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The Lords has just voted 272-169 for a cross-party, anti-#prorogation amendt to the NI Bill.
Tea with added inspiration today, thanks to a present from @russrook https://t.co/925g6XYsOx
Just to be clear: if you cut taxes for higher earners but don’t end the benefit freeze, you are literally taking fr… https://t.co/CuPAWhn38l
RT @philritchie: Someday you will find me Caught beneath the landslide In a champagne super over in the sky... #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final
Patrick Kidd on how to bluff your way through the cricket today. This made laugh out loud. https://t.co/1Y5c1VYKqp
RT @tom_bray: Early start and a tiny stall but an incredible spot to share some @ChrLeft joy with the @DurhamGala Come and say hello if y…
I recommend this 👇 for your summer reading pile [Disclosure: Judith is a mate but it really is a cracking read] https://t.co/vpzXUyQgXG
Pressed the minister on what would happen to claimants scammed out of money and/or taken onto UC without consent.… https://t.co/qNq9XIhyeh
Powerful opening speech from @BishopPaulB on the impact on children of the hostile immigration environment. And hea… https://t.co/uYbnFqMPc8
The warmest of welcomes indeed. It was a joy to be there with the gang from @stnicsdurham, waving you on with love… https://t.co/VKDnBfISMk
We have a good tradition of allowing short (1hr) topical debates in the Lords. Today’s was interesting. Though anal… https://t.co/RWIRT49TWp
Just pressed the minister on this in the Lords but I’m sorry to say we did not get satisfactory answers. https://t.co/w7wXn9paP6
Tea & toast & 10mins of glorious sunshine. 😊 Now back inside to prepare for this afternoon’s debate. https://t.co/gM1F6ETkcg
Today started well (if early...) with a great National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast. Then - yay! - the Bishop of… https://t.co/gni8xJHfaT
It was wonderful to have so many church folk & Parliamentarians gathered in Westminster for the National Prayer Bre… https://t.co/XIDGcBXgtY
Thank you for all the lovely messages. Saturday was joyous as was presiding at communion for the first time last ni… https://t.co/CUMxLQrDm6
@BaronessEB @UKHouseofLords Thank you, Elizabeth and for your support & prayers along journey.