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Twitter bio: Politician. Teacher @UniofOxford. Speaker. Writer. Chair @UNAUK. Labour. Tull. Joni. Film. Uncle Tupelo. Cricket. Daniel Romano. Germany. Lots still left to do.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 15 Jan 2011
I've been coming to Berlin for over 25 years, & I'm still deeply moved whenever I see remaining segments of The Wal… https://t.co/FPM1f7OgeP
While Stanley Donen will rightly be remembered for "Singing In The Rain" & transforming Hollywood musicals, he made… https://t.co/1nJ2zj7h4z
Careful Matthew: last time you said that it ended in tears. (And can I just add that this reply is a superb pun th… https://t.co/5pyWuejGiV
My theory: our Foreign Secretary has made the well-trodden Slovenia-Slovakia error. https://t.co/Y2zd8t6nTo
RIP Stanley Donen, whose Hollywood career began as choreographer for Lucille Ball In “Best Foot Forward” in 1943. H… https://t.co/740lAMCEEa
There are many great live bands. But @whitedenimmusic really are on another planet. For musicianship & energy, they… https://t.co/yuvcKPMwKz
"In the 1980s, Labour’s “soft left” led the party’s ideological renewal, acting as receptacles to the creative thin… https://t.co/fBkvM3iFAj
Headline on @BBCRadio4 news at 6pm: "Also tonight: Botswana considers lifting a ban on hunting elephants for ivory,… https://t.co/752LWGuUyo
Two years ago, Putin signed a cooperation deal with Lega Nord. What we didn't know was that included a deal to secr… https://t.co/N0wO24Bvnj
Yesterday in our Oxford Brexit seminar, @GoodwinMJ & @Fox_Claire gave memorable presentations, on who voted Leave &… https://t.co/9AFZuymH9u
One unintended consequence of this is that the Independent Group, though formed by good people for a variety of rea… https://t.co/J0yzmQULWQ
RT @OwenJones84: Labour needs to step up more on defeating anti-Semitism - and this is the best comprehensive set of steps I've read on wha…
One interesting route @TheIndGroup could take: reject the idea of MPs as delegates cemented under Tory/Labour leade… https://t.co/vaZiGq8lWs
RT @Botanygeek: Just tried to order something online from Denmark. Apparently they no longer sell to the UK, as orders accepted now may ar…
Genuine question: would the Independent Group welcome defecting Labour MPs who support Brexit going through by March 29th?
The Independent Group’s first problem, in a nutshell. It’s not that the 8 ex-Labour MPs & 3 ex-Tory MPs agree abo… https://t.co/7wfb95dMi6
David Cameron wants a Tory Party that accommodates internal differences over Europe but fights internally for a com… https://t.co/BwL3ibPqBH
RT @StewartWood: Very proud of this thoroughly researched report by @UNAUK on the likely effect of Brexit on the UK’s influence in the UN.…
This Labour source quote is not just straightforwardly untrue about the Labour MPs that have left. It’s also kind o… https://t.co/3YlNqN4tw7
Soubry & Berger as attacking wing-backs is curiously exactly right. https://t.co/4wJfMHWmXY