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Science broadcaster, James Burke brings his great enthusiasm to music on Private Passions at noon @BBCRadio3. Neap… https://t.co/Xke9HbAl3V
RT @wigsandwords: Today at midday on @BBCRadio3’s #PrivatePassions I’ll be yammering on to @MichaelBerkele2 about music, the law and keepin…
RT @LizClements: Wonderful #PrivatePassions with @wigsandwords @MichaelBerkele2: @BBCRadio3 at its best. And I just boogied round the kitch…
Sarah Langford is a barrister. Her 'In Your Defence' has had a huge impact. Bach, Lutoslawski, Messiaen, Paul Duk… https://t.co/nnCtCdUuK7
RT @RogerMullis: Worth it just to hear @MichaelBerkele2 relish saying 'Wayne and Waynetta Slob' - but also to hear Harry Enfield explain ho…
Harry rarely gives interviews so this is rather special https://t.co/s98OSaIsae
Looking forward to tonight’s s performance, even more so given your enthusiasm https://t.co/5bXF4p1cZd
RT @BBCRadio3: R3 Through the Night: six hours of @EBU_HQ concerts & recordings every night, starting tonight with @rdamphil celebrating it…
RT @HullChamberMus: If you love playing chamber music, don't miss this great opportunity! Chamber Music Weekend Course (Hull), with wonder…
Absolutely. That pulsating score delivered with both tautness and expansiveness. https://t.co/jz8oIm78xE
RT @MichaelSadgrove: Engaging guest on #PrivatePassions. Neuroscientist @anilkseth talks about the beauty of awareness & consciousness. Gre…
Wonderful to see @andy_murray moving well and enjoying himself in practice @QueensTennis. So great to have him back.
You might assume that June Spencer aka Peggy @BBCTheArchers is the sole property of @bbcradio4 but here @BBCRadio3https://t.co/vT3dwizqsl
Wonderful programme @wigmore_hall from @GeraldFinley and @juliusdrake with the most terrifying Erlkonig I have eve… https://t.co/1hbBXlSQB8
RT @RoryStewartUK: Please write to your MP if you think this is not a good idea and please RT if you think anyone else might think this is…
Catch Lucasta Miller on PP on @BBCRadio3 now for a glimpse of the Gothic in music and literature
A lovely morning’s music making overseen by the ever inspiring @ndanielmusic https://t.co/uozmDQ5Ugu
And from me too, Nimco. Keep up the good fight, we are on your side and that if all girls at risk of FGM. https://t.co/Uyh7UHiQKE