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Lord Newby

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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
. @jeremycorbyn a stuck record on calling for an election. He stands zero chance of winning it and, in itself, it d… https://t.co/KqL9oqmNYl
Daily we get more ad hoc #Brexit posturing from @BorisJohnson Does he care that he is playing with people's lives i… https://t.co/fAlje2jLk1
Corbyn's faux horror at prospect of no deal after consistent & stubborn failure to support remain & #peoplesvote is… https://t.co/VyDmCMC3v2
Every sensible, credible, realistic, well-sourced prediction of impact of no deal #Brexit being ritually dismissed… https://t.co/z8znliND1n
Leave-voting Scunthorpe embraced fake news stories about Turkish hoards due to enter the EU during the ref, now the… https://t.co/GPhPQlnpMi
https://t.co/Q57Nk9vDnL 2019-08-17T15%3A18%q3A12.739Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:4f476b19-ba21-47c2-b5a… https://t.co/qziRUUBIKr
Stopping #Brexit is about protecting jobs, saving the economy and regaining stability in a divided country.… https://t.co/BMLeQ3hrKn
Cross-party talks on stopping no deal #Brexit should concentrate on delivering a #peoplesvote rather than an electi… https://t.co/lzRNxBt3tO
Jo absolutely right to discuss with Corbyn but truth is he won’t be able to command a majority in the Commons. I ca… https://t.co/zbFmy1BJxv
Which party was the Lib-Lab pact with? (There’s a clue in the name.) https://t.co/zOkkHQ68N3
The sensible & credible @sarahwollaston represents a growing group of #Tories horrified by the right wing take over… https://t.co/MSaBSFWaVZ
RT @thomasbrake: The @SMMT published statistics last week showing that commercial vehicle manufacturing declined by more than 1/2 in June.…
. @jeremycorbyn asking to be trusted as a PM to stop #Brexit is risible. Most of his own party don’t want him to le… https://t.co/CJmz4paE2z
RT @LBC: A poll showed Remain would beat Leave 55-45 in a second referendum on EU membership. https://t.co/8nFInhLNCa
. @IDuncanSmithMP says on @BBCr4today @PhilipHammondUK is a liar & that he doesn’t care no-one voted for no deal in… https://t.co/K79gytkw25
. @UKLabour leadership wont look past dinosaur dogma to support moves to stop no deal #Brexit. @jeremycorbyn & frie… https://t.co/x7FRvnbTGt
Great to join ⁦@RabinaKhan⁩ at African Showcase in Barking - fortunately able to shelter from the downpour. https://t.co/t46OpsxzXn
Damning critique of Government’s no deal policy by Philip Hammond. What though is he now going to do to help us sto… https://t.co/Lq5rsGmaAN
#Tory supporting boss of Next is not worried by a no deal #Brexit. Perhaps he might consider the plight of his cust… https://t.co/sZJEqFendR
Bolton offering partial trade deals in sectors where there are no difficulties. But no mention of agriculture or se… https://t.co/Vh0qahTfT3