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Seriously yesterday I got my inbox down to 400 emails and now I seem to have 900 in there ????
RT @SUEG46: @Tanni_GT I feel so wretched after this, going to curl up under a duvet somewhere! https://t.co/14rBlASIWa
RT @tester_adam: @VictoriaLIVE @Tanni_GT My students need plastic straws for these reasons. We are experimenting with silicone but they are…
RT @SUEG46: @SouthernRailUK By the OBS, yes. Yet AGAIN East Croydon didn't let Victoria know! This is getting beyond a joke!! @Tanni_GT @Ca
Friend got my daughter a @PostOffice gift card. Everyone read the small print. If you haven’t spent the money in… https://t.co/aFnsxhpHP0
RT @cpchris: @VictoriaLIVE @Tanni_GT Thanks Tanni I rely on plastic straws and any ban will impact on my life. To all you do-gooders out th…
If you have an interest in the benefits system and sanctions read this - https://t.co/6Fo4ZKmIxZ
RT @FairSportOrg: So, leading athlete voice @AliJawad12 puts forward constructive and powerful 4000-word WADA Reform Paper, and the respons…
RT @AdeneganK: What a day!!! Young Sports Personality of the Year 2018! WOW.... Thank you so much @BBCSPOTY @BBCR1 #R1TeenAwards https://t.…
Huge congratulations to @AdeneganK for winning young SPOTY
On a train to London. Been working all day so might have a little nap
Did you know Parliament week is 12-18 November. Lots of ways to get involved
RT @bgrey62253: @robertsoftley @touretteshero @Tanni_GT There is only one accessible toilet on a hst and that’s in standard class
RT @NickWboro: @NFW2019 @Tanni_GT The toilets at Wellingborough Station close at 8pm @EMTrains