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Delighted that #UK business will be involved in building three #hospitals - including a #women and #children's hosp… https://t.co/syL3puSQBO
Excellent visit, and delighted that @UKEF and Govt of #Angola reached agreement on support in #hydropower and… https://t.co/ZkcSV6RxdS
A baby is so well protected with huge headphones from #AllyPallyFireworks - it’s not even looking towards them! https://t.co/pK3KoIDfd6
The poignancy and power of the combined choirs of the ⁦@UKParliament⁩ and the German #Bundestag singing together to… https://t.co/nUgoRKtDNL
Delighted that a delegation from the #Angola Parliament @ANCV Assembleia Nacional have been visiting @UKParliamenthttps://t.co/Egm0tprhBl
Looking forward to amazing concert tonight, commemorating 100 years since the end of First World War - jointly ⁦… https://t.co/Vl4cyAgD4Z
Wonderful event last Saturday to celebrate Bill Rodgers’ 90th birthday, and excellent to see Shirley Williams there. https://t.co/4NwUFPuP0i
A small person’s boot - left after a walk. Trust it will be reclaimed. https://t.co/91l5xGF09N
RT @guyverhofstadt: Emotional to see so many people from all walks of life marching for a different future. Politicians might take Britain…
Hundreds of thousands of people marching through London today, demanding a vote on the deal or staying in the #EU.… https://t.co/73xMKdgm6m
Passion displayed throughout the #PeoplesVoteMarch - young and old, recognising all that the #EU has brought us - p… https://t.co/V9VVNKpeYQ
.⁦@Femi_Sorry⁩ explaining to international TV crew why it is vital that British people have the chance to consider… https://t.co/iwqCvojC4D
Just seen a child holding a poster saying “Made in the #EU”. As indeed she was. And she is going where I am going - #PeoplesVoteMarch.
#Facebook’s gain is our loss. I wish ⁦@nick_clegg⁩ and his family all the very best - but I wish they saw their fu… https://t.co/myEsafMjxb
This is the kind of influence that will be so much more difficult if we leave the #EU. Foreign Secretary urges… https://t.co/wO6y5d4PA4
Very proud of a couple of young men (maternal pride....) completing @RoyalParksHalf marathon today for @shiviartindia....
Very concerning to read of PhD student’s detention in #UAE. Gulf state holds Durham student in solitary over spyi… https://t.co/HuITxxO24z