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The PM is trying to honour the result but we don't know for sure what the majority voted for. Leaving the EU can me… https://t.co/MdWdBdUT6z
RT @conservative4pv: In his article on "Brexit Lessons from the Commercial World", #C4PV executive committee member, Daniel Poser (@flatstr
Yay!! Hotshot Harry does it again for England. So proud #COYS https://t.co/oVZ7BXf9eF
RT @ChukaUmunna: WATCH: the EU Council President confirms we don't have to buy this humiliating deal, or crash out: we'd be welcome to stay…
The ERG has always believed - and still does - that the key to getting our cake and eat it Brexit is to just keep t… https://t.co/nIHcWluV0I
RT @stephenj_colvin: @oflynnmep @paulrey99 @faisalislam The EU will use the backstop in the transition peeiod to extract concessions on FOM…
There is NO WAY the US will give us a free trade deal that is in our interest. We will be supplicant and they will… https://t.co/SPaUZu4pPD
Anyone in Cabinet who believes they will persuade the EU to give us anything other than vague promises about a futu… https://t.co/bRc0CQyGh7
Yes Chris this is nonsense. When are political leaders finally going to be honest about the reality facing our wond… https://t.co/Dvg2ih1Ztz
RT @Anna_Soubry: Please read & RT this frank & thorough analysis. We should all support The Observer’s conclusions. The only solution to th…
RT @DPJHodges: There is no possibility - none at all - of ditching May, starting the negotiations from scratch, and securing a new, 'bett…
Amber is brilliant woman who I'm pleased to see back in the Cabinet (should never have left) @amberRuddHR wish you… https://t.co/XqGzQ14f1y
DWP Sec of State revolving door isn't good for policy. It's one of most difficult complex roles in Government needs… https://t.co/16U9256TDv
I'm sorry Anna but this is worthy only of UKIP fringe party not the Conservatives https://t.co/K2Urk3ewOF
RT @LizKershawDJ: I don't like her #BrexitWithdrawalAgreement but I have every admiration for #TheresaMay @theresa_may personally. She has…