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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
Astounding that there has still been no mention of Honda closure affecting 10,000 in the supply chain and their fam… https://t.co/39X9ybFYhn
Warped priorities as always. How about tackling the issues which are causing you to lose MPs? https://t.co/TYgeRZoCE0
Reaching crunch time on #Brexit. Will PM have the guts to sack cabinet members when they support no deal next week?… https://t.co/bP8Cx6ueu1
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Chancellor makes a hopeless job of explaining how no deal #Brexit threat is shrewd bargaining tactic. EU must view… https://t.co/SDnhsrQYeV
Gove makes desperate promises in attempt to buy off farmers who fear #Brexit tariffs will hit their exports to EU.… https://t.co/E2GvY0PpGU
Cons as well as Lab moderates sick of weak leaders unable to manage the poisoning of party politics. #Brexit has ex… https://t.co/3XbUA6gKBB
Current situation over #Brexit is unacceptable & Honda decision major disappointment. The words of Greg Clark, Busi… https://t.co/214yJQI49G
RT @EdwardJDavey: Pleased to agree with George Osborne on how Britain must face up to our responsibilities https://t.co/rvXkqkVGpX
Three very brave, principled MPs, who say what many of their colleagues believe but do not have the courage to expr… https://t.co/v9urNs8smD
Will principled Labour and Tory MPs stay in parties who have moved so far to the extremes of politics? Corbyn now f… https://t.co/i3DsfSYruM
Honda’s decision to close Swindon will not be the last casualty. #Brexit is the only thing that has changed since t… https://t.co/N6q1ZsWDQh
RT @BestForBritain: 3,500 jobs at risk. Honda is expected make an announcement tomorrow morning. https://t.co/5pVLnWvALR
SDP had v big figures - Jenkins, Williams- to fight by-elections. Who would Independents field? https://t.co/xBHClR94Od
RT @caitlinmoran: Anyone childishly calling those who've just formed a new party "traitors", when 59% of the voting public said they wanted…
“Labour values are my values” says Ed Miliband. But are Corbyns values his values? And who speaks for Labour? https://t.co/HpHpy5mB4z
A very brave group. Anyone who left Labour for the SDP knows how difficult such a decision is. https://t.co/Zmpv1oW7fe
Trying to have your cake and eating it now a pervasive element in British political life. https://t.co/hCVo3Zin8z
RT @LeadNotLeaveUK: Even at this late hour, Germany still hopes that we might yet come to our senses. The Times today. https://t.co/sErscM9…