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Lord Prescott

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Twitter bio: UK Deputy Prime Minister 1997-2007 and former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 7 Jul 2010
I bet you he’s holding out to become Deputy Prime Minister as well. https://t.co/8EtyUeOjFc
Which would be almost exactly 28 years to the day Thatcher faced a leadership vote then stood down.… https://t.co/mqCp1Li9Cd
Which would be almost exactly 18 years to the day Thatcher faced a leadership vote then stood down. https://t.co/nW8Vs9AacI
Who will deliver Jacob Rees Mogg’s letter of no confidence in May to Graham Brady?
RT @brianlavery59: To be fair Gideon is only a trainee and needs as much help as possible, John 😁 https://t.co/1w0FEqu0qL
Tory MPs writing to Graham Brady be like... https://t.co/lKShBESOvT
Will the last person to leave the Cabinet please turn out the lights? Thanks. #brexitshambles
RT @jeremycorbyn: I send my solidarity to women council workers in Glasgow who go on strike today to demand equal pay. They are the carers…
RT @LeanneFloyd17: @johnprescott Thank you for visiting us at Let Loose! Today! We hope to see you soon! https://t.co/BqP4latLqf
The only person who’ll like this Facebook post is Nick Clegg. https://t.co/9yfo2QtCcp
RT @Afzal4Gorton: Powerful message from @jeremycorbyn against far right & racism at #LabourParty HQ’s Eid reception, hosted by Muslim Frien…
Good to welcome Jeremy to Hull yesterday, making the case for Labour’s Crossrail for the North, which I called for… https://t.co/k3UWx3DVPr