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Twitter bio: Faith leader, philosopher, author, ex-Chief Rabbi. TED Talk: https://t.co/FYdGHp3H3M Subscribe: https://t.co/FE9xz0O5Qs. Tweets by Office of R.Sacks

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 1 Sep 2009
So the next time you are tempted to criticise another Jew, or walk away from a group of Jews that you think have of… https://t.co/VVMyhXGgKa
The world does not make distinctions. Antisemites do not make distinctions. We are still united by a covenant of sh… https://t.co/U106fzae2z
PRINCIPLE 7: Remember that God chose us as a people. God did not choose only the righteous, He chose all of us. We… https://t.co/89mHYnEkBI
In the end, family is what keeps us together, and that is expressed best in the principle “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh b… https://t.co/ztK3rDj8Dz
PRINCIPLE 6: You can disagree, but still care. Jews will never agree on everything, but we remain one extended fami… https://t.co/EkWp9gOGJS
If you show contempt for other Jews, they will show contempt to you. If you respect other Jews, they will show respect to you.
PRINCIPLE 5: If you seek respect, give respect. Remember the principle of the Book of Proverbs: “As water reflects… https://t.co/XGpoPKxhwM
The end result is though you win today, you lose tomorrow and in the end everyone loses. Do not think in terms of v… https://t.co/EqIpZ4llXQ
PRINCIPLE 4: Never seek victory. Never ever seek to inflict defeat on your opponents. If you seek to inflict defeat… https://t.co/slzEurNHT0
PRINCIPLE 3: Work to understand those with whom you disagree. Our law often follows Hillel not Shammai. According t… https://t.co/7euptBsoy8
“Shema Yisrael” calls on us to listen to one another in a way that we can actually hear what our opponent is saying… https://t.co/5DDIWu7qbq
PRINCIPLE 2: Listen to one another. The good news about the Jewish people is that we are amongst the greatest speak… https://t.co/aLc3YdBfrp
PRINCIPLE 1: Keep talking. Remember what the Torah says about Joseph and his brothers: “Lo yachlu dabro leshalom”.… https://t.co/LOa8vOMFfu
How then do we contain that diversity within a single people, bound together in fate and in destiny? I think there are seven principles.
The third was during the Roman siege of Jerusalem when the Jews besieged inside were more focused on fighting one a… https://t.co/JEjxBty73y
The second followed the completion of the first Temple. Solomon dies, his son takes over, the kingdom splits in two… https://t.co/ostOjmWwmW
The first was in the days of Joseph and his brothers when the Torah says, “They could no longer speak peaceably tog… https://t.co/A1vVJ8Rure
However when it causes us to split apart, it becomes terribly dangerous because whilst no empire on earth has ever… https://t.co/trRqwifaBa
We are a people with strong views – it is part of who we are. Our ability to argue, our sheer diversity, culturally… https://t.co/LIi5iOiSU6
Jews are an argumentative people. We say “The Lord is my shepherd” but no Jew was ever a sheep. Ours is the only ci… https://t.co/5bYudJvTvd