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Twitter bio: THEN: entrepreneur and politician. NOW: champion of causes. LIKES: Spurs, jazz, movies, theatre and opera. LIVES: London, Umbria and New York. LOVES: family

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
So tell me Jez, was Denis Norden another Jew with no sense of British irony?
Sometimes I amaze myself. I managed to stay awake during the Vince Cable interview
Strange decision by Poch not to play Kane today
RT @CraigMurrayOrg: @Jhiaxus_Prime Plainly they are not being entirely open. Most likely interpretation of that is that they are a gay coup…
RT @DAaronovitch: "Not murderers. We just tourists, come over two days, see world-famous Shaftesbury Abbey, take in local Premier League ma…
If Oxford and Cambridge are such major centres of technological prowess, then how come their taxi cab drivers don’t accept credit cards?
Sadly I am not able to speak in today’s Lords antisemitism debate. Speakers are allowed 1 min each. What would I ha… https://t.co/9AfsM3xdly
Apple’s new watch heralds major step into wearable technology. ECG detector monitoring heart irregularities. In yea… https://t.co/SS4OmMndLh
Amazon and Google and their like trot out the same line ‘we pay the tax we are legally obliged to pay’. But they go… https://t.co/rVwhIs9sfr
Fingers crossed for our friends who live on the beach in Charleston South Carolina. Hurricane Florence will deliver… https://t.co/C7mDon7q4Q
President Erdogan has fired the whole board of Turkey’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. The new chairman is............Presi… https://t.co/AsZ3KMrcQv
Great initiative by Sadiq and Bill de Blasio mayor of New York to reduce pollution. London and New York can do much… https://t.co/m5XFRFWJsu
5779. Shana Tova. Happy Jewish New Year.
Are Corbyn and comrades protesting about this? China Is Detaining Muslims in Vast Numbers. The Goal: ‘Transformati… https://t.co/ZzUDGGaeco
I find it hard to understand how caring centre left people can stay in the Labour Party. The looneys have taken ove… https://t.co/i4SnMh4gd7
As Syria and Russia pulverise Idlib it would be helpful to have Mr Corbyn’s views.
The only Labour leader to win a general election since 1974 was Tony Blair. He did it 3 times
@Dannythefink Just a reminder that Tony Blair won 3 elections
RT @GregAllenUK: @lordparry considers “the oil parallels with medical records - the need for mining and refining it” He pushes hard for a #…