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RT @theologycentre: Applications are still open for our #Buxton internships (combining placements in church-based #CommunityOrganising and…
Just walked past @crushedchilli so popped into check out their gorgeous stained glass. Finally realised the snuffli… https://t.co/6OMvWPxNPn
RT @RevJFletcher: After the Prime Minister pitted the British People against Parliament on Wednesday I became deeply fearful...Rowan Willia…
if any other PM got a joint letter from the CBI & the TUC saying the UK is facing a national emergency and urging a… https://t.co/42TeIEKLLU
RT @kayaburgess: BREAKING: Church of England has condemned Home Office for declaring that Christianity is not a peaceful religion, in turni…
RT @SelsdonChapman: On a daily basis I walk past people outside Parliament waving placards accusing MPs of being 'traitors', threatening co…
RT @KateGreenSU: Watched in horror in #pmquestions as PM refused pleas of the v most senior parliamentarians (father of the house @MrKennet
A young man approached me in a coffee shop this morning to say that he had a job interview but couldn’t get his ear… https://t.co/rdTTgci5Qn
A particularly eclectic group of Questions in Lords today: folic acid; the insect population; holiday accommodat… https://t.co/kE8ShPdiur
If you have experience of the job search demands placed on ppl getting Universal Credit, pls take a look. https://t.co/HBZp7H93Sh
‘It is an end-of-tether moment’ – Estelle Morris on the schools crisis, cuts and child poverty https://t.co/ZNOPkhgP4I
Government Chief Whip refusing to rule out Saturday sittings of the Lords or curtailing/cancelling Easter recess. #Brexit
En route to London, train ahead of mine has just hit a person on the track & we await emergency services. Prayers for all involved.
RT @paullewismoney: DWP FOI: 43% of people in employment on Universal Credit won't be paid monthly. 26% will be paid weekly. On current sta…
RT @davewalker: Cartoon in support of young people on today's climate strike. (From @ChurchTimes) #climatestrike #FridaysForFuture https:…
Cross bencher Lord Brown just described the arrangements for hereditary peers as an Assisted Places Scheme for the Lords.
Lords is debating a Bill from my colleague Bruce Grocott seeking to end hereditary peers bye-elections.… https://t.co/7LuQaw0LoR