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Lord Strasburger

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Twitter bio: Entrepreneur, Lib Dem peer. Fighting for the underdog and against too much intrusion into our privacy & suicidal Brexit. Bath rugby supporter which can be hard

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jan 2011
RT @OFOCBrexit: There are NO Brexit options that Leave voters actually want - no one voted for this bad deal, and no one voted for a disast…
Sorry Anna but emergency measures are needed and just chatting about won’t cut the mustard. https://t.co/MER570n7qN
Amazing that this didn't get more attention. The same is true about the EU referendum but our government is wilful… https://t.co/tMYnR4kGwq
RT @JKCorden: This is @carolecadwalla being brave and brilliant. It’s well worth a watch and a retweet x https://t.co/MGswXfDU9K
When someone looks like and talks like a nasty little prat, it's usually because they are. UKIP and Farage's Brexi… https://t.co/F43G7qNlFn
Remain now 14% ahead of Leave. Farage & Mogg & Co had better accept what the will of the people is now. Why is the… https://t.co/w4hgMYxHcz
Not surprised that UK ranks only 33rd in the World Press Freedom Index. Oppressive legislation like the Investigato… https://t.co/6W7fYSyDMj
Steve, you cheeky monkey. To be fair, you've performed an important public service. That flagpole looked very sad… https://t.co/Ru832tg48E
TWO big stories in one video. Members and supporters of some of the farthest right groups were targeted by… https://t.co/Makqdouidf
RT @LaylaMoran: Any functioning democracy should embrace giving more people the vote, not fear it. On this 50th anniversary of votes at 18…
RT @RSamuel4Walcot: At Bathwick Estate hustings last night. Good audience engagement. Astonished to hear Tory candidate claim ⁦@bathnes⁩ re…
RT @bbw1984: Shutting down digital infrastructure in response to a peaceful protest is deeply authoritarian and the kind of action usually…
Is this Trump's most callous and inhumane act so far? One man is condemning thousands more Yemeni people, includin… https://t.co/WseHkXEqKj
RT @Kishan_Devani: Do you think these people need a gentle reminder of their own words... If so - you know what to do! https://t.co/slThL9…
RT @carolecadwalla: ‘This is not about left or right or Leave or Remain or Trump or not. It’s about whether it’s possible to have a free &…
Completely agree. The Climate Emergency is far far bigger than the many dangers of Brexit. Because the PM is total… https://t.co/wlUhYbEXKl
RT @carolecadwalla: Electoral fraud. Perpetrated by your campaign. Led by you. Funded by money from God knows where. https://t.co/Fs9WF4W7CR
RT @LadyStras: ...maybe his superpower is free transport to anywhere in the universe - including Planet Zorg. https://t.co/iJkQzmHlRo
RT @DeborahMeaden: Yep.... definitely on the side of the working people. https://t.co/bkMMMIYeEp
RT @LaylaMoran: I want to see real change for our schools. These damaging cuts have exposed the dark underbelly of our education system, an…