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Booker winner Richard Flangan on a life lived in the wild beauty of Tasmania. Music by the Polish Australian compos… https://t.co/Eyxfuqrtv4
Private Passions noon @BBCRadio3 The actress and comedian Jess Robinson tells how her training as a classical singe… https://t.co/xuuNMUBikY
Gifted young Viennese artists playing Berkeley in and outside Vienna. Some of Lennox’s finest songs and piano music… https://t.co/P8zvMvof9Q
In Vienna and fancy free tomorrow evening? Die Musik von Lennox und Michael Berkeley Am Freitag, den 17. Mai 2019,… https://t.co/qxZY6ljXac
RT @BBCRadio3: R3 Through the Night: six hours of @EBU_HQ concerts & recordings every night, starting tonight with Dukas, @MichaelBerkele2
This, for me, is Lennox’s most taut and muscular orchestral work and I love it for all the reasons I love Sibelius… https://t.co/2tLH1Nlu4y
In Private Passions Radio 3 at noon Richard Smith describes how doctors and patients collude to hide the truth abou… https://t.co/IXfVIsM6AA
This makes me laugh uncontrollably = a great spirit lifter https://t.co/4JvnitXXlC
Very sad to hear of the changes being planned at Westminster Cathedral School which will have the effect of breaki… https://t.co/Fncvn7LNdy
Criminologist David Wilson has spent his life working with murderers and violent men but his music choices are all… https://t.co/JFhtZDprDy
Sad to hear of Heather Harper’s death. She was wonderful in Or Shall We Die? but found the All night I searched for… https://t.co/5acXORNz3I
Reverend Lucy Winkett, the Rector of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, A classically trained soprano, chooses music… https://t.co/tFCCPkQpti
RT @CcSpondon: Although many start tomorrow #cricketisback, our 5ths played last Sunday against Kirkby Portland CC. Does this piece of fiel…
RT @fhvln: So much fun as always on @BBCInTune this afternoon with @nickypiano & Sean - great to play @JeanJCSibelius @lennox_berkeley & Ge…