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RT @steve_hawkes: Quite incredibly Nigel Farage says Ursula Von Der Leyden’s barrow win shows she will have power but “no legitimacy” - a r…
We won this vote by huge majority and it will now go back to Commons tomorrow. Over to you MPs https://t.co/44VPutnHEz
RT @heidiallen75: . @rosaltmann is right, and Lords must support these amendments today because I fear we will soon have a Government led b…
Fascinating questions arise from use of Artificial Intelligence. Great opportunities but must also be mindful of th… https://t.co/ksphV7mbSo
Massive majority voted for N.Ireland bill amendments which will help protect Good Friday Agreement, UK integrity an… https://t.co/BjSjVawlQM
House of Lords just emphatically voted to try to protect the sovereignty of Parliament against attempts to force a… https://t.co/7GAZY5ZvdV
Suspending Parliament to force through a NoDeal Brexit is the action of despots not democratic leaders.… https://t.co/cvekCEJLTs
RT @Jeremy_Hunt: Getting back to the UK and reading a raft of stories that assume Boris will be next PM. Don’t! We have been getting huge n…
RT @grahamlithgow: Brexit through the eyes of Dominic Grieve - one of the few remaining bastions of sanity in the Tory Party becoming ever…
RT @thatginamiller: A joke to brighten up your day from the lovely @rosaltmann: Question: How many Brexiteers does it take to change a lig…
If you are a small firm and want. Cheap group insurances for yourself and your staff, #pensionsync can use auto-enr… https://t.co/xL1PY0zSEY
RT @mihirbose: What a wonderf review. Cricket history comes alive with humour and off-the-record tidbits https://t.co/s1D1SemIq7
Well done Steve. You are amazing and an inspiration to all of us who recognise the peril our country is facing. https://t.co/f4WwBFVHN7
Time to take tech seriously to improve our health and care crisis https://t.co/FLkLYmabCh
RT @LisaBalboa: Interesting insights from @qz There's an increasing focus on text analytics and a growing amount of data science work is m…
The pension problems in #NHSpensions is not just about Lifetime Alliance cap (that is driving early retirement). It… https://t.co/oqvHxvnje3