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Today is International Women's Day - Sport Wales are looking at the coverage of Womens Sport in Wales but this is something that goes beyond the Welsh Borders Further coverage can be found on the BBC News Website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-3575...
ESA is back in the House of Commons this afternoon - if you have time please write and tell your MP how it is going to effect you. This is not the House of Lords trying to wreck the Commons or about us trying to stamp our authority - we only asked that...
Thank you to everyone who sent supporting messages last night - Welfare Reform goes back to the Commons tomorrow for them to debate again before we get it back
Its back to the House of Lords this afternoon for Welfare Reform - the debate starts at 3pm
The deaf blind charity Sense has been conducting a public enquiry into access to play opportunities for children up to 5 who have multiple needs, their findings were published in The Case for Play Report
Looking forward to the weekend, chance to catch my breath before Welfare Reform comes back to the Lords on Monday
Do you think children who are amputees should have the right equipment to be active in school?
Young people have enough to deal with - some of these should not be an issue
Strong squad announced for the Marathon World Cup
Employers need to be positive about being active
RIP John Disley - thank you for the London Marathon
Should the Paralympic Legacy have done more?
We need to try any ways to get more physical activity
Tanni Grey Thompson shared their post.
We should not be pushing people into further poverty and hardship. Sign the petition at: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/esa-petition
We should be supporting people not taking support away
Surely if we get kids active when they are young it will stay with them throughout their life