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Cheers, but we depend on the work that you & many others - both activists & experts - churn out to brief us. You… https://t.co/Cae8pbZldH
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling in a very chipper mood for Saturday’s #PutItToThePeopleMarch Let’s ma… https://t.co/3b5Q4iPs50
Let’s hear it for the lady who said: ‘I think we will be a piddling little nation with no power whatsoever’ Quite… https://t.co/aKMooywZP6
‘I hope you will continue to challenge ill-founded arguments & muddled thinking, never be afraid to speak the truth… https://t.co/dcr9oRiNLc
RT @Meg_HillierMP: 14 months to the day after Carillion, another key ‘Strategic Supplier’ collapsed: #Interserve. The UK Gov provided 70% o…
RT @ledenik1: 5 yrs since #Karadzic trial ended. Wednesday he'll face final judgment at ICTY. He'll likely die in jail, but his legacy live…
RT @PeterRobinMICT: Good rundown of the issues in #Karadzic appeal ahead of Wednesday's #IRMCT judgement https://t.co/GORlUQ4k8O
RT @Marien__R: Important trial in Belgrade, especially in the light of tomorrow's #Karadzic verdict. The witness in the trial of eight Se…
Concordia, a labour agency charity that finds EU pickers for British farms, now has to work much harder to recruit:… https://t.co/6gSzq00jfr
"If we're 20 percent short of people then we will harvest 20 percent less asparagus," said Chinn. "UK agriculture's… https://t.co/6qrwXRHppa
‘incredibly clear cut - no UK asparagus on your supermarket shelves without seasonal migrant workers’, Chinn, whose… https://t.co/cEcC8ROilv
Gove in 2016: ‘I don’t any responsible govt would hit the start button on a 2-year legal process without preparing… https://t.co/Vb2RXM85rV
I don’t know who did this but it’s brilliant: Sean Connery as John Bercow in ‘You Only Vote Twice’ https://t.co/d0ydE1d0Q3