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Christmas present for people really interested in Europe https://t.co/3RB50MJ4Ej
RT @SebDance: Trade decreases with distance. Trade blocs help us mitigate against physics. The British character hardens when presented wi…
RT @MarkJohnstonLD: Today EU says again that negotiations with UK have ended and will not be reopened. https://t.co/Vs6ktoor9K
Big division breaking out within Brexit camp on whether to boycott a referendum. Daniel Hannan says yes but Farage… https://t.co/2BzkWS2Do3
RT @deirdreheenan: The whole point of expressions like ‘managed no deal’ & ‘WTO rules’ is that they give a veneer of technical-sounding cre…
‘We can’t have another referendum based on unicorns’ https://t.co/nni3Xx5SkI
RT @tnewtondunn: No10 rules out an Indicative Vote on different Brexit solutions in Commons. PM’s spokesman: “There are no plans to have on…
RT @talkRADIO: Lord Adonis: "Theresa May won't put her deal to a vote in the House of Commons because she knows she'll lose it and she won'…
RT @talkRADIO: Lord Adonis urges Labour to 'unite' to bring a second referendum, and says Brexit is 'doing the reputation of politics enorm…
Significant - Mrs May’s ex Brexit adviser! https://t.co/pn44HNeJht
The education reformers’ book of 2019. It has fundamentally radicalised my view of policy https://t.co/as1X817sWk
RT @faisalislam: This is serious for PM - someone who was one of her ministers until last month, who backed her in 2016 saying she is not a…
They would say this wouldn’t they! The real criticism of HS2 is that it pays far too much for land and property bec… https://t.co/CRODm06Ulb
I don’t like look of this TfL plan to buy and then sell & lease back the Crossrail fleet. Will cost Londoners very… https://t.co/9SpkbxmOQC
We people’s vote campaigners are serious and sober & don’t do champagne like you at the BBC. But the point is corre… https://t.co/lyoakdKaAH
The only ‘irreparable damage’ a people’s vote will do is to Brexit, which is the whole point since it will do irrep… https://t.co/VQ4ollhoFx
I think people can guess what I want for Christmas! But I don’t want it on Christmas Eve, which Mrs May is threaten… https://t.co/vjWNVyPXPx