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Lord Strasburger

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Twitter bio: Entrepreneur, working Peer, Bathonian, Liberal Democrat. Fighting for the underdog and against too much intrusion into our privacy & suicidal Brexit

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jan 2011
This makes me so angry. How can this be happening in the world's 6th largest economy in 2018? No wonder many peopl… https://t.co/vkB5M8OtzU
RT @Quentin_Kirrin: @LordStras @JMDBarroso @LibDems Did you not get my.answer ? ( the majority do not want to remain but want the #Brexit
RT @JolyonMaugham: Misuse of public funds for lavish foreign junkets by group led by Brexiters' darling @DanielJHannan non-shocker. Did yo…
While the EU leaders were holding their summit, the real action in Brussels was taking place in the street outside.… https://t.co/5Ir8cQqeP5
RT @GreenpeaceUK: .@michaelgove promised the UK a Green Brexit. His junior minister appears not to have got the memo given he just voted to…
Absolutely bloody right. At least one party's MPs put the good of the country first. With the UK engulfed in the w… https://t.co/5VRHFkBqAK
A cogent explanation of the PM's Dalek-like repetition of the need to deliver on the referendum result ignoring cha… https://t.co/0zXQqsdeOl
Morning after the night before, Mrs May clinging on by her teeth. She must stop using a vote 30 months ago as her… https://t.co/Nq9uxLjCM3
RT @andyjLDN: Tell me if I’m wrong @BBCNews , but why do you nearly always visit leave voting areas and survey people who are mainly over 6…
RT @nickreeves9876: So the Tories can have another vote on their leader and our PM after 2 years, but the public must not be allowed the sa…
NO, NO, NO Mrs May. The majority of the British people do not want you to “get on with Brexit” as you claim, they… https://t.co/243TiIWLLe
RT @SimonFraser00: It’s a real mess. But let’s not forget the core problem is not @theresa_may and her unsatisfactory deal: it’s that, desp…
RT @mrjamesob: After two and a half years of nationwide chaos & confusion caused by Conservative infighting, the Conservatives have decided…
RT @damocrat: Grieve: “We’re embarked on a exercise in self-mutilation, but I recognise that if that’s what people want.. then that is what…
If you need evidence that the Tories are obsessed with themselves rather than the national interest at a time of gr… https://t.co/ay3VLT6aE5
Is this the worst Govt since WW2? And the worst opposition?
BIG NEWS. It’s now official. We can revoke our Article 50 notice to leave the EU without needing permission from an… https://t.co/eGLokogzZK
Are you listening @BBC @ITV @Sky to Vince Cable's powerful letter. It would be a massively unbalanced debate if th… https://t.co/LsjQYJGQu9