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Having snoozed contentedly over the weekend while their poor orphan leader has been out trying to win support for t… https://t.co/CgfWnxAhXt
We see clearly now who the ERG playgroup really are. Bad judgement, poor timing, over-grown egos, fantasy politics,… https://t.co/RtylzwAQhz
This Brexit shambles exposes how far the Conservatives Party has degenerated. For all her faults, Mrs May remains t… https://t.co/qoek1G5deo
With Raab gone May becomes a gonner. With May gone the Tories will not be able to find anyone to unite behind. And… https://t.co/lBduclnP2V
With Raab gone May becomes a gonner. With May gone the stories will not be able to find anyone to unite behind. And… https://t.co/63zCEB4DKC
Please note carefully I am NOT saying Pres Trump is a fascist. He is not. But he’s using the same techniques as the… https://t.co/aH0husjOr3
I have been so moved by all the lovely comments here. But PLEASE this does not merit a fuss. Many go through this.… https://t.co/S5XS8T1YCN
#bbctoday - Heseltine/Sands on selling Arms to Saudi Arabia. This question is NOT difficult its simple. Riyadh has… https://t.co/3caKa9WcA1
My good friend Nick Clegg’s reputation as a powerful voice for liberalism and democracy will now depend on his abil… https://t.co/dsk35yu1AF
Distracted by the present Brexit farce? Remember 1.The EU always does deals at the final hour - or after 2. Last mo… https://t.co/HqhugHZrYW
GRU incompetence. My new book, Nein! reveals that the GRU run, Geneva based Dora spy ring, which they claim was the… https://t.co/4GlAyCb6qJ
My new book, Nein! Standing up to Hitler, is published today. Synopsis here: https://t.co/cgfUSyW5k5 Sample Chapter… https://t.co/hZ8aIGGnyc
#Pula tsunami/earthquake horror: question for Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson: What was the position fo the nea… https://t.co/bMHq2u5gfb
A good PM she is most emphatically not. But listening - and more specifically - watching Theresa May’s speech today… https://t.co/LXJN6vC6mT
May statement at 2.30. Undermined by her Party at home, humiliated by her friends in Europe, the PM has no credibil… https://t.co/Y3hSXuWRvf
https://t.co/yGqQioD2Ur This plan to swop territory in the Balkans, now supported it seems by the Trump administrat… https://t.co/8NtqTI9bOS
Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear. Dominic Raab may or may not be a good Brexit Secretary. But is he really so desperate fo… https://t.co/berO2XoVQ0
The argument against a People's Vote on the final deal is simple. The people cannot be allowed to find out they wer… https://t.co/fe6yhjkkoo
Boris indulging in his usual dog whistle politics, says that headscarves make a Muslim woman look 'like a bank rob… https://t.co/corjzUlXSV