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RT @angelasmithmp: On my way to #BreconandRadnorshire to campaign for #JaneDodd - Only LibDems can take this seat from the Tories and score…
RT @joswinson: 🚨New Poll🚨 This from @YouGov shows that with me as leader the @LibDems would be neck and neck with Boris’ Conservatives. T…
Hey @DominicRaab I and millions already have a mission: to stay in #EU and keep our country secure and prosperous. We are optimistic.
Russian backing for #Johnson and Brexit? Definitely worth a read https://t.co/Wlbx2tfd4L
RT @vincecable: We can and we must get more people to unite for Remain https://t.co/Ylk3BzrJpo
RT @hilltopfarmgirl: Returning to the hill, with the standard short back and sides. https://t.co/PekYCZenpM
Of interest for Hunsworth, Cleckheaton residents. MERCHANT FIELDS - draft plans Meeting ScoutHQ, Green Lane SATURDA… https://t.co/pxCejHfdzI
I was there; playing my small part. A successful day/night/early next day in getting equal abortion and same sex ma… https://t.co/eYZ0aP7j9L
RT @bbcnickrobinson: Thought there was something fishy about @BorisJohnson’s kipper stunt? Turns out the regulations he was complaining abo…
Those of us who supported this amendment are backing Parliamentary #sovereignty. Where did I hear that cry before? https://t.co/5KtJ0chJkW
And big thank you to Lords @LibDemLords and others cross party who made it possible last night / morning by passing… https://t.co/MRVLeYQCcU
The very late night / early morning in the Lords yesterday has paid off!! #NoDeal #Brexit now much more difficult… https://t.co/RURCUhT5GM
Fantastic! MPs agree with Lords amendments to prevent suspension of Parliament to force through a #NoDeal #Brexit https://t.co/SYjPmOK9N7
Good work tonight/this morning from @LibDemLords - same sex marriage for NI + equal abortion rights + enabling Parl make decision on #NoDeal
Still in @UKHouseofLords waiting to consider 3rd reading of NI Bill that goes a long way to stop new PM proroguing Parl for #NoDeal
Now debating ensuring #NI residents have the right to same sex marriage. Proposed by Peers from all 3 main Parties.
Votes to ensure Parliament can have its say on #NoDeal #Brexit. For Parliament to take control - 272 For #NoDealNoSay -169 👍
Just voted in House of Lords to make sure Parliament cannot be #prorogued by Tory PM just to get #NoDeal
Debate started on an amendment to enable Parliament to make decision on #Deal or #NoDeal - needless to say Brexiters are filibustering