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Gorgeous day in Durham. And now for the first barbie of the year. With added puppy cuteness. https://t.co/JjgDl2KPkF
RT @helenpidd: These stats on internet usage in 2019 are sober reminder of the cruel folly of insisting people on Universal Credit are onli…
So I have just watched a man climb a very big mountain in Yosemite with *no ropes*. I don’t know about him but my a… https://t.co/l4wSc24rjs
RT @HLLibResearch: We are recruiting! Are you a researcher with legal skills interested in briefing Peers on bills and debates before the H…
‘UK standards of well-being have descended precipitately in a remarkably short period of time, as a result of delib… https://t.co/lIAdFHvFql
A privilege to see #TheVortexPlay & hear mums explain how #UniversalCredit fails the rest of real life. Problems wi… https://t.co/lwlFtPZ6eQ
Brilliant #TheologyforAll session @stnicsdurham by @MelodyBriggs20 on how children & young people read Bible storie… https://t.co/WZyop3rkik
RT @leydenmichael: Want to come and work with a really brilliant team teaching, training, and equipping the next generation of Church leade…
It’s a grey day in Durham but my favourite plant is in full flame, chicken stock is on the stove, and a friend is c… https://t.co/NcOLncrsit
Passed this on my way to the station. Cheered that someone felt impelled to express their love of books. Then read… https://t.co/ZOzZs6NSp2
It’s Sunday evening. @robertsong has just handed me a drink and a famous @margaretmasson roast dinner is in train. 😊 https://t.co/lhL9BiGr1F
RT @sarahgailbrand: Make them wait 6 weeks before their Universal Credit comes through. https://t.co/nMRbH41FGK
RT @jessphillips: Constituent in tribunal today for disability benefits, judge ordered DWP to show up, but they didn't bother. How can I sa…
Govt is abolishing 3-year benefit sanctions. I’m glad to hear it. Now let’s have an urgent review of all sanction… https://t.co/ToHx1P86SO
Mourning the loss of one of the most inspiring figures of our time. #RIPJeanVanier https://t.co/8w2ySYuDwl
RT @paullewismoney: If you find it hard to manage on no money for at least five weeks until UC is paid the @DWP will let you borrow a month…