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Twitter bio: Faith leader, philosopher, author, ex-Chief Rabbi. TED Talk: https://t.co/FYdGHp3H3M Subscribe: https://t.co/FE9xz0O5Qs. Tweets by Office of R.Sacks

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 1 Sep 2009
Tonight we count Day 31 of the #Omer! "Remember your destination. This will help you to distinguish between an oppo… https://t.co/Tfgg9jDK1w
Tonight we count Day 30 of the #Omer! "Search for meaning and you will discover strength, fulfilment and peace." Do… https://t.co/BjZqIeUR6f
Tonight we count Day 29 of the #Omer! "In life, ask not, what can I gain?” But “what can I give?” Be a blessing to… https://t.co/JyTRJkUJi1
What is fragmented in secular culture into science, religion, and political ideology is here united in the transfor… https://t.co/N5YuIvXitK
Nowhere is this clearer than in the way the Torah understands Shabbat: one day with three dimensions, experienced s… https://t.co/QLcyN96Zqf
Creation, revelation, and redemption form the basic triad of the Jewish faith. They are also the most fundamental s… https://t.co/8CknNVhHa5
On Shabbat afternoon we look forwards to the ultimate redemption, when all humanity will acknowledge that “You are… https://t.co/zKkTsCJMUi
On Shabbat morning we speak about the supreme moment of revelation: “Moses rejoiced at the gift of his portion… He… https://t.co/mGkLzDjBw0
In the Friday night Amidah, we refer to the Shabbat of creation: “You sanctified the seventh day for Your name’s sa… https://t.co/SNTMmKo3Oz
#Shabbat is the only day of the year in which the evening, morning, and afternoon prayers are different from one another.
Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Emor called "Three Versions of Shabbat". You can read it… https://t.co/3zQnVaXg09
Tonight we count Day 27 of the #Omer! "Clear rules & proper discipline help to establish, maintain & expand order f… https://t.co/WqKNq45Cdy
Tonight we count Day 26 of the #Omer! "What you think of as your greatest weakness can become, if you wrestle with… https://t.co/FRrzqskWuD
Three Versions of Shabbat: Here is the Covenant & Conversation essay for parshat Emor...#ShabbatShalom "The radica… https://t.co/W7k26ElnO8
Tonight we count Day 25 of the #Omer! "In any relationship that matters, deliver praise daily. Seeing and praising… https://t.co/BpDhJcpdbM
Tonight we count Day 24 of the #Omer! "The more you celebrate the good, the more good you discover that is worthy o… https://t.co/RCCzrntBDq
Tonight we count Day 23 of the #Omer! "For each of us God has a task. Discerning that task, hearing God’s call, is… https://t.co/yNqtXQP7QC
Tonight we count Day 22 of the #Omer! "The highest achievement is not self-expression but self-limitation: making s… https://t.co/fdQzv7j3AJ