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Baroness Warsi

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“We must resist partisan temptations to ignore our own flaws while magnifying those of opponents & recognise that d… https://t.co/6GmkZD7g1T
This is a good read by @unitascomms “And as a final reminder, please don’t feel obliged to apologise for the Chris… https://t.co/zEZPDjs77u
After months of inaction, resignations and a media storm finally @Conservative councillor Jeff Milburn expelled fro… https://t.co/XYbZQ2krOT
I raised this with @BrandonLewis privately and no response so here we go again... Is Theodora employed by a member… https://t.co/8YaKKl6wgZ
Breaking News @UKLabour adopt @APPGBritMuslims definition of #Islamophobia Welcome this timely and important mov… https://t.co/ahaWsvHWNc
A whole 13 DAYS suspension- that’s what we @Conservatives deem “ appropriate and swift” action for racism. It’s def… https://t.co/OiaJwp18D6
Wow just wow Revolving door racism is the new policy it seems. My party @Conservatives hits a new low. Media sto… https://t.co/E3pwzOInzr
“I am neither shocked nor surprised by #NewZealandShooting this has been a long time coming and many of us have be… https://t.co/Qd9RDGiE7p
“Islamophobia within @Conservatives is at best an indifference towards the concerns of British Muslims and at worst… https://t.co/vGkkaveeOv
And on and on it goes Shocking and callous handling & cover up of complaints made by an Association Chairman… https://t.co/R8qLeEUbfx
Years of raising Islamaphobia w/n my Party had left me weary but #NZMosqueShooting tragically reminded me that this… https://t.co/sYeHo8I9TQ
Another week , another bunch of bigots to exclude from @Conservatives Is Annette Susan Martin a member as she clai… https://t.co/wyXBqZIqjt
It’s clear now that @BrandonLewis @Conservatives have been dishonest about complaints of #islamophobia & racism Th… https://t.co/NjDfqe7FBL
I agree despite numerous mentions of Christianity, biblical teachings, crusade ref etc in his manifesto & act I don… https://t.co/hcK9oAGmP1
I have no words 🤦🏽‍♀️ I genuinely pity you Melanie - your reasoning and worldview is so bitter and messed up. Its… https://t.co/ssrw2V4pHW
Please Melanie not today Spare us the faux sympathy Today I have no patience 4your bull💩 You are part of the pro… https://t.co/DTnfnrsjDy
The vilification of Muslims has been increasingly mainstreamed - islamaphobia has long passed the dinner table test… https://t.co/b5M8lYmfeV
I welcome colleagues condemning the murderous attack on Muslims in mosques in #NewZealand Violence is the end bt it… https://t.co/xjcTCkz37E