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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
RT @MitchBenn: 6 months ago: “WTF is a People’s Vote?” 4 months ago: “Ha! People’s Vote! Ha ha!” 2 months ago: “NOBODY wants a People’s V…
As cabinet shred Chequers plan, early election stories planted to frighten rebel Tory MPs who see #peoplesvote beco… https://t.co/AcpxDMhqI8
Corbyn, Mckluskey, Mcdonall always championed people power when they rejected calls from their MPs for leadership… https://t.co/FNW7bCWWgr
Do 86% of Labour Party members constitute a middle-class elite? If so, it’s a very strange definition of the term. https://t.co/pVPKQ4Tukl
RT @Purfleetjohn: Why do people quote Napoleon's 'Never interrupt an opponent when they are making a mistake' maxim when the dude was compl…
I think this proves that few Tory MPs still play golf. https://t.co/mKOdmvToni
Not up to TM. Up to a vote in the Commons - which might have a different view. https://t.co/B1ihFEcBhz
And if there is no deal the Commons will never vote for it and a referendum will be the only way out of the impasse https://t.co/nyyGLw9oRw
Unlike the complete lack of strategy from the Labour Party https://t.co/ffeUeHPH2z
Now #Brexit is exposed as dangerous fantasy it’s down to Corbyn. He is either part of the problem or part of the so… https://t.co/RnE3Jo0ncG
TM negotiating incompetence now exposed by EU. No deal now seems certain with everyone suffering to please a few de… https://t.co/1bj570Fvw1
Motor manufacturers warn that leaving with no deal is “not an option” for auto sector, which supports more than 800… https://t.co/lqDy9mT2E7
EU leaders support referendum on #Brexit and want UK to stay. So would most MPs in a free vote. So would the Lords.… https://t.co/0k1Y95QojE
Govt migration advisory committee wants ban on foreign workers earning less than £30k per yr and visas for EU worke… https://t.co/NGr9Ws86Rx
First JLR, now BMW talking of suspended car production due to #Brexit. Any Brexit deal has to pass scrutiny of Parl… https://t.co/E2inApZQ2t
RT @lewiscoughlan: @trevdick Already hitting in York! Care home closing because of lack of EU workers https://t.co/PRgl9iPoXq
PM clinging to hope that Chequers deal is not the dead parrot that everyone except her knows it 2 be. If she had no… https://t.co/vWuhrTQR9R
Vince Cable calls for Jeremy Corbyn to support a People’s Vote at @LibDems conference https://t.co/TKmO6uSqT8
JLR says 2,000 staff will move to a three-day week at its Midlands plant. partly due to #Brexit. It’s costing jobs… https://t.co/MXJPNd6Qnq