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Baroness Hussein-Ece

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They’re ‘Houdini’s of the ocean’ - Should we eat such intelligent creatures? https://t.co/CzU4WOcMDq
RT @ChildrensComm: Our report “Bleak Houses” published today shines a light on the experiences of families living in temporary accommodatio…
This scandal is happening in 2019, now, in the UK. Children are at risk in these places. Build more social housing… https://t.co/cSxNLmLkos
RT @PalmerReport: It’s strange how Trump wants the people of Greenland to become Americans, when he doesn’t think Jews, Muslims, blacks, hi…
New level of Trump delusion: Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen: "Thankfully, the time where you buy and se… https://t.co/mQqTd9J8cN
Why is there no water coming out of our taps? @thameswater
Its hard work tweeting while your playing golf. https://t.co/d7PGh4MNVm
Sensible, given they represent overwhelmingly Remain constituencies. https://t.co/HnJSRM9R0h
RT @jameelajamil: Ugh. Dear England and English press, just say you hate her because she’s black, and him for marrying a black woman and be…
Please sign & share this - Petition: Review the PIP assessment process to make it fairer for people with #epilepsy https://t.co/eAUrq3PSJB
Justice at last for this young woman. But others remain in prison in El Salvador, a deeply religious country. https://t.co/4ZDh883ETP
Anyone remember a political party remaining neutral on a major issue that will have such huge impact on the UK? No… https://t.co/0m3ZSSGqLk
Interesting to see the sensitivity in the way the British media reports Prince Andrew/ Epstein case. But then Megh… https://t.co/ZgYfoGhwUw
Hugo Vickers on #r4today says ‘it’s tricky for Prince Andrew’ while choosing friends. Visiting Epstein 2 years afte… https://t.co/Kse2OrTZEq
Such evil people, bombing a wedding. Next time we complain about our lives in the UK, remember the people of Afghan… https://t.co/TyUQxgPw8t
So we were all lied to. ‘Project Fear’ was in fact a reality. No responsible Government would inflict this on the c… https://t.co/MPtqUGnEEp