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RT @snb19692: Make sure you are there. Fighting on the right side of history. We are Project Hope. Together we can #StopBrexit @Remaining
.@EHRC @ECHRChair: is it lawful to charge a woman (with short hair) almost twice as much for a wash, cut & blow-dry… https://t.co/XPqttSfTn2
“Mr Springham pointed to aggressive expansion plans adopted by private equity firms, which loaded retailers with de… https://t.co/wji06pnjzn
“‘The link between retail failure and private equity ownership is proven’, said Stephen Springham, head of retail r… https://t.co/dsBmhYshEw
.⁦@DLawrenceOBE⁩ so right when she writes on the first Stephen Lawrence Day that children need to be taught ‘to cha… https://t.co/Qy05XLABQI
Good thread by @jduch on good things MEPs like @catherinemep have achieved in the last five years https://t.co/TKNQMae2VZ
.@PennyMordaunt ‘is understood to fear UK aid organisations are discriminated against because they are British’ But… https://t.co/wHlxWhGQcy
.@TasnimNazeer1 “I want to tell the Sri Lankan Christian community that those of Sri Lankan heritage in Britain ha… https://t.co/o8ogkF4Qsb
The Brexit that almost the entire @Conservatives party, including you @NickyMorgan01, supports is wiping out many s… https://t.co/UN73paJSqZ
.@vincecable in February: “we have to cooperate, there is a lot in common" https://t.co/n8audcC0Sk
RT @back_fights: @TheGreenParty @jon_bartley With respect bollocks. @jon_bartley tweeted earlier this week that the Greens rejected working…
RT @johnlappin: @MollyMEP @chrishanretty Austerity isn't now on the agenda Molly not in EP elections. Except of course it will be under a d…
RT @thetimes: "Hundreds of tanneries line the river but most are now silent. A few weeks is all it has taken to push an ancient, thriving i…
“The crackdown on a trade dominated by Muslim & low-caste minorities has also exposed the true priorities of Hindu… https://t.co/CrkNxBkIi0
RT @colinrtalbot: Erm, I'm not a Christian but as I recall it Mary and Joseph were not “forced to flee their home” but to go home for the R…
She looks hardly a day older than when I first met her almost 60 years ago, @jameschappers, as a friend of your mum… https://t.co/7BCDiruVzO
“Because I’m your sister, Freddie, and that’s what sisters do.” Yeah, let’s hear it for sisters! @BBCTheArchers
.@kj_cheetham: Gratified to be added to your ‘waiting list’ but what on earth does it mean? What am I/are we waiting for exactly? 😀🙄😏