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Lord Mitchell

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Twitter bio: After a high-octane lifetime in business & politics, I do what I chose to do, Am nice to those I want to be nice to. And go where I want to go to. Golden years

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
You know that politics is show business for ugly people. https://t.co/28uMrlMZ5M
Jez, just for a moment I was ready to blame Iran for the tanker explosions, just as I had come close to blaming the… https://t.co/xtzPmKSWsF
As a Spurs supporter I am going to make a statement that some may feel sacreligious. Our best achievements this pas… https://t.co/IZ0XypwVsr
This is the issue I have been championing in Parliament for two years. At long last it is getting prominence. NHS d… https://t.co/4GyQdgtPy7
Clare Foges in today’s Times says of Labour parliamentary moderates ‘all I see is cowardice..do they really believe… https://t.co/VXIRYAE78R
Lisa Forbes is a carbon copy of many of the new style Labour candidates. If Labour win the next election there will… https://t.co/BsABNfT8i7
Corbyn is deluded. He thinks Peterborough result is a triumph. For an opposition party to limp in just by a few hun… https://t.co/69xdV486ZE
For 2 years I have been banging on about US Big Tech syphoning off the value of our NHS patient records. Spoke in P… https://t.co/nJv9DKUzn6
10:15pm in Stockholm and still light.
Most of May I was in Central Italy. It was cold rainy and grey. More like November. Today I am in Stockholm and it… https://t.co/3Qcm1soRsF
Matt Hancock has called Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite. Spot on Matt.
Suddenly everyone is up in arms about US companies becoming involved with the NHS. But for many years now US Big Te… https://t.co/ufSNBzYVkk
Trump is right on one thing. Do not trust Corbyn with any sensitive military or strategic intelligence. He is not on our side
My first Sours game was in 1956. This is the moment. To do is to dare. COYS
Inter and PSV were favourites. So were Dortmund. So were City. So were Ajax. COYS