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Twitter bio: Archbishop of York, Primate of England and Metropolitan

Affiliation: Bishops
Join Date: 23 Nov 2005
Mary of Magdala, thank you for showing us how the amazing love you received from Jesus totally transformed your lif… https://t.co/X8y6N4d1Di
Now then! Like Mary of Magdala, go and tell. Be anointed with the Holy Spirit & love the poor, the prisoners, the b… https://t.co/nzI48GREQU
Some of the effects of Christ’s #Resurrection were eloquently described more than 1600 years ago by John Chrysostom… https://t.co/QiwQ4LGV6N
The one great lesson that Mary of Magdala has to teach us is this. That #Easter’s meaning for those who formerly we… https://t.co/hYbZMOQkrT
Mary Magdalene was a brave woman. Love makes her strength appear to be sufficient. For love makes the impossible po… https://t.co/lf5HEMJr61
Love can’t leave the place where the subject of that love is. I fully understand Mary Magdalene’s tenacity which is… https://t.co/zXLWNQpnmd
There are so many fears which we just cannot shake off, especially those in the darkness of our minds & hearts. Fea… https://t.co/XD8Rlp5GD1
Mary of Magdala’s love for the Lord made her rise early. That love helped her to overcome any fear that would have… https://t.co/wcUoiWuXww
On this #Easter Sunday morning @York_Minster what lesson does Mary of Magdala, the first Apostle of the #Resurrection teach us?
The theme of my #EasterDay sermon @York_Minster: ‘There is nothing love cannot face: there is no limit to its faith… https://t.co/7DhLmhXFSd
Our readings @York_Minster this morning are from Acts 10: 34 – 43 & John 20: 1 – 18. Rejoice and be glad. We are an… https://t.co/fg85ucOrpF
#Easter Day is here! A glorious day when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! ‘Where, O death, i… https://t.co/jzAGsopDQG
If you missed BBC One Britain's Easter Story on #GoodFriday, watch at https://t.co/InMkFbhUK3 This is the first ep… https://t.co/aFLKi8pfuk
I write in @yorkshirepost today. Jesus didn’t just become like us as he died, he opened the way for us to become li… https://t.co/7Egvdhi1Xz
Read my article in @yorkpress today. Jesus, the only one in the whole world who loved everyone, was willing to die… https://t.co/QbRD2JKcDh
Today on Maundy Thursday, I’ll be @York_Minster at 11am for the Blessing of Oils and Renewal of Vows service. I’ll… https://t.co/9mkQzAjhWM
Heading to @springharvest Harrogate to join Christians in Holy Week. As we move towards the events of Good Friday &… https://t.co/0RckceGjvI
Prayers were said at Bishopthorpe Chapel this morning as our thoughts are with all those working tirelessly in Pari… https://t.co/7dQBHF9pbC