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Twitter bio: Prof science & society Imperial College London. Chair Royal College of Music Science education & researching human reproduction. Genesis Research Trust

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 18 Dec 1995
@LabourRoyall Yes - this is extremely bad news. I really am uncertain how I can remain when people like this are w… https://t.co/vjzzDsmldZ
RT @ProfRWinston: @Alicegast And so kind and modest and ready to listen too
I agree with much of that but be fair. Respect Aisleyne1 who was not set up she’s an intelligent woman but like so… https://t.co/PEsMtSg2if
Thank you. I made a very weak joke at the end of two long prerecorded slightly edited interviews -incidentally… https://t.co/f01ahv452J
RT @dkbooks: Next year we’re publishing a children's book of #science questions answered by @ProfRWinston & we’re in the process of collect…
research breakthrough at @GenesisTrustUK & David Macintyre's work preventing Premature birth also important for… https://t.co/J84uwNFnYd
nice; good news for a change @GenesisTrustUK David MacIntyre's work preventing premature birth which kills & damag… https://t.co/ISGnFwxULH
Dear Simon. So pleased to see your election to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences @sbaroncohen. Ve… https://t.co/yR6v2GjEjH
What a great theatre @ChemlsTheatres pleasure to be here tonight talking about how to improve learning
If an armed policeman won’t go into a school during a massacre what is the point of arming the teachers? #DonaldTrump
Whatever I’m contrite - I’ve deleted the tweets but still rather feel that invasion of privacy can be a two way inv… https://t.co/UZNsYofSFN
May be you are right Jenny but she is in a public place and we can hear every word of one side of what seems an ent… https://t.co/yDjOD55OH6
It’s now 60 minutes - she has a child with her. Why not talk to her child? https://t.co/yWaRg2psEt
After 50 minutes she’s bored with whole conversation https://t.co/FNjd6UoM2l
She’s now been on phone 40 minutes and having worn out one ear is now using the other one https://t.co/Yx5GlyIxW4
This woman has been on this phone call for 30 minuted in a crowded carriage. We are not interested in her conversation
If anyone needs justification for the value of the House of Lords see Lord Reid’s speech at end of Brexit Withdrawa… https://t.co/NDjBeWtrK8