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Twitter bio: Lord Porter of Spalding, Leader of South Holland DIstrict Council, Chairman of the LGA . All tweets are my own, apart from those that are not!

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 15 Oct 2015
This is really sad news. Ian was always a pleasure to work with @LGANews and he was passionate about Bradford and… https://t.co/WwXvv0huEs
There are a number of other things in life that this could apply to https://t.co/LZIsA2jUbK
RT @jomillerdonny: @garyporterlga @Solace_UK @LGANews Thanks Gary , I’m absolutely delighted with the news and know that our partnership ca…
This is great news for the sector, Martin is a superb CX and will lead @Solace_UK well. @jomillerdonny has built… https://t.co/KFzOl49dtc
Sorry to disagree, not a good Minister, a great Minister https://t.co/WPVhrxgl4y
RT @lincspolice: We would like to speak to the man in the photograph, who may be able to help our investigation into a series of burglaries…
RT @CCNOffice: CCN Annual Conference #CCNconf ‘A Fairer Future for Counties’ takes place in just 6 day, speakers include @JBrokenshire @Gw
RT @JBrokenshire: Saw my wonderful chest consultant earlier as part of my regular post op check ups. All positive and my lung has healed we…
RT @SHollandDC: 🍺🍷 If you're looking to become a Personal License Holder, @EHTandC have just the course to help you on your way. Cheers! 🍷🍺…
RT @cllrjackmclean: Many thanks to Tony Milsom for delivering a cheque to Safe Places - Spalding from the Masons' New Provincial Benevolent…
It was a great first meeting and good that we can get our teams to look at doing some joint work on some issues of… https://t.co/6j1sQsc5tG
This is bl..dy outrageous. Let’s hope that the people at the party have had time to reflect on what they did and t… https://t.co/PtD4wIaplS
This must be the way to go, let’s stop people getting broken in the first place https://t.co/fDmTcxoeuW
RT @mhclg: The Budget also sets aside almost £1 billion in extra support for local services. Here’s how👇https://t.co/AhFiuhPXIk https://t.c…
Funny old world, I’m old enough to remember when the BBC where accused of being biased because the snooker show’Pot… https://t.co/bgyi545SPz
Hero, mad as a March hare or both ? I know where I’m calling it. https://t.co/fz2gwSSvdS
RT @JGJamieson: Absolutely the right strategy. Far better to avoid illness, no one wants to be in a hospital. Local Government is ready to…
RT @Gracie3110: Congrats to Leadership Academy Cohort 176 for completing the prog & becoming LA Graduates 🤗. Thank you Shama for being a br…