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Twitter bio: Faith leader, philosopher, author, ex-Chief Rabbi. TED Talk: https://t.co/FYdGHp3H3M Subscribe: https://t.co/FE9xz0O5Qs. Tweets by Office of R.Sacks

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 1 Sep 2009
If you attended the #Prizmah2019 Conference last week (or even if you didn't but are still interested!), the specia… https://t.co/N1jgPSSWor
RT @TempletonPrize: Two days until we know the winner of the #TempletonPrize2019 at https://t.co/XZlk9fAmGb. Watch 2016 Laureate Rabbi Lord…
My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the tragic attack in Christchurch, NZ. People of all faith a… https://t.co/ROajfTUUDD
Some years ago, in my book 'To Heal a Fractured World', I offered this as a guide, and it still seems to me to make… https://t.co/PgA34dkoaJ
Discerning that task, hearing Vayikra, God’s call, is one of the great spiritual challenges for each of us. How do we know what it is?
For each of us God has a task: work to perform, a kindness to show, a gift to give, love to share, loneliness to ea… https://t.co/YlNVH2XuOq
Each of us is unique. Even genetically identical twins are different. There are things only we can do, we who are w… https://t.co/yeF9wMqu3v
We are no more than a wave in the ocean, a grain of sand on the sea shore, a speck of dust on the surface of infini… https://t.co/PL04yXRwo1
We are willing to make sacrifices when we feel they are part of the task we are called on to do. From the perspecti… https://t.co/3EtbbqOtcu
And why does the word appear here, at the beginning of the third and central book of the Torah? Because the book of… https://t.co/nsPGux1wN4
When we see a wrong to be righted, a sickness to be healed, a need to be met, and we feel it speaking to us, that i… https://t.co/w4X0dL7LhS
Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Vayikra called "The Pursuit of Meaning". You can read it… https://t.co/x7361ADVr9
The Pursuit of Meaning (Vayikra, Covenant & Conversation 5779) - https://t.co/Sd78jyGTkY "It’s easy to suppose that… https://t.co/T01tAwK1A9
We have quite a few copies of these left. If you wish to take some for your family, school or community, come to ou… https://t.co/RggcCzyl2p
And you can take as many of these as you like! https://t.co/hov54HsUB4