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Twitter bio: THEN: entrepreneur and politician. NOW: champion of causes. LIKES: Spurs, jazz, movies, theatre and opera. LIVES: London, Umbria and New York. LOVES: family

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
My family are going on People’s Vote demonstration tomorrow. Are you?
France is making over hasty preparations to impose visa requirements on British citizens when we leave the EU next… https://t.co/7Qz7sjD1zf
This Saturday, I’m joining people from every corner of our country to demand the British people get the final say o… https://t.co/c7m61BbacM
Just seen first two episodes of Le Carré The Little Drummer Girl. It’s going to be as good as The Night Manager. Ca… https://t.co/tuEhCPVo2I
They are now spelled by ‘woman’ as ‘womxn’ so as not to cause offence. As a ‘mxn’ what have I missed?
Facebook annual profit $16 billion - £12 billion. As rule of thumb for tech companies in UK you can impute 10% of g… https://t.co/Vfk3TCgZ4D
Get this little gem told to me in Belfast today. Loyalists/Protestants in the north are applying for Irish national… https://t.co/oV0OmFZkY1
It’s October and it’s new movie time. Saw Operation Finale last night - how Mossad captured Eichmann in Buenos Aire… https://t.co/YxrPoxe8VC
RT @TheEconomist: The NHS's collection of 82,000 genomes has already been mined by nearly 3,000 researchers from more than 20 countries ht…
The Boeing 747 is just 50 years old. I flew on the second commercial flight ever. PanAm 002 from LHR to JFK. Even n… https://t.co/3fYxxHv3xv
In the 1980s there was a US word processor company called Wang. It’s genius US marketing gurus wanted an internatio… https://t.co/fabjwx70pn
Weight Watchers now called WW. That is Double You. Double You. Not exactly a slimming name. What moron thought that up?
So tell me Jez, was Denis Norden another Jew with no sense of British irony?
Sometimes I amaze myself. I managed to stay awake during the Vince Cable interview
Strange decision by Poch not to play Kane today
RT @CraigMurrayOrg: @Jhiaxus_Prime Plainly they are not being entirely open. Most likely interpretation of that is that they are a gay coup…
RT @DAaronovitch: "Not murderers. We just tourists, come over two days, see world-famous Shaftesbury Abbey, take in local Premier League ma…
If Oxford and Cambridge are such major centres of technological prowess, then how come their taxi cab drivers don’t accept credit cards?