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About the Lords Digital Chamber

The House of Lords has three main functions as the second chamber of the UK Parliament. It:

  • Checks and changes draft laws
  • Investigates issues through committees
  • Holds government to account through questions and debates.

The Lords provides a second opinion in Parliament. It sometimes reaches different conclusions from the Commons because:

  • There is no government majority in the Lords
  • Members are appointed for life so are freer to act independently of their political party
  • Many members have a political background, but others are selected for their professional experience in medicine, law, business, the arts and public service, and remain active in their careers
  • About 200 members don’t belong to a political party
  • The rules give greater freedom to propose and debate changes to draft laws.

For more information on the House of Lords visit www.parliament.uk/lords

Watch the House of Lords online at www.parliament.tv/lords