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Lord Newby

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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
RT @LibDemLords: "We have a Government with no effective majority, a potential PM who is the laughing stock of the world, and a Commons whi…
Contrast @LibDems civilised, mature & credible leadership contest with Tory car crash event. The general electorate… https://t.co/GiwDsoHGxr
Since a new report from UK top economists says #Brexit will worsen the country’s finances & reduce space for initia… https://t.co/n2s4j4oYD6
An MP falsely claims expenses, is found guilty, is subject to a recall petition and is then selected by Tories to f… https://t.co/IfbI8lmNCL
Hammond & Carney both warn of danger of #Brexit. They puncture balloon of disaster deniers, pointing out that whole… https://t.co/cErdo7uxOk
FO minister manhandling of female Greenpeace protester massive over reaction and shows sensitivity to criticism by… https://t.co/eFHI6GsYdI
EU unemployment falling consistently over past 5 years. A major success story of which Brexiteers want no long to b… https://t.co/rsNOxRWpZZ
As @BorisJohnson heads for No10, his support for Saudi (openly accused as murderers by UN) shows continued lack of… https://t.co/meWK1hkvPh
Great to speak to Cambridge Uni ⁦@LibDems⁩ about how we’re going to stop #Brexit and achieve a more liberal Britain. https://t.co/X7qtY3DVVd
. @UKLabour takes another baby step towards supporting a #peoplesvote, but won't say it's a remain party. If you wa… https://t.co/GvsBzikCE2
Lord Heseltine says bickering leadership debates driving Tory voters towards @LibDems He is right, as people see fi… https://t.co/Tm1M7d7RqQ
.@UKLabour now look ready to adopt #peoplesvote strategy. This has only happened because of @LibDems success in Eur… https://t.co/8aPy0EUFP4
Construction and services firm #Kier Group is to cut 1,200 jobs, joining retail & car industries in reducing workfo… https://t.co/iMBB5arrbb
Over 20k new members have joined @LibDems in the last few weeks. More & more voters repulsed by #Labour & #Tory int… https://t.co/I3SmaMZaf1
Do Labour, as well as the Tories have a death wish? Their stance on #Brexit good for @LibDems but plain disastrous… https://t.co/lWXAuJ8CFX
These are scary figures. Tory members would support Farage as their leader and would support Scottish independence… https://t.co/JDDxwRh0z3
Johnson’s chutzpah & bluster may deliver him the job he has always coveted. But all the Tory candidates are a disas… https://t.co/Gfz6ct34ZV
Labour leadership running scared - postponing meetings to avoid another #Corbyn bashing over his pro leave stance.… https://t.co/GOIiDAbg2U
Great audience for ⁦@LibDems⁩ leadership hustings in Leeds. Big attendance and huge enthusiasm in the room. https://t.co/NB2F5ELJen