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My opinion regarding Pakistan v India case at the International court of Justice , The Hague
Lord Nazir Ahmed shared NowThis Opinions's post.
My views about Theresa May’s “vote of no confidence” in the Conservative Party and Brexit
UK Press Club Elections covered by Aaj tv
Responsibility to Neigbour’s in Islam and the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed sallalahiwalaihesalam
Remember the 2.5 million Muslims from North Africa and one million from Asia who contributed in WW1
Going to Toronto to attend annual ICNA Convention on Saturday and events on Friday
Multan Press Conference regarding economic challenges and how Pakistan becomes a victim between superpowers
Pleasure hosting Pakistani Doctors from USA
Jaiza with Faizan Arif talking about Pakistan Governments financial challenges
Good meeting with Pujiya Maadi who is a revered spiritual leader from Kheda India; followed by millions of people around the world. He has invited me to visit him in India.
Chaudhary Dil Pazeer hosted dinner in honour of Afzal Butt president of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist and Director Geo iand Imran Yaqoob Dhillon with Kamal Kureshi, Mustafa Sajjad and friends
Ch Mohammed Zaman of Kalyal Sheroo’s ( Halifax ) son Osman Chaudhary’s wedding in Bradford
Bradford- Rafiq Sehgal’s twin sons married twin sisters yesterday- celebrating with Imran Hussain MP , Naz Shah MP Amjad Bashir MEP AD Khan and other dignitaries
I had the honour of leading a Parliamentary delegation to Gaza from Cyprus via sea despite intimidation by Israeli Navy
Determination and commitment to support Palestinians in Gaza - watch this video