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Baroness Newlove

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Today I publish my strategic plan for my first term on my website https://t.co/0qpFhIlg5Q I want to see all victims… https://t.co/TYL57r5fDW
I'm shocked & upset by findings of @TheTimes investigation into @ActionFraud. Fraud is fastest growing area of crim… https://t.co/lvxLlIbANC
My report shows only 1 in 7 victims recall offer of a victim personal statement. I've written to @NPCC asking to me… https://t.co/Xv8sTpaDQm
Need to prevent future homicides and send a clear message to victims that their suffering matters every bit as much… https://t.co/bgp4X3u7YV
On behalf families bereaved by mental health homicides @hundredfamilies I've asked @DHSCgovuk to review of decision… https://t.co/V8Tyy2W6sw
RT @charleshymas: Child abusers should no longer be allowed to escape prosecution under the double jeopardy rule, says the victims’ commiss…
RT @expertsabroad: @MurderedAbroad Eve Henderson had a busy day yesterday attending our @expertsabroad #justiceabroad launch event immediat…
To understand reasons why so many rape victims withdraw from justice process we've analysed data provided by… https://t.co/6XX9fwwZ5t
Victims of rape must feel confident they'll receive all the support they need from the criminal justice system when seeking justice.....
Good to meet up with Eve from @MurderedAbroad to discuss recommendations in our forthcoming report. Bereaved victim… https://t.co/tolHOHPiSj
Great meeting with @UKHomeSecretary @patel4witham discussing victims rights & tackling anti-social behaviour. Look… https://t.co/veLEfwFWlU
And it seems obvious that child abuse sentences should be reviewable and, many would agree, also causing death by c… https://t.co/hPGR4f8Fni
I hope this is correct. I’ve written to the SoS to ask for it. Especially concerned that stalking and coercive con… https://t.co/gifKSeHqqZ
I agree there is an urgent need to re-build community policing, which builds community confidence and is a key sour… https://t.co/tvXGwdra4D
RT @MoJGovUK: An urgent sentencing review will ensure the public are properly protected from the most dangerous criminals. It will focus…
RT @Jessica_Asato: Great to hear @VeraBaird emphasise the need for funding of victims services at the same time as offering rehabilitation…
RT @vickihcardwell: Victims Commissioner @VeraBaird on @BBCr4today says behind the PM announcements "more thinking going on"....& says yest…
Good to say @BBCr4today that PM’s criminal justice plans should not only target more jobs to rehabilitate defendant… https://t.co/Zs2M1naJEj
Attended @10DowningStreet roundtable on crime to speak up for victims. Welcomed increase in police numbers & senten… https://t.co/IIUaq2bAcn
I have written to @RobertBuckland @MoJGovUK calling for sexual offences committed against children to be included i… https://t.co/QE3LmFsG2x