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Lord Prescott

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Twitter bio: UK Deputy Prime Minister 1997-2007 and former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 7 Jul 2010
What are you coming to the Commons to give a lengthier legal opinion of May’s deal? https://t.co/WXnB0pgJU0
RT @BBCParliament: Watch @johnprescott's impression of Gordon Brown, and how he dealt with his "Blair and Brown problem". See the full inte…
If you want to see more of my impressions - and me talking about my life - I’m on the BBC Parliament Channel now fo… https://t.co/wnevtYhWFn
RT @alexwickham: EXC: Leaked emails show a Conservative Party official repeatedly told Brandon Lewis and the CCHQ complaints unit about Isl…
RT @alexwickham: Oh dear. Here is @BrandonLewis last year insisting "action was taken" against Mick Murphy, claiming the Tories have a zero…
So @BrandonLewis. You “took action” against this Tory Councillor for posting Islamophobic and far right images ....… https://t.co/hILfl1z1Wu
As Shadow Transport Secretary I faced off against several incompetent Tory Ministers. But they at least had the gu… https://t.co/6bViXx2RUz
We know Theresa May has a problem with forgotten towns. Now she’s forgotten which city is which! 🙄 https://t.co/xVslzrory3
RT @abbabb1959: “Had Prescott’s referendums in the North been successful, he says, local government in those regions would now enjoy the sa…
RT @_MrDavidJones: John Prescott: “The Northern Powerhouse? It’s not bloody Northern! It stops on the Pennines!” https://t.co/c4kJRz024j @N…
I see the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor is tweeting important news. What has happened to the BBC? https://t.co/wrAfaI3TOt
Maybe - just maybe - young people are able to think for themselves. 🤔 https://t.co/EFISLVFWds
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Saving our planet’s, More important than you. #schoolstrike4climate https://t.co/rOBXIjLOWf