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Lord Storey

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Twitter bio: Education spokesperson for the @LibDems in the @UKHouseofLords & Co-chair of the Cttee on Education, Families and Young People

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 2 Feb 2011
It’s flipping freezing- why on earth can’t one of the wealthiest cities in the world in one of the richest countrie… https://t.co/SLyyI6n3VD
Government committed England to #zeroHIV infections by 2030-the increase in #PrEP trial places cannot be delayed an… https://t.co/bdIbAlpE79
This Conservative Government’s threats of crashing out of the EU are reckless and irresponsible. It is not a case o… https://t.co/vvznstIXx9
Last nights divisions in the Labour Party caused the UK to move a step closer to a no deal Brexit - shame
Great to support ITV’s VegPower Ad Campaign! Eat your veggies! #itv #LibDem #HouseOfLords https://t.co/3NcGTunu25
So that prominent Brexiteer Mr Dyson announces he is moving his Head Office from the U.K. to Singapore- that shows… https://t.co/AFsyXIyMWi
The Industrial Revolution impact on children was very significant- the Digital Revolution has been much faster and… https://t.co/glBMW4EJG7
Another Tory government defeat in the #EU WithdrawalBill@LibDemLords have just voted to stop the Tory Govt giving i… https://t.co/zhdnRJIf2m
Congratulations to Baroness Walmsley’s on Debate on child obesity but concerning only one Labour speaker
Ken Dodd always kept his roots in Liverpool and never let fame and fortune go to his head His charity work was amaz… https://t.co/EfZmQLFjNR
Schools should bring people together, not drive them apart -have signed https://t.co/LCDw73AYUc schoolscapletter
So we get former Newsnight Presenter Paul Mason yet again on Newsnight - it’s not what you know but who you know
No MP’s UKIP on Question Time last night and now on Newsnight tonight - so much for BBC political balance
16,000 UK students spend a term or year abroad as part of #Erasmus every year The Tories extreme Brexit would mean… https://t.co/Wb1oY6zLmI
Celebrating 100 year’s of women in Public Life - it is not just the famous but the millions of women who every day… https://t.co/lS2ZMcdD9w
Spoke in European withdrawal Bill Now here is a question why should people in NI be allowed post Brexit to work st… https://t.co/masNlMZvkS
Question on the President Club asked the Minister in the Chamber to issue guidance for behaviour of charities and ban gagging orders
RT @LibDemLords: #LordsQs @LordStorey asks the Minister to implement robust procedures to ensure that all home-educated children are proper…
Mersey Gateway silly me not in London or the South East!
The Mersey gateway opens tomorrow - the largest infrastructure project outside of London yet no mention on National TV