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The app features an AI-powered bot that answers patients’ questions about their medication, tracks their regimen, a… https://t.co/fNqinFjk34
Finland has embarked on an ambitious challenge to teach the basics of AI to 1% of its population, increasing the sh… https://t.co/C3stW6mh3w
.@UCLA researchers have developed a rapid and automated biosensing method based on holography and deep learning.… https://t.co/4sT0DHFpXX
RT @benevolent_ai: “ALS is so challenging that you absolutely must apply #AI right across target validation, lead optimisation, and patient…
It is only through dialogue and collective action that we can address the common challenges we face. And no challen… https://t.co/Ha85BRAzWy
The AI technology identified a range of syndromes in three trials and could add significant value in personalized c… https://t.co/K9bQ7rmZRV
RT @benevolent_ai: "#AI is already augmenting human capability in ways we never thought possible and giving us powers to move beyond our hu…
The tool, which combines AI and fingernail sensors, can predict whether a diabetic person will have low glucose, ev… https://t.co/AkZlMjFMDn
RT @benevolent_ai: Our CEO @joannashields addresses the audience today at #JPMHC19 "Today there are 9,000 diseases without effective treatm…
Thank you to the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak for this incredi… https://t.co/5wcN4BRGYc
Participants had their brain signals measured while reading aloud or listening to specific words. A neural network… https://t.co/AeCnpTvsb2
RT @benevolent_ai: Don't miss our CEO @joannashields for a keynote presentation at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on Monday 7th Jan: h…
Researchers have developed machine learning models which accurately predict the emergence and severity of common ps… https://t.co/ydpxF0wfWe
AI is augmenting human intelligence in ways we never thought possible, allowing us to move beyond the limits of our… https://t.co/Znv5CV1jKj
The growth of ethical questions around the use of #AI highlights the field’s rapid and recent success. Engineers an… https://t.co/1MsnLnkEBp
RT @benevolent_ai: And next month sees our CEO @joannashields delivering a speech at @DLDConference Munich 2019 discussing the potential of…
Corti serves human emergency operators information so they can identify cases of cardiac arrest and advise callers… https://t.co/cbBnKrUjUT
RT @benevolent_ai: Interesting #research concepts released from our team exploring confounding in unsupervised latent representations of im…
If we want to escape from a world of “the way things are,” we can’t be content with slight improvements along the s… https://t.co/NvSB41K6PK
The method is a breakthrough for medical imaging and could help doctors see living tissue inside of patients withou… https://t.co/n07xQ8USBJ