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Looking forward to the #ChildDignity in the Digital World summit held by the #InterfaithAlliance, which unifies the… https://t.co/hIMdzqC2UH
To create an original image, the team used over 1,000 existing images to train a neural network to draw new images… https://t.co/Layqlho241
RT @Interfaith_ASC: We're hosting workshops around the world to inform, educate & empower local religious leaders about #ChildDignity onlin…
RT @WeProtect: Our board member, Steve Grocki delivers a presentation on the WePROTECT Global Alliance Threat Assessment. The full report i…
The centres will have software that will digitise scans and biopsies as well as tools that help speed up the proces… https://t.co/2ieCTIlLJ3
Machine vision systems examine trailer footage frame by frame, labeling objects and events, and then compare this t… https://t.co/t8zTQbGOyO
RT @AoDemocracies: Next Sunday 11th, the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity will be at @ParisPeaceForum and @SommetGovTech to e…
Research published this week by @OpenAI explains how an AI agent with a sense of curiosity outperformed its predece… https://t.co/gBdwPCp97U
AI can help chemists crack the molecular structure of crystals much faster than traditional modelling methods. #AIhttps://t.co/Eokvd68kn0
An AI system called AI Spirits, developed by 2 MIT students, adds spooky, humanoid figures to photos. #AIhttps://t.co/t7RPGe7IZV
With the help of AI, a growing number of scientists say changes in the way they analyze massive amounts of seismic… https://t.co/71F9Ke6j20
Early studies already establish how AI is set to revolutionize cardiac care. #AI #Healthcare #Innovation https://t.co/8dz8QIaRQI
.@Europol, along with 27 experts from 21 countries, ran a two-week ‘victim identification taskforce’ that has rescu… https://t.co/pwT1zBzB1Y
RT @LumenisU: Excited to participate in the Israel’s Prime Minister’s innovation summit hosted by @PeresCenter, and have @LumenisU CEO Tzip…
“AI in the exam room opens up the chance to recapture the art of medicine. It could let me get to know my patients… https://t.co/DUprk8wCvY
Sepsis kills one in five of the 30 million people who contract it worldwide every year—but a new study suggests a s… https://t.co/hwLnMNPsKd
It was a pleasure to speak with @jchatterleyCNN about the power of AI to transform healthcare and drug development… https://t.co/x8eXAwqBNP
RT @benevolent_ai: The application of #AI holds huge potential to accelerate work towards a research breakthrough in #Parkinson’s. Watch Dr…
.@GoogleForEdu announced “Be Internet Awesome,” a new partnership with @NationalPTA and @DonorsChoose to promote on… https://t.co/YncvEWLkcQ
RT @CNNBusiness: BenevolentAI CEO Joanna Shields served as the UK’s first Minister for Internet Safety and Security. She chats with @JChatt