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“I’m not very good at downtime. But I do love cooking and those spa holidays – you know the ones where you live in… https://t.co/WsBxfyCiJh
And to think folk once thought Ed was too red! 🤣 How politics has changed! Great fun doing @CheerfulPodcast with th… https://t.co/QmBNuXyOfE
Govt ministers who rightly took @UKLabour to account & urged them to adopt a definition of #antisemitism but are no… https://t.co/59dK7Xl9jY
On this @LibDems have shown leadership from the top & support at grassroots to tackle the scourge of #Islamophobiahttps://t.co/juXkM3SVo5
Govt ministers who rightly took @UKLabour to account & urged them to adopt a definition of #antisemitism but are no… https://t.co/yr740yomNG
“Our social mobility stories must not become myths of the past- housing market failure requires a bold and brave po… https://t.co/vqajteanCk
The economic and social case for a #socialhousing revolution Opinion piece @yorkshirepost today with fellow… https://t.co/N2wdVokIQA
“I don’t need saving, I doing need liberating” Powerful final podcast “How To Be A Muslim Woman” with the inspirati… https://t.co/7Kd8blYixC
“If we can put aside political differences to harness the political will &investment for major infrastructure proje… https://t.co/uh7SWz7uro
RT @GuzKhanOfficial: Listen...If I go missing tonight and end up butt naked in the river Thames wrapped in a discounted roll of carpet from…
Full house tonight ⁦@sohotheatre⁩ for ⁦@GuzKhanOfficial⁩ “Work In Progress” -was edgy, clever and hilariously funny… https://t.co/QCVMYKZzBP
“If we do not decisively act now the numbers of people, young and old, that simply cannot afford to either rent or… https://t.co/UFP8pjtQCI
One of the things on my 2019 social network to do list is to read positive and to repeat, retweet and promote posit… https://t.co/kXOPua3WGC
“Politicians cannot look young people in the eyes and honestly tell them that everything will be OK if they just wo… https://t.co/ump0jSuNKd
This moment and hashtag takes me back to 2010 - my first Cabinet meeting 😊 1/2 #TweetYourThobe https://t.co/nmE43Clbtb
Throwback to 2010 First Cabinet meeting My version of the trouser suit 😈 #TweetYourThobe #FlashbackFriday 2/2 https://t.co/l53Ayjxdba
“Theresa vs Trump” Loved sparring with the fabulous @shavtaj the welsh trade unionist who tried to convince me to j… https://t.co/w0MRGQ1gwp
So just watched this pilot and you were right @tezilyas I bloody loved it! It’s authentic, relatable and genuinely… https://t.co/wkSpPvDDce
Away from the the noise, nonsense and nastiness of politics this is what really mattered for me in 2018 👇🏽 A beauti… https://t.co/UQ62D6BUkQ