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What a complete prat @RichardBurgon is. Why doesn’t he apologise for not working cross-party helping to avert a… https://t.co/PfLLdvxeFN
Have we ever been so badly served by the grip that FPTP & its distortions gives 2 biggest parties over UK - and esp… https://t.co/HXdzYRKTBN
.@patrickkmaguire writes in his morning update: ‘message from Corbyn’s allies..is that Lab intends to push its conf… https://t.co/D7BDDYLaEj
RT @CraigGrannell: @SarahLudford Depends if you’ve reached your free articles limit on your IP.
You couldn’t be more wrong. By launching the idea so early, & keeping going with it despite much mockery, we carrie… https://t.co/g3NTVFAWX2
I think you can read it by clinking the link in a tweet, the £ does not come up then https://t.co/3xXCeMyOCB
.@Dannythefink: ‘We have gone along with Brexit because we thought that it had a democratic mandate. But now? I’ve… https://t.co/Xnn8F5YddW
RT @kacidama: @SarahLudford @Keir_Starmer *Brexit Barry* is the only one Milne can trust to repeat the script word for word - Keir thinks f…
I’’m still maintaining my £5 bet with @LordCallanan @MartinCallanan that it will be Theresa May who calls a… https://t.co/0YmfLJGn2Q
‘Remain’s chances will rest squarely on winning back Labour leave voters – making a case both for staying in the EU… https://t.co/4SslhLhMwg
Because the Single Market means Free Movement of people and, like Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leaders… https://t.co/ngvSYALbOk
I have seen and heard rather more than I wanted to from Barry Gardiner in the last few months and too little from @Keir_Starmer
.@EdwardJDavey: “@LibDems have consistently argued for the people to have the #FinalSay – between the deal, whateve… https://t.co/trVmgyIych
‘Each step drives Corbyn remorselessly towards having to support a #PeoplesVote. But he is going to fight it every… https://t.co/AvZO94fkLs
RT @SkyNewsBreak: Sky Sources: Honda has told its workforce it will shut down production for six days in April due to Brexit logistics and…
Good to see @timfarron right in the middle of the No lobby. He as then leader of @LibDems was the first politician… https://t.co/Ft931LuwqO