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Lord Teverson

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Twitter bio: Member of House of Lords, lives in Cornwall

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 1 Jun 2006
RT @GMB: Would you rather a no-deal Brexit or a second referendum?
Come and join us. Check out "Stopping Brexit - What we do NOW!" https://t.co/WSOtHwKCMw @EventbriteUK
RT @Channel4News: "I just don't think we would survive going through that exercise again." James Graham, writer of the Channel 4 drama, Br…
Regrettably true, yes, even beyond Brexit (just) https://t.co/bWprNFGgC9
RT @Rachel5742: Have huge respect for the QEII but I'm sorry there's no way we'll reunite as a Country over #Brexit; the Divide is morally,…
RT @LordsEUCom: EU Committee Member @lordtev writes for The House Magazine @politicshome, arguing that Govt has not been clear about what a…
And the U.K. will find itself outside this comprehensive trade agreement if #Brexit happens. So much for global Bri… https://t.co/BjmNxHiQUi
Scarily brilliant, with a dollop of insight! https://t.co/D1Jb692BWw
RT @adbioresources: 🔴 @lordtev giving his views on #brexit implications for energy investments, prices, security of supply, climate ambitio…
Fisheries is a hot #Brexit topic, but however that turns out, in future our fishers will have to land the fish they… https://t.co/adLnclQMkH
Outrageous, how the #BBC be delighted over a debate where both participants have an almost identical view? Not just… https://t.co/fwLJuBwOHL
RT @NeilStockley: How to sell the case for action against climate change? Use positive narratives. Tell positive stories about people today…
Yes, good questions that need to be asked and answered https://t.co/H1GJNrzDK1
RT @CockertonMark: I have returned from Europe with this piece of paper. It guarantees the freedom of you, your children and grandchildren…
RT @hilarygroos: Another reality check for Brexiteers & those who still dream of UK (fishing boats) ruling the seas @lordtev https://t.co/z…
Which is of course exactly what over 90% of Gibraltarians voted for - no #brexit https://t.co/jAKIXEdLTw