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If we break away from EU laws, it will be very difficult to protect the consumer. By contrast, EEA membership is by… https://t.co/4pIgJXZtdD
There are many other areas where our consumer laws are completely entwined with EU laws. The whole area of consumer… https://t.co/Wyp1Zj4HKe
A 'no deal' Brexit could see UK consumers hit with higher credit card surcharges, slower payments for European good… https://t.co/bkUBoXUOjS
Whether it may be booking package tours, free roaming, using small claims courts, passporting rights for consumer l… https://t.co/X1jT4RLSYz
British consumers will lose out from #Brexit – that is one of the few certainties, three years after the EU referen… https://t.co/myuyPqHicZ
British consumers will lose out from #Brexit – that is one of the few certainties, three years after the EU referen… https://t.co/iACv2ltx4l
We need to take our country back under control – the only way forward after the Government's resounding defeat is a… https://t.co/e7otypW4br
The country must not be held to ransom by hardline Brexiteers' threats that we undermine democracy if we overturn B… https://t.co/uCP2JY55bu
There are 450,000 international students in the UK, including over 130,000 from the EU. I have asked the Govt to en… https://t.co/e93WdSc2lX
The UK must be decisive to protect the reputation of its world-leading universities. We must bring back the post-st… https://t.co/NdxN6uxIxJ
Outside of the EU, the UK will lose its enormous economic advantage and could lose out against other countries comp… https://t.co/ad1FWlDrAe
RT @insightagents: What a fine archive and resource: 17 years of "The Brands Lectures" from @JN_BrandsGroup, with luminaries including @ror
My favourite moment of #GEW18: it was a joy to share the @cobrabeer story and with an audience of such talented pro… https://t.co/geHU4qfT0H
RT @wfdobie: .@Lord_Bilimoria Just heard you on @LBC ... great job making the case for another vote. The comparison to a company board havi…
RT @ThePujaTeli: I’m super excited that @Lord_Bilimoria is speaking at #EntrepreneurJam next month! Come and hear his inspirational entrepr…
Brexiteers' idea of 'Global Britain' is nonsensical. We are already one of the most global economies in the world.… https://t.co/ofUeJ5kR8x
RT @CNNBusiness: “The uncertainty that’s there is just endless. It’s to infinity and beyond,” says Karan Bilimoria, member of British House…
This Government is taking us into a blindfold Brexit, presenting us with uncertainty to infinity and beyond. There… https://t.co/qUTt907ola
RT @ThePledge: Should creative subjects be compulsory in schools? @Lord_Bilimoria says it's crucial for Britain's economic future. Here…