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Baroness Deech

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The keenest Remainers flee to Trump's USA - Oona King too https://t.co/9KoLT8upH5
RT @SaveVTG: Mystifying that Eric Pickles has bothered with these APPG shenanigans when a) the ‘vote’ won’t be noticed by anyone outside th…
I will miss my dear esteemed shrewd member of the Stuart Young bursary panel, always doing good for students https://t.co/AOoMLZVPR1
.⁦@First100years⁩ This was taken at ⁦@StAnnesCollege⁩ 75th anniversary of women grads. On right Constance Savery ol… https://t.co/w0y7UEQACB
ECJ General Ct rules that details of MEPS' expenses can remain secret. European Judges own expenses include enterta… https://t.co/UKBfHfIDQA
She was the law tutor at the Society of Home Students, later @StAnnesCollege Oxford, and taught all the (few) women… https://t.co/bzpBk4zI1E
.@SaveVTG You can comment about the memorial planning application on line to Westminster City here https://t.co/n9MgJqLatG
RT @SaveVTG: Don’t miss @BBCR4Sunday tomorrow from 07.10, when @BarbaraWeissArc of @SaveVTG & @CampaignSkyline will be discussing the #Holo
Wrong location, & similar design was rejected for Ottawa. We need to think through what is to be achieved by a holo… https://t.co/PALyP7LokK
Loved #TheReadingParty! Guessed Wadham setting & Ivy W was at my college. Highly recommended for all lecturers, stu… https://t.co/dAKK8EmMdg
ECJ judges. Perception and criteria of appointment are what matter. Renewal is problematic.
ECJ judges are appointed for 6 yr terms, renewable, by their national governments, at a salary + perks over 300,000… https://t.co/4XoxCZVd7P
ECJ is not a court as we understand it here, but has a mission to further the EU agenda. Ruling will therefore be w… https://t.co/sR2A2dur2E
Looks like they are fighting over property. Reform financial law to make it (a little more) dignified. https://t.co/0peOuz8zJ0
Tusk has a nerve. He was PM of Poland, a state that is under investigation by the EU for breaking its laws, interfe… https://t.co/xvDkBuU2zh
Most countries require 1 or 2 years’ separation, keep some fault grounds or require children & money to be settled… https://t.co/PFglaHq26N
Future historians of Brexit will ask why parliamentarians were not required to state their EU financial interests. https://t.co/cOBItrrD8H