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(Paywall sorry)but excellent opinion piece “real problem with no deal is that we would still have to negotiate with… https://t.co/8XImatUSwD
RT @vintagebooks: Last month saw the centenary of the birth of Iris Murdoch. Our latest Vintage Podcast was recorded live @secondshelfbks w…
I’m late to this but worth watching Harrison Ford at 2018 Global Climate Action Summit https://t.co/Pm7NJ4CK5f via… https://t.co/UMOOBqCzaW
RT @HetanShah: ‘AI in government is like teenage sex: everyone is talking about it but no one is really doing it. That will continue unless…
A lot of respect to the young people tackling this.... https://t.co/xZTiBNKxYX
RT @RobynScott: We're creating a resource on productivity for public servants. Gov productivity nerds - we'd love to hear your tips, tricks…
#FakeNews 18th century style #hellfirecaves benjamin Franklin loves hoaxes and played them on his friend lord Dashw… https://t.co/OIV2stW6QJ
RT @lionelbarber: This is an essential read to combat the fantasy pedlars in Downing Street: Boris Johnson has set himself a trap on the Ir…
+ why not stop disrupting anything and save the health of the planet too... https://t.co/BWbAQGmsHR
Watch #TheGreatHack + listen to ⁦@karaswisher⁩ to understand flow of our data and enormity of ⁦@facebook⁩ issues (… https://t.co/UPQDkJwsVX
RT @tabithagold: Incensed by the #TheGreatHack? Astonishing new evidence from @CommonsCMS @DamianCollins shows @carolecadwalla and lawyer @…
RT @peoplesvote_uk: "If you want to end this nightmare for our country the only way to unlock the political impasse, secure a stable majori…
Excellent ⁦@hugorifkind⁩ piece on the huge divide between politics in Westminster + on facebook Your phone is the n… https://t.co/QKLHGGhuGa
Totally support you - it’s unbelievable that EVERY primary school in London has dangerous air https://t.co/j71WfIWlCV
RT @thomaspower: Tories continue Facebook ad spree as 'major bugs' block transparency https://t.co/CxkdgzSABa