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Lord Porter of Spalding

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Twitter bio: Lord Porter of Spalding, Leader of South Holland DIstrict Council. All tweets are my own, apart from those that are not!

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 15 Oct 2015
Big thanks to the @networkrail staff at Peterborough for finding me to give me my credit card back. I may be a bit… https://t.co/ZXd9vIAA1K
Empty gestures though. Resigning two hours before getting laid off, isn’t really resigning.. incoming Leaders lik… https://t.co/UyujH9EYKe
Yep, looks like a fun filled week. New PM needs to commit to complete the fare funding review, but as interim meas… https://t.co/KJbirqmXcT
Yes, they are always entitled to their views, the rest of us just need to know what they are based on. And yes, li… https://t.co/WNGD2nSQm0
Only people who have never ventured outside could think this. Low crime, high employment, higher life expectancey,… https://t.co/EcmB8EUHiS
This must ibpnclude all Local Government staff and must come with the equivalent funding. Our team have taken the… https://t.co/jLvwdKHVqE
RT @dmontfort: Giving evidence to the @CommonsEFRA enquiry into plastic food and drink packaging on behalf of @LGAcomms 'It's a fairly nich…
RT @SHDC_CommDev: A brand new free event coming to Holbeach this summer. Shuffle will take place at Carters Park on Friday 16th August and…
Neither of those will increase recycling most of us only live in one house at one time. The manufacturers should be… https://t.co/zvzNssyHyU
RT @AnglianWater: We're receiving widespread reports from customers about a scam email sent out claiming to be from Anglian Water threateni…
RT @Jeremy_Hunt: These leaks damaged UK/US relations & cost a loyal ambassador his job so the person responsible MUST be held fully to acco…
RT @MattHancock: Freedom of the press underpins free society & robust democracy. The state threatening media freedom is a dangerous road to…
Not sure it was ‘our fault’ feeding sheep to cows was never done on any building site I worked on. But you are rig… https://t.co/C3AHaDSgll
RT @LGAcomms: Looking for a new career challenge in the world of #Housing? We're recruiting two Housing Advisers to help #localgov plan fo…
Disappointed to say that on a 1st rough & ready read through of the revised document B, I fully expect an avalanche… https://t.co/6oqqK82sPi
Tim, many thanks for taking the time to come out with us on Wednesday night. You are right about @JBrokenshire. He… https://t.co/EYkC5Af7nP