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Twitter bio: Professor of Government at the University of Hull. Dedicated to study of Parliament, comparative legislatures, the constitution, and the Conservative Party.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 1 Aug 1998
Colin Lee, Clerk of Bills, House of Commons, chatting to students over lunch yesterday following his @UniOfHullhttps://t.co/xRtHNCMAkc
RT @commonslibrary: The UK is a party to 800 international agreements negotiated by the EU. The Government is seeking to replace them after…
RT @TonyParsonsUK: After 100 years of pollution turned the hands black, Big ben looks gorgeous restored to its original colour of Prussian…
Cake produced by Thomas Newton for this afternoon's @UniOfHull @HullPoliticsDep Parliament class https://t.co/6QaVFKm0It
Suspicion in this morning's @UniOfHull @HullPoliticsDep Parliament class that paper giver @c_a_s_hughes has not bee… https://t.co/VTT0U5s20T
RT @UKParlEducation: Book a last minute #schooltrip to @UKParliament! Your students will tour the Palace of Westminster before taking a c…
RT @TheVictCommons: In case you missed it yesterday, here's our editor Philip Salmon's blog on parliamentary procedure, Erskine May and put…
My Speaker's Lecture will be broadcast on BBC Parliament at 9.00 p.m. on Saturday, 30 March https://t.co/ts9nO3uv0B https://t.co/F73K49t4gY
RT @A_Meakin: The Joint Committee on the Draft Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Bill has reported today - and called for p…
What is “exit day”? Dispelling misconceptions about the extension of Article 50 https://t.co/NPMgCpUGZa
RT @Fergal_Davis: #4FFLK904 we discussed SIs in Term 1 - this is a really useful (short) explainer: https://t.co/eVfcZJ65Co
'What if Ted Heath had resigned in October 1974 and Willie Whitelaw had become Tory leader?' My fourth Speaker's Le… https://t.co/TUojxZVDcP
RT @DianaJohnsonMP: It was very enjoyable and some clear themes about leadership which are very current ! https://t.co/rrY2ShzaXZ
Gave the Speaker's Lecture tonight on 'What if Edward Heath had resigned in October 1974 and William Whitelaw had b… https://t.co/tIivjUTT6p
RT @craigie_b: With today’s events, it’s quite a day to be invited to Speaker’s House... Great speaker’s lecture by @LordNortonLouth on Wi…
Cakes provided by @mica_gray for this morning's @UniOfHull @HullPoliticsDep Parliament class. There were more, but… https://t.co/G2M5PzCEor
RT @JPBaldwin99: Oh baby a triple!? Quite proud to be awarded these by @UniOfHull @HullPoliticsDep, I genuinely worked by socks off last t…
RT @DaveHarrisonBBC: A new research institute officially opened today at the @UniOfHull’s £28m health campus. It brings together leading me…