNpDLK
Nobody expects 100% success in Labour routing out antisemitism from its midst, but we do expect 100% effort. They d… https://t.co/inV5TVR6r1