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Lord Newby

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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
What on earth does Penny Mordaunt expect? Classic case of wanting cake and eating it. Brussels ‘excluding British… https://t.co/RSqv5rQ8q1
RT @eucopresident: At the summit one Prime Minister warned us not to be dreamers, not to think #Brexit could be reversed. But in this diffi…
Business leaders disgusted by #Brexit delay tactics & govt indecision. CBI points to £millions wasted on no deal Br… https://t.co/y2MjLgSTpN
We have to listen to this kind of argument from Lord Callanan every daily in the Lords. Thank God we’re now on rece… https://t.co/7YU5jUwcoj
RT @EdwardJDavey: Shocked, sickened, and furious No politician should incite violence. Ever. This one man has done so much damage to U.K.…
As the recess begins and exhausted Parliamentarians take a break, it's clear that there is no Commons majority for… https://t.co/P7DmSDOUe0
A mere £4bill later no deal preparations scrapped. Nominations please for an example of a larger amount of public f… https://t.co/4rm332NyL7
Hard line Brexiteers fume as the longer we delay leaving EU the further their lies, mistruths, and fraud from Ref 1… https://t.co/VuXPksOQLe
Eu extension gives us time to instigate #peoplesvote. TM deal is dead unless linked to referendum, Con v Lab talks… https://t.co/eAwYzJjUHc
#LibDems canvasing for local council elections finding massive annoyance with all politicians and want to have the… https://t.co/br8mKbkM34
Once again the UK is left looking rudderless & desperate as the PM begs for support from an increasingly irritated… https://t.co/oRaR7ZSN0p
RT @OFOCBrexit: Massive respect to @NickFerrariLBC for admitting that Brexit should now be called off - there are so many things we could b…
#peoplesvote rally today highlights growing number of former leavers now realising that #Brexit isn't in the countr… https://t.co/ysh1s6acvc
Letwin/Cooper Bill shows how quickly Parliament can react when faced with an emergency. A #peoplesvote could be act… https://t.co/JpYxjHOsXA
Latest polls show a two to one majority favouring a #peoplesvote with option to remain. This should stiffen Labour… https://t.co/IGRTXqMl2s
Lords making progress on Cooper/Letwin Bill - just defeated a Brexiteer delaying vote by 280 to 46.
TM more & more desperate as her amateur attempt at a forced fireside chat from Chequers yest showed. Today Lords sh… https://t.co/neQOpXy2Nr
The clear will of the people - let’s have a vote. https://t.co/AsfLQLE5uW