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RT @hopenothate: Anjem Choudary shunned by imams who say he's not welcome at scores of mosques https://t.co/AUUtsz6Jz0
RT @daverich1: Sad to say some of my fellow Jews think Tommy Robinson is worth supporting. Well even if his bigotry, violence & criminality…
T’is the season of awards it seems. Delighted to receive outstanding contribution to #Yorkshire at #YABA awards and… https://t.co/mq9dSm6Da8
6.I have supported & led numerous efforts within Muslim communities to tackle this issue head on 7. I have personal… https://t.co/LVlmFpGNEP
4. Sexual abuse occurs when a position of power is juxtaposed with vulnerability 5. It can take many forms Politic… https://t.co/78Iv8UwYQ5
Thread 1. As a lawyer I’ve prosecuted & defended in sexual abuse cases 2. Perpetrators come from all walks of soc… https://t.co/dWO9W8c9im
“No go areas” “Asian paedophiles “ This should not be the language of a Home Sec 🤦🏽‍♀️ The victims of these appal… https://t.co/rECbvWPwtv
RT @ajplus: Black Muslims in Britain are fed up with being erased. Here's a web series that shares their stories. https://t.co/zv2OAQflME
RT @SayeedaWarsi: Fighting against #Islamophobia in government was a lonely battle. My response to the latest #HateCrime stats which show…
Fighting against #Islamophobia in government was a lonely battle. My response to the latest #HateCrime stats which… https://t.co/tRSXavFqxH
Dreaming my fathers dream Worrying my mums worry My speech @UKHouseofLords https://t.co/evEzgBiXFZ
Just when your firing on all cylinders- healthier, wealthier, smarter, more sure of yourself than ever before - it… https://t.co/Jw13xinb7w
RT @bbcworldservice: Descended from Indian nobility, Noor Inayat Khan spied for Britain during World War Two - and died in a Nazi concentra…
RT @LBC: The remarkable story of Noor Inayat Khan, the "Spy Princess" who is one of the favourites to be pictured on the new £50 note. http…
Please take 10 minutes out of your day to read this vital piece @gdnlongread The media maligning of British Muslim… https://t.co/JdOG5b9dJv
British Muslims are sick of this stupid ongoing battle of egos between @TellMamaUK & @mendcommunity Maligning, bri… https://t.co/Nkh1eJu2Kd
Delighted to see @APPGBritMuslims supporting @Zehra_Zaidi campaign to make Noor Inayat Khan the face of the £50 not… https://t.co/T0jB3bxryl
RT @cathynewman: Few more deserving to appear on £50 note than Noor Inayat Khan - who spied for Britain in World War II. She’s one of the a…