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Baroness Jolly

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RT @vincecable: This defeat is beyond what anyone imagined. It is the beginning of the end of Brexit. Time for a #PeoplesVote
RT @guyverhofstadt: The UK Parliament has said what it doesn't want. Now is the time to find out what UK parliamentarians want. In the mean…
RT @BBCNormanS: Wow...massive Govt defeat by 230 votes. Biggest defeat for a PM since.. well can’t think of any PM suffering such a defeat
Tonight’s historic victory in the @HouseofCommons puts power back in the hands of Parliament and the people.… https://t.co/icK4BWwuYW
RT @y_alibhai: #sajidjavid there aren't many things more self-humiliating than a son of a migrant trying too hard to show he is a tough 'pa…
RT @BradLey75390899: Oh how I wish that I hadn't voted Leave in 2016 ! All I can do now is to apologise and explain that I am a #remainerno
RT @IankKearns: The shrill voice of a socialist yesterday confirms the exodus to @LibDems who are focused on a better tomorrow. #LabourBrex
#LBC I answered a bid from Dave Warren for a slot this morning at 0740 on hospital parking. Do you still want me?
Everyday, for the last year, rain or shine, @snb19692 & the growing group of dedicated supporters have stood on eur… https://t.co/b3dY8itp8i
RT @williamnhutton: Now that Corbyn has said he will lead Britain out of the EU if he wins a snap election, every member of the party and e…
RT @RobEason5: I just joined the Liberal Democrats - join me here: https://t.co/rV22agpmVu via @LibDems. Labour have lost my vote.
RT @MatthewGreen02: Spot on @MatthewdAncona the centre can hold 'a great opportunity for the politician, or party or alliance, that wishes…
RT @Hftonline: Whether it's gardening, crafts or karaoke, we do everything we can to ensure the people we support can enjoy doing the thing…
@brianpaddick Hope all goes well, I understand the problem!
RT @JennyWillott: I'm so, so sad to hear about Paddy. What a huge loss to #politics, the @LibDems and the country. He changed politics over…
RT @LaylaMoran: Paddy’s last tweet. He certainly had a way with words. https://t.co/jVZ4wLOkDv
Just won first vote of day on Mental Capacity Amendment Bill. @GlenysThornton @LizBarkerLords also Baronesses Watkins and Finlay.
RT @LibDemLords: “Unsafe medical devices have no place in our healthcare system. The time when manufacturers can sign off their own product…
Welcome to @DWP Work and Pensions @AmberRuddHR, as Secretary of State please fix #UniversalCredit so people with ca… https://t.co/IrprmZUFwY
RT @brianpaddick: Brexit: the most important decision in a generation. Is it that unreasonable to ask the people “are you sure?”