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Twitter bio: Dad. Labour Lord & @UniOfOxford teacher. Speaker & Writer. Chair @UNAUK. Lover of film, Tull, Joni, VdGG, Romano, 10cc, Farrar AND Tweedy, @KentCricket & @LFC.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 15 Jan 2011
Greenland is the only country that has ever left the European Community & the President of the USA wants to buy it.… https://t.co/sKb1xCa6So
RT @ToryFibs: @trussliz @SekoHiroshige How did he sound? A bit muffled perhaps? Next time, turn the wee phone around the other way. That wa…
Day 34: “Tempest” (2012). The last album of Dylan songs is a good, at times excellent, folk-blues band record. It h… https://t.co/4QnTrllDUW
Just saw #Midsommar & I can only understand it in one way: a brilliant libertarian comic-horror satire about the da… https://t.co/ZqAzlUk0B0
Brilliant & much-needed refocusing of the consequences of Brexit by @jameskirkup. The tragedy of Britain leaving th… https://t.co/uyVIc0RTce
To those on the Left who supported #Brexit: whatever kind of Britain you thought might be delivered when we left th… https://t.co/1jzimdZ5fi
Day 33: "Christmas In The Heart" (2009). Unique. A bit scary. Traditional Xmas songs sung like a drunk rolling home… https://t.co/0Z22X93ioR
(Please send me your thoughts and prayers. I am currently on Dylan’s “Christmas In The Heart”. Hitting the yuletide… https://t.co/kQ1az40YMM
"What's it like when you get divorced at 70 & find yourself involved in a long traffic jam on the A5 in Edgware?"… https://t.co/Xt6j3efhhn
Iceland is mourning Okjokull, its first glacier lost to climate change. This plaque, with a message for future gene… https://t.co/HITH4pgASS
Day 32: "Together Through Life" (2009). Songs of recrimination, bile & lust sung with grizzled granite. But (again)… https://t.co/hCJaRqXHbY
Day 32: "Together Through Life". Songs of recrimination, bile & lust sung with grizzle & granite. But (again) sound… https://t.co/Z5GwXCHGBB
Expect these talks to be followed by no.10 briefing about the positive atmosphere around renegotiation. Not because… https://t.co/hKNC5ql4wK
British politics seems to have become the art of making demands of others that are rejected as impossible, so that… https://t.co/C1b3EvDQwe
Collaborators, saboteurs, enemies, traitors. Time to stop this language: whether you edit the Mail or run the count… https://t.co/APvDPYCDMe
Day 31: “Modern Times” (2006). Gentler reflective Dylan, still lyrically scything on God, love & regret, but here w… https://t.co/V2MqUD6fuA
Only just twigged from @Peston blog that Dominic Cummings will quit No.10 when Brexit is achieved on Oct 31st. What… https://t.co/Yav6xTKAbv
RT @StewartWood: The problem with Brexiteers: they care so much about Brexit that they are prepared for the UK to pay an exorbitant price t…