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Twitter bio: THEN: entrepreneur and politician. NOW: champion of causes. LIKES: Spurs, jazz, movies, theatre and opera. LIVES: London, Umbria and New York. LOVES: family

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
Now I pick up that Galloway might come back to Labour. Hatton made an in and out cameo and then there’s Livingstone… https://t.co/pvuG2kOMwL
You cannot fight Corbyn and Milne from inside the party - you just get squashed. The Magnificent Eight have had mo… https://t.co/iCjtJtFYx3
Five more defections to the Independent Group and they will have more MPs than the LibDems. Not bad going.
Derek Hatton rejoining the Labour Party. Can this be true? Can Livingstone be the next? Is there anything else left to say?
Derek Hatton re-admitted to the Labour Party. What more proof do you want?
RT @stephenpollard: On this day, kudos to @lordparry who resigned the Labour whip many months ago - and was pilloried for doing so.
@HayteratLords Diane - Labour won three times because it had a leader called Tony Blair, who even after Iraq had a… https://t.co/7GCfgoiB2l
I feel proud that the magnificent 7 have decided to resign from the Labour Party. Tough decision, for each of them.… https://t.co/SuZLVXYaXf
Eric Dugher is right - the Labour Party is institutionally antisemitic. And he is right to quit the party.
Amazon, like Google and Facebook are inveterate tax dodgers who harvest our data which they sell for massive profit… https://t.co/zIrJWeLQ8u
If Mike Bloomberg had been mayor the Amazon deal would have happened. Rich enough not to be fazed by Bezos and poli… https://t.co/FI7nnDAWLl
Good for AOC. Just because you’re the richest man in the world (Jeff Bezos) doesn’t mean you can step all over peop… https://t.co/PlWuIT2sRT
3-0 against the German football leaders. Come on you Spurs. What a result
Who can now deny that the Labour Party to its very core is institutionally antisemitic? And why? It is because Corb… https://t.co/0AyTv2EUe4
Tottenham Hotspur FC. No home. No Kane. No Alli. No transfers. In 3rd Place and still in contention. COYS
You can’t rely on Arsenal for anything.
If the EU call Gibraltar a British Colony what do they call Melilla and Ceuta, which Spain claims as Spanish Cities… https://t.co/clHJfryzXe
And who supports Maduro? Russia. China. Turkey. And of course Corbyn. Rogues gallery