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RT @dontbrexitfixit: 'There is no great public demand for a second referendum, there really isn't.' Nigel Farage on @LBC Retweet if you…
Labour speak with forked tongue. Far better to invest in renewables - that way lies power! https://t.co/3XOrfpFLGC
RT @ThatTimWalker: Please retweet if you are now sick of Brextremists and the way they’re trashing our country, its young and particularly…
RT @britainelects: West Green (Haringey) result: LAB: 56.6% (-8.4) LDEM: 27.6% (+20.5) GRN: 10.8% (-2.9) CON: 5.1% (-4.1) Labour HOLD.
RT @CarolinePidgeon: So cold out but great to do some 🔸GOTV door knocking in Haringey for @es_payne @HaringeyLibDems with @LIZMORRIS4 and…
RT @HaringeyLibDems: Huge team out of Lib Dems out knocking doors in West Green right now. Polls close at 10pm so there is still time to vo…
RT @doublereds: If you have a spare hour, please give @HaringeyLibDems a hand tomorrow for GOTV operations. #WestGreen residents #DemandB
RT @CarolinePidgeon: Good luck @HaringeyLibDems @es_payne with your by-election today. Look forward to some door knocking later!
RT @ScottEmery92: Wishing @es_payne the best of luck today in the West Green by-election! Here's hoping she and @HaringeyLibDems can get a…
Jacob R M wiggling and wriggling - on the hook. What a travesty of a human being.
If May cannot bring real wins back from Brussels - then she needs to say to Parliament that she will take it back to the people - only way
But he is happy with the referendum 52 to 48! Hypocrite https://t.co/ppLV5z7C7Y
Jacob Rees Mogg should go - and take Boris, David Davies and Dominic Raab with him. Wreckers all.
Given your total inability to oppose - it’s pot kettle! https://t.co/mkdz8CtP1W
It’s the ball not the woman that needs to be played. She needs to stop the clock, show leadership and go back to the people!