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Baroness Hussein-Ece

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Complete media silence on this revolting conduct by Israeli soldiers. https://t.co/8wIqGt7d2L
Outrageous attack on opposition leader @kilicdarogluk An attack on democracy in Turkey. https://t.co/1AkvOIuOA0
Now more than ever young people need be taught how intolerance leads to race hate & division. @DLawrenceOBE We mus… https://t.co/ydwtXxPwwe
RT @kokahokey: Thanks to the new mayor of Istanbul, public transport is to be free tomorrow and on all Bayrams. Nice gesture to help those…
RT @NwpBapa: 22nd April 2019 is the first annual #StephenLawrenceDay. It's about the part we all play in creating a society in which everyo…
Vulnerable women in the 'clubs' need to be protected. Some may be trafficked & forced into exploitation. https://t.co/Yt1dWxu2I0
Here's one of the motives behind Brexit by those promoting #Brexitdisaster to the unsuspecting public. https://t.co/Kr2NnaK9gn
Got to be the best thing on TV right now. Can't believe Hastings is 'H' - Is he? #LineofDuty https://t.co/Iavyy1Dhee
RT @theIMEU: Israeli authorities are denying hundreds of Palestinian Christians the right to travel to Jerusalem for Easter, while barring…
3 years on, after the public were sold a string of lies, like '78m Turks all coming to the U.K.' Perhaps you'll ref… https://t.co/rMTGZ2dspD
Will be the first time ever since Cyprus joined the EU in 2004. https://t.co/0KyDxr07c4
My deepest sympathies to the people of Sri Lanka this Easter Sunday, following the horrific terrorist attack on Chr… https://t.co/rgAZZ8wcjN
Totally. Dont integrate. They live parallel lives to their local communities. https://t.co/bZenszm4mM
Their actions destroyed unity & any chance of peace in Cyprus with illegal murderous coup. #Cypriots suffering for… https://t.co/Vb4dqufIUK
RT @garyyounge: Eton, Bullingdon, Oxbridge, Westminster. There is a group of people who have struggled to integrate into British society an…
@GlenysThornton Same here. Impossible to plan anything. Worst thing is no one knows what's happening. #BrexitChaos
Great account by my friend Ismail Veli of his Turkish Cypriot family history stretching back to the 1700s. Thx for… https://t.co/SgpwrMyXCO
Having all but given up on @UN 'peace talks' it's natural Turkish Cypriots need a voice in the EU. #Cyprushttps://t.co/1t8hAVxnqt