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Lord Scriven

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Twitter bio: Established but not TIEed to the Establishment! Yorkshire, British & European. Adopted Sheffielder . Liberal Democrat Peer. Not enough 🏃‍♂️ too much 🍰

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 19 Sep 2014
I'm totally against this "Milkshaking" let's be clear what it is...violence and intimidation towards politicians. I… https://t.co/sD0XPs9UMs
@Andrew_Adonis Oh Andrew Oh Andrew I suggest rather than attacking the party that has consistently fought to stop B… https://t.co/ZYQO0LlKoU
Labour pretending to look both ways over Brexit doesn't wash. Give both thier faces a slap on Thursday by voting… https://t.co/uhxcYy9g7u
RT @shaffaqmohd: The reason why so many @UKLabour voters in Yorkshire & Humber Region are switching to the @LibDems is due to senior natio…
Well that's that....I'm a supporter of leaving Eurovision ..26th place for the UK....it's time we took back control… https://t.co/S3sR1PEoe3
If you also "hope never"when it comes to Brexit the choice is clear @LibDems and @shaffaqmohd https://t.co/gJTBNZlECL
So there it is May and Corbyn blocked giving you the chance to decide on the fate of Brexit or to remain. Time to… https://t.co/pcs9beMvaA
One of these is a man of the people who was lied too by a posh boy who claims to be a man of the people. But Farage… https://t.co/rRjvZTRBue
RT @EdwardJDavey: #StopBrexit @LibDems move ahead of BOTH Labour & Cons in new poll in today’s @thetimes I predicted this might happen ho…
Oh how the other half live Nigel. It's clear your not a champagne socialist. It's just the champagne and rich life… https://t.co/z6YLzkzmeH
RT @kam_hussain5: If you want to #StopBrexit, vote @LibDems. In #Yorkshire and The #Humber the lead candidate is @shaffaqmohd. Shaffaq has…
25 or younger? Debate in Lords tomorrow about you, equality and quality of life. Want to have a voice? Call in at 6… https://t.co/yY8aCpZhl3
You want to know Labour's policy on the EU and a confirmatory referendum? Depending on which frontbencher you ask y… https://t.co/t5yRP4pDdN
Haha haha .....you take us for fools Sir...you take us for fools @PaulBlomfieldMP ....show me where your party poli… https://t.co/4ZLSO1oPVi
@Andrew_Adonis Oh Andrew is this the Labour Party you told people NOT to vote for if they wanted to stop Brexit?
RT @kam_hussain5: Thank you to Lord @RichardNewby3 for coming to #Leeds in support of the campaign to elect @LibDems MEPs https://t.co/RaL7…
RT @AMushaima: Today, I resumed my protest to save my 71 year old father #FreeHassanMushaima, who is still denied medical care. This time,…
RT @Dales_Tourism: It seems that many previous WelcometoYorkshire employees have not been contacted or asked to be part of the investigatio…