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Lord Strasburger

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Twitter bio: Entrepreneur, Lib Dem peer. Fighting for the underdog and against too much intrusion into our privacy & suicidal Brexit. Bath rugby supporter which can be hard

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jan 2011
Thanks for your support @BathLabourParty but can you have a word with your leader? Jeremy Corbyn is aiding and abe… https://t.co/THgdXkdEtW
RT @RemainerNow: Watch: Gary voted leave, he wanted to feel more proud to feel British. But he has now changed his mind. He's a #RemainerNo
Just a minute, didn't Putin fund Leave in our EU referendum? Tories and Labour are sticking their heads in the sand… https://t.co/ZM7iluuynq
Very pretty but what's the point when the Tory party is doing its utmost to totally wreck our economy, our jobs, ou… https://t.co/gfOUnCKLG8
I'll believe it when I see it. Corbyn is riveted to the top of the fence and is out of tune with the vast majority… https://t.co/90O3Pyggwd
It would have been a big surprise if Paul Dacre's rags - the Mail on Sunday - didn't have its snouts in the phone h… https://t.co/lX7pAbvgzm
It's as if May & Corbyn are frantically gripping each other while dancing on the deck of Titanic with a massive ice… https://t.co/Bvp5dIWBBV
I've been thinking that for a while. I hate to call people names but there were plenty of signs of a sinister obse… https://t.co/cQmBwAAn7O
RT @DeborahMeaden: I really don’t understand why we are so keen to lose our freedom of movement across 27 countries? Can anyone help me?
RT @LibDems: History will judge Theresa May for the absolute mess she has made of Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn for enabling her to get this fa…
RT @brexit_sham: 30 magical seconds is all it took Heidi Allen to nail Theresa May's atrocious leadership, the embarrassing Johnson's usele…
RT @LaylaMoran: Exciting times!! With an army of members and councillors up and down the country the @LibDems will work with those who sh…
RT @cajardineMP: Today I’m supporting my colleague Catherine West’s Bill to lift the ban on asylum seekers working. Let’s stop robbing peop…
This guy has obviously been to Corbyn University and graduated with a first class degree in Fence Sitting. https://t.co/SvzyXk9oJO
Really excited about start of long-overdue realignment of UK politics. The two (temporarily) big parties have faile… https://t.co/7lZKAMvmjF
RT @CryptoPartyLDN: It's CryptoParty London tomorrow! 🚨 ==> House music from @silverliningdub => Digital privacy cryptobar 💻 => Anonymity…
RT @joannaccherry: Good to hear @theresa_may acknowledge at #PMQs that revoking #Art50 & staying in #EU is possible. She wdnt have done so…
So he's listening carefully (not) as usual. He and the Maybot have the same affliction - they are stone deaf. https://t.co/38baa5w9ze
RT @EdwardJDavey: We should all acknowledge the bravery of these MPs who stopped putting #PartyAboveCountry to vote with their conscience o…