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RT @peoplesvote_uk: In June, over 100k people marched on Parliament to demand a #PeoplesVote - this October, join us on the #PeoplesVoteMar
Just seen a poll which shows 26% of Labour voters would vote for a different party if it could stop Brexit So let’s not go there
RT @lordbonkers: Liberal England: Lord Adonis to speak for a People's Vote in Leicester on 4 October https://t.co/48Zs90jRsQ
RT @DanWarren84: #LiverpoolBrexitFreeZone The far right should not be given a veto on a further referendum or elections. Completely agree @…
RT @mikegalsworthy: At the Liverpool for Europe (@Liverpool4EU) event at Labour Conference... superb panel and vibe in the room. Sense of r…
RT @brian945murphy: Brexit can and should be stopped:“The best lack all conviction; the worst are full of passionate intensity” @Andrew_Ado
RT @Demos: Discussing big data & politics this evening @Andrew_Adonis argues “everything changes but everything remains the same”. The key…
Well let me be frank - I don’t much like the DUP leadership either & it’s about time they were put under political… https://t.co/FGnqhEnHjy
Keir Starmer out of this badly, trying to bury points of high principle in ambiguity & waffle as if this was a lega… https://t.co/DQOrFuKrRa
RT @EmPeeKay76: Somehow I don't think the #DUP like Lord Adonis. Just listen to a podcast of the Stephen Nolan show. His thoughts on #Brexi
RT @WycombeToday: Pro-European activists to host Lord Adonis in High Wycombe on Sun 7th Oct 2018 https://t.co/1DyzPuvzYK
RT @AlexGPorter: A surprise to hear so much about Gladstone from @Andrew_Adonis at @Demos’s big data debate but some good points made that…