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Lord Puttnam

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Twitter bio: The Official Twitter Account for David Puttnam- Film Producer, Labour Peer, Chairman of Atticus Education.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 27 Oct 1997
RT @BandF: We are very pleased to announce Lord David Puttnam CBE is to receive the 2019 TK Whitaker Award at the Business & Finance Awards…
Absolutely delighted that the UK’s Film Distributors’ Association have appointed Andy Leyshon as our new chief exec… https://t.co/0GhK6GEtLO
RT @LAUNCHING_FILMS: FDA congratulates Andy Leyshon on his appointment as CEO; we welcome him to FDA and look forward to his arrival in Sep…
"The mainland is now looking to do things its own way, and has big ambitions to create works that can both tap into… https://t.co/ZvlLsncZO5
Lots of chat about CBS-Viacom merger this week, but - as this graph shows - even with the merger, its 'scale' is st… https://t.co/2kmL0hZXIU
Some interesting insights & charts here: "The right way to think about franchise fatigue is not to consider the tit… https://t.co/hgmRzDr5E3
RT @HLDemoDigital: Are digital technologies having a net positive or negative effect on the way democracy works in the UK? What do you thin…
RT @HLDemoDigital: Our Chair, @DPuttnam on why the issue of democracy and digital technologies is so important. Submit your evidence to our…
As it would be impossible to do both well, I've decided to take a step back from producing Arctic 30 so I can conce… https://t.co/4wyY01Ixo7
"Whether the 21st century becomes the Chinese Century in the full sense with China dominating culture, ideals, and… https://t.co/ILaPihCwSD
Our inquiry will only be as good as the evidence we receive, so please, spread the word! @HLDemoDigital https://t.co/sy9ymHeaZG
"Disney+ has an ominous feel of checkmate... a brand with a rare emotional pull for audiences and a highly assertiv… https://t.co/iMhx2PQWUg
If you are working in the ever-evolving screen industries, and interested in learning how to better manage the chal… https://t.co/TLIb9vonh3
I am delighted to be chairing this committee and look forward to the insights, ideas and lessons the evidence will… https://t.co/jApNNqdMG4
"All of our screens are now TVs, and there is more TV to watch on them than ever.. One big question is what all thi… https://t.co/I8K5OJ7zXR
Compelling words. You can watch David Attenborough speaking to the committee live here: https://t.co/mOkZgyBKAU https://t.co/2nbAdYcLix
"The challenges the business is facing won’t be overcome by a few hit movies. Disney, WarnerMedia, and Comcast are… https://t.co/44eUmESbva