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Twitter bio: Faith leader, philosopher, author, ex-Chief Rabbi. TED Talk: https://t.co/FYdGHp3H3M Subscribe: https://t.co/FE9xz0O5Qs. Tweets by Office of R.Sacks

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 1 Sep 2009
RT @JewishNewsUK: . @rabbisacks says the veteran interviewer, #JohnHumphrys, was in the biblical 'tradition of holding power accountable to…
“Honest doubt can be more powerful than dishonest faith.” Here is a link to the transcript of my ‘Thought for the D… https://t.co/PZTjg4ojPC
“Honest doubt can be more powerful than dishonest faith.” Here is a link to the transcript of my ‘Thought for the D… https://t.co/LBVsN6scSH
RT @BBCr4today: "Among the contributions of Judaism to the ancient world were the prophets...people who had the courage to speak truth to p…
I'm on my way in to the BBC to deliver the 'Thought for the Day' broadcast. Tune in to @BBCR4Today at around 07:45… https://t.co/TYuwONW9Wp
📚Here is ' A Nation of Storytellers ', this week's Covenant & Conversation piece for Ki Tavo 5779.📖 "Judaism is les… https://t.co/oxYFZUfqOp
It will be a real honour to deliver the ‘Thought for the Day’ broadcast tomorrow morning during a special edition o… https://t.co/8TmpfMcpFF
This motzei Shabbat, you can watch my pre-selichot address from Hampstead Synagogue live on Facebook at… https://t.co/T2PaCipaaN
And if you want to catch up with the past messages, you can do so here: https://t.co/82n1UzLJmU.
ICYMI: We’ve created additional WhatsApp groups to meet the demand for our #Elul initiative. If you wish to receive… https://t.co/xm7rYA5XVL
RT @HampsteadShul: Not long left to reserve your FREE ticket to our special midnight selichot service with @rabbisacks, the @ShabbatonChoir
RT @TheSTMagazine: "When I see anti-semitism returning to Europe and the failure of some parties and politicians to confront it, I find it…
Animals may not have rights but they have feelings, and we must respect them if we are to honour our role as God’s partners in creation.
As we saw last week in the case of environmental legislation in Shoftim, Genesis 1 gives us the mandate to “subdue”… https://t.co/sHSTdIMOQ4
Animals do not have rights, but we have duties towards them. As several laws in Parshat Ki Teitse and elsewhere mak… https://t.co/wN6LSFkXtX
Judaism also reminds us of what we sometimes forget: that the moral life is too complex to summarise in a single co… https://t.co/nsI75TRbFq
This would not have been news to the heroes of the Bible. Abraham, Moses and David were all shepherds who lived the… https://t.co/LypOuzvKjA
Animals are part of God’s creation. They have their own integrity in the scheme of things. We now know that they ar… https://t.co/VDOJXJbTSB