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Lord Stoddart Of Swindon

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Twitter bio: Independent Labour Peer, life-long campaigner for British independence and self-government.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 14 Sep 1983
The complexity of Brexit reveals how successive governments & lazy parliaments have knowingly, transferred huge pow… https://t.co/3bKaQIPM6G
Disappointing that Aaron Banks has been referred to the NCA. His was not the official leave campaign & Elcom refuse… https://t.co/LMoGniorX9
This is an excellent lecture which provides the antidote to the purveyors of doom and gloom at the IPCC. It deserv… https://t.co/d1h1nwBX0l
Furthermore, if there were a vote to remain in the EU and it was acted upon, the Labour Party would be unable to ca… https://t.co/TSFtGMv9MA
Labour should think about the disastrous effect a 2nd referendum would have on the country & its economy. It would… https://t.co/lfEecs4Jzn
Labour is muddled about a 2nd referendum. 1) What would the question be? 2) How can the voters be the judge of a co… https://t.co/4rjxRqvdnF
RT @StuartGulleford: When you boil them down, the increasingly strident and constantly changing arguments coming from the remain camp, you…
RT @StuartGulleford: This kind of thing is one of the many reasons we were so right to vote Brexit. Talk about jobs for the boys! It will b…
Why did Chancellor Philip Hammond choose not to submit his controversial letter to the Treasury Select Committee to… https://t.co/4xh0slbDXl
To read my full statement chiding the Police & Crime Commissioners for dabbling in politics by contributing to Brex… https://t.co/ECxjP8yCs6
It's disappointing that the P & C Commissioners have chosen to add to Brexit hysteria. They should stay out of poli… https://t.co/i6tj0eF1HX
A final extract from my speech to the Freedom Association in High Wycombe on Saturday: ‘If we stay in the EU and lo… https://t.co/4WDKW7WcCM
A third extract from my speech to the Freedom Association at the weekend, which may be useful to Brexit campaigners… https://t.co/7Y9J37H40t
A second extract from my speech to the Freedom Association in High Wycombe at the weekend, which may be useful to B… https://t.co/da4VUMiI7O
An extract from my speech to the Freedom Association in High Wycombe at the weekend, which may be useful to Brexit… https://t.co/2Su0cmL5OQ
The IMF recommended the UK join the euro, predicted a GDP fall after the Brexit vote but it rose. It wants the UK t… https://t.co/E1vCwEDzQ9
As the Electoral Commission flatly refuses to investigate the funding of the Remain Campaign, despite a considerabl… https://t.co/bUD2iG5Uqu
RT @StuartGulleford: Dominic Raab has been treated appallingly & should resign. The PM has dramatically changed the conditions upon which h…
ElCom’s decision to refer the Leave campaign to the police seems highly political with no similar investigation of… https://t.co/PMfGxf8LyC
RT @DanielJHannan: Why should we listen to calls for another referendum from people who, by definition, don’t accept referendum results?