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RT @TheSun: .@karren_brady: 'Geoffrey Boycott getting a knighthood offends abused women's charities and campaigners against racial prejudic…
The Apprentice starts on Wednesday 2nd October BBC1 9pm - Lord Sugar sends the candidates to South Africa for their… https://t.co/Kt8SeK5pFT
*****BREAKING NEWS******* The Apprentice is back...Episode 1, Wednesday 2nd October, BBC1 9pm - THE FIRST EPISODE I… https://t.co/F1j6PeOT96
I hate the fact that you felt forced to tell people your news, no one should be forced to do anything they don't wa… https://t.co/vrDN3F1YKh
I don't even like cars....but this is a beauty! https://t.co/SV93DP9Jbu
********NEW COLUMN******** Geoffrey Boycott must be stripped of his new knighthood...and quick, love https://t.co/osXdKSmvLg
so pleased you enjoyed it, it was a real pleasure spending time with you all https://t.co/cXSdQaTj5c
thank you for listening - so pleased you enjoyed it - great meeting you all https://t.co/nKOiLi8tvE
Thank you for inviting me to do your keynote - it was a pleasure to come to the conference and meet you all. enjoy… https://t.co/rSzYp9MI9g
Was invited to celebrate Ian McKellen's amazing fund raising year last night at Kensington Palace - how gorgeous is… https://t.co/8GhDIkNz3q
*******NEW COLUMN******* Identities get lost as wife and mum — friends remind us who we truly are https://t.co/nQynIDJdUI
*******NEW COLUMN ********** Real friends, not screen friends, are the key to keeping your kids happy https://t.co/FQqZ13Q6Ei
Saw this message engraved on my local park bench yesterday when I took the dog for a walk - its spot on! https://t.co/1FyAPzHuWO
*****NEW COLUMN****** Weight Watchers' app for kids is like a gateway drug to an eating disorder https://t.co/xHvKchww9l
Daniel Sturridge has talent comparable to Neymar but sulky reputation mean nobody wants him… even for free – The Sun https://t.co/gEz25ShdAX
RT @TheSunFootball: Daniel Sturridge has talent comparable to Neymar but sulky reputation mean nobody wants him... even for free | @karren_