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Twitter bio: Education spokesperson for the @LibDems in the @UKHouseofLords & Co-chair of the Cttee on Education, Families and Young People

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 2 Feb 2011
So the European Withdrawal Bill passes through the Lords 283 to 28
The Bill from the Commons has just been received in the Lords - carried in to unusually large hear hears
Lord Forsyth says that the Tory rebels were trying to subvert the Constitution aided and abetted by the Speaker - rich hey coming from them
Speaking in a debate on dental heath this afternoon- want to concentrate on children’s dental health - any thoughts?
Amazing - how times have changed alll talk of the Lib Dem’s as the danger to the Tories on Newsnight- bring it on
A Secretary for Education who went to a Comprehensive- move over Eton
So Nicky Morgan sold her soul - was all she said before about Brexit a lie
The Kipper sorry Skipper making a real fishy Cabinet! https://t.co/EEF42FYOSL
Is that the new Home Secretary who is in favour of the Death Penalty- oh dear I fear for our Country
So Damian Hinds gone - please let’s not have Liz Truss as Sec of State for Education remember what she tried to do with Nursery Education
Spent some time with the Compassion in Politics Group we are certainly going to need a lot of that over the next few months
Just jumped into Luciana Berger and baby - she looks great and to use an old fashion expression - blooming
So 92,153 Conservatives vote for the new PM who will take us out of Europe come what may - very democratic and very… https://t.co/QbiywfB8wK
So Government are only giving 0.75% to the teachers 2.75% pay rise ! So more cuts to school budgets to pay for it- you couldn’t make it up
Lib Team Leadership - how refreshing to see Jo and Ed behaving in a liberal and honest manner during the campaig… https://t.co/7gZRiShKwL
My joke in the Lords Debate on finances for services for young people I referenced the election of a new PM I said… https://t.co/EgHAi49OQb
Well done to the good old House of Lords for putting the brakes on the Boris Brexit no deal plans
Ed Davey very impressive on Andrew Marr - worth watching
Just introduced a Private Members Bill on Essay Mills and Contract Cheating making it an offence to provide or adve… https://t.co/yZZFvP7sWF