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Lord Mitchell

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Twitter bio: After a high-octane lifetime in business & politics, I do what I chose to do. Am nice to those I want to be nice to. And go where I want to go to. Golden years

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
Italian PM is resigning. Will there be dancing in the streets of Orvieto tonight? Will find out soon. That beacon o… https://t.co/0IlNEHeItY
To all those who think that Trump’s throwaway line for the US to buy Greenland, was just a Donald rant, I’ve got ne… https://t.co/lPHP5jYKPq
I hear all the comments about Spurs’ draw at M City. City better team. Gifted individuals. VAR lucky break etc. But… https://t.co/7lgQaK3YFB
If you think Bibi was correct in banning Congresswoman Omar from visiting Israel read this. https://t.co/8JvtMTWQ77 via ⁦@nytopinion
Corbyn supports Brexit. But he sees a way to wriggle his way into No 10 feigning support for a referendum. Don’t trust him
Israel’s decision to ban two Congresswomen from entering the country is totally wrong. It was done in collusion wit… https://t.co/7Vn580spFH
Trenitalia can’t run Italian railways on time so why should they be able to improve train times on UK railways? Insane decision.
Trenitalia to replace Virgin Trains on West Coast Main Line. I spend a lot of my time in Italy and when I have no o… https://t.co/0T9Y6HnZAT
Is, or is not, Philip Hammond the most boring man in the kingdom?
Seen in New Jersey this morning. No more to be said. https://t.co/wtqtfmlpQA
As someone who resigned from Labour 3 years ago you’d expect me to have my own bias on Corbin’s inept leadership. B… https://t.co/dcRuxlezko
Thrilled that my dear friend (Baroness) Valerie Amos has been appointed Master of University College Oxford. She w… https://t.co/icj3kxmSag
That’s odd. I thought Labour was now Remain. Have I got it wrong? https://t.co/0HB3JtflnO
The movie I can’t wait to see next month ‘The Irishman’. de Niro, Scorsese, Pacino. About Jimmy Hoffa the union bos… https://t.co/kFnmFr9Y7f
You can slice and dice the Brecon result anyway you want, but the fact is that Labour got 5.3% of the vote. Corbyn… https://t.co/YSqGrTr6UQ
Carole leading the charge against the forces of evil. https://t.co/Pw0mpxRpxj