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Do read this if you're interested in pensions, low earners, women and social justice https://t.co/WnuHUjA84e
RT @Aiannucci: Do sign! Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. - Petitions https://t.co/Ljq81BumCp
RT @heidiallen75: Opinion: Three million have signed the Article 50 petition – this is the roar that will drive the Final Say march https:/…
The Referendum was advisory and not once did it mention the possibility of leaving with No Deal, which is where we… https://t.co/7jUWGpcG5A
RT @conservative4pv: Join us on the #PutItToThePeopleMarch this Saturday. Meet in Green Park, behind the Tube station and look for our plac…
Lance we have signed an international Treaty to protect that border. If you don't want a hard border then you eithe… https://t.co/hsxdRuKGgF
RT @neilawilson: Exactly this - time for some integrity and critical questioning by @BBCNews - the Brexit liars have been allowed to lie fo…
RT @Sandbach: My email inbox receiving hundreds of emails from constituents who have signed this petition https://t.co/hbSY97VUhF
Leaving with #NoDeal means breaking our International Agreement for protecting Ireland. Breaking GFA would open the… https://t.co/BvSElIKYBO
Katya Adler on @BBCNews just said PM's red lines were impossible - at last she tells viewers you can't have frictio… https://t.co/7P58fAFcvC
Actually. Leaving without a deal is rather like declaring economic war on our nearest neighbours and partners. Inst… https://t.co/kVLQl43Ees
Lords debate just highlighted madness of Govt decision to leave #EU agencies. Leaving #EU Railways Agency is bonker… https://t.co/eXg52latLP
No way to put it in twitter msg. Food prices up, fresh food imports down, food safety weaker, national security wea… https://t.co/tNg1bt7dMX
RT @RightToVote_UK: We’re minutes away from @theresa_may statement. @rosaltmann is live on @talkRADIO with @JamesWhaleShow saying: “we don’…
Dominic Grieve is a true statesman. Puts country before party and personal interests. Says what is right, in a meas… https://t.co/1q81AUBxLk