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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
Labour Brexit strategy: wait for Tories to come round to a referendum and then support it. Nul points for leadershi… https://t.co/6GPvVOOJ0z
Complete madness. If this happens either huge increase in immigration from rest of the world or severe labour short… https://t.co/jRJIYrdAoA
RT @RSylvesterTimes: There is “increasing interest” in Cabinet and Number 10 for 2nd referendum, @JoJohnsonUK tells @aliceTTimes and me htt…
Give him a prize. All this means is that in the short term, our trade relationship doesn’t worsen. https://t.co/i3JJaSMxEA
Some of us will stand up for free movement. And we certainly won’t give up. https://t.co/zh55PisWEv
We have reached the point where the PM’s vague pleadings in front of the EU makes her - and the UK - look desperate… https://t.co/xlE6R2vEG2
RT @LabPeoplesVote: Rolls-Royce announces that it's transferring work from Derby to Germany because of the Brexit mess. Although this cou…
Scottish Tories preparing to back referendum to avoid blame for chaos down south. More momentum towards a… https://t.co/DuAQ5leY1u
I agree we shouldn't waste any more time. But what on earth does "take back control" mean to JC? https://t.co/aaIIWzOpU2
Simply not acceptable that Parliament has to wait over 4 weeks before it can vote down TM's #Brexit plan. Delay now… https://t.co/xLd7zg3ZCD
Latest ONS growth figures show Yorks and other northern regions lagging even further behind London. Need to sort… https://t.co/PdGjYFZgoj
TM saying she will not fight the next election is a bit like captain of the Titanic announcing he has a supply of… https://t.co/YbzF6LYR71
Big news: @thetimes supports #peoplesvote . All that’s now needed is Labour support and we’d stop #brexit Politica… https://t.co/D4Svvw5suw
Corbyn can hardly criticise TM for losing support of party when he's never had support for his views on #Brexit fro… https://t.co/3R3qpCVDjl
Tory self-indulgence & internal war laid bare. This is not a govt it is a national disgrace. If TM defeated back… https://t.co/zTLxLI3nAp
RT @MSmithsonPB: New BMG Referendum poll for Indy Remain 52% - Leave 40%
£ dropping, retail sinking, jobs going & families poorer. UK on auto-pilot and rudderless. Cameron & co. have cons… https://t.co/tW4fuvaY6G