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RT @ChrLeft: Coming to Brighton this weekend? Join us for the @UKLabour conference church service on Sunday morning together with @IJMUK, @…
Could you or someone you know be the next Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons? It’s such an important j… https://t.co/kdRu2pKdz5
Hmm. Am on my way home to Durham. Better get the washing on fast. https://t.co/WiB8ZipJoP
RT @lewis_goodall: On this subject it’s interesting that ministers have also given up pretending this is about a new legislative programme,…
RT @BBCBreaking: Boris Johnson’s suspension of UK Parliament is unlawful, judges at Scotland’s highest civil court rule https://t.co/TRsc5j…
The Lord Speaker has announced that Royal Assent has been granted to the EU Withdrawal Act which aims to stop a No… https://t.co/6PML7bC7qL
Heading down to London again. Waiting for the announcement that the latest EU Withdrawal Bill has got Royal Assent.… https://t.co/oGcdvAcNFL
RT @StewartWood: I suggest a national holiday today during which all Tory MPs are required to read Tocqueville: on how democracy becomes ty…
RT @ShippersUnbound: NEW: Amber Rudd tells the Sunday Times she resigned because there is “no evidence” that Boris Johnson is really seekin…
RT @bishopSarahM: What Caroline Spelman is experiencing is not acceptable. What type of society have we become? What type of society do we…
The EU (Withdrawal) (No 6) Bill has passed through the House of Lords unamended. The govt has committed to present… https://t.co/0NfVU5dpqf
OK, that’s Committee and Report stages done. 2 amendments defeated strongly. (The last one went down 238 to 28.)… https://t.co/SetT3vpHvt
The psalm at parliamentary Prayers this morning felt apposite. https://t.co/4jH3lB2SiX
Today we have the Committee, Report & remaining stages of the EU (Withdrawal) (No 6) Bill. The Bill isn’t safe till… https://t.co/cK64H8Uus4
So the EU (Withdrawal) (No 6) Bill has passed its Second Reading stage in the Lords. The remaining stages will be t… https://t.co/pu92pB5pbV
Yes, I know. But I left my keepcup somewhere in Parliament last night...
So here we are again. No Deal debate resumes around 11.35. Today we are running on caffeine. https://t.co/Ixkit6brbY
Result. Thank you for all the encouragement. Time to go home. 💤 https://t.co/asrJdlUTPj
After midnight & the filibuster continues. They lost the first 15 votes by big majorities but still they talk. Very… https://t.co/XZUqQHV8vR