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There is no reason for the UK to be searching a deal that offers something equivalent to our current agreement. Whe… https://t.co/lNjSVWtC0M
“It is important that people can integrate but also be proud of their roots.” In my most recent speech, I shared my… https://t.co/GdQ1yCj9EA
In my view, by far the best option for this country would be to remain in the European Union. In order to extricate… https://t.co/DZEvSNL2Xv
#GlobalEntrepreneurshipWeek inspires more people to get involved in enterprise every year. I will be speaking about… https://t.co/MjODEJB2vi
RT @HEPI_news: On fighting form, @Lord_Bilimoria points out some of the absurdities in the UK’s approach to international students. He say…
RT @HEPI_news: When Jo Johnson returned from a ministerial visit to India, he was stopped and asked to take part in the International Passe…
RT @CouttsandCo: As part of the ongoing #CouttsEntrepreneurs Month, @Lord_Bilimoria tells us his entrepreneurial story, from founding @cobr
It was a joy to speak to @CouttsandCo as part of its first ever #CouttsEntrepreneurs Month, discussing the… https://t.co/11g3KnQPM1
I am filled with pride every time I see Mahatma Gandhi's statue in London's Parliament Square. Today on his 150th b… https://t.co/lKFvYOP3mC
We must allow international students to automatically stay on in the UK and work for two years after graduation. I… https://t.co/nyRFhlElNk
RT @LukeWGraham: Cobra's Lord Karan Bilimoria talks curry and craft beer https://t.co/GmlVGwOMvC via @CityAM
I challenged @CityAM to try @cobrabeer Gluten Free side-by-side and try to taste the difference! Read my full inter… https://t.co/Zz3kBjfMMq
It was a pleasure to talk to @timesofindia about growing up in Hyderabad, being part of the Zoroastrian Parsi commu… https://t.co/vs30uFURFD
RT @TarukaSrivastav: Interviewed @cobrabeer founder @Lord_Bilimoria - "It took us eight years to afford above-the-line advertising" https:/…
RT @IndiaIncorp: India is the UK’s trading partner, strategic ally and historic friend – it is a natural fit. The UK should be strengthenin…
RT @SachiKPatel: In our UK-India post-Brexit event at Oxford University, Lord Bilimoria describes the tremendous benefits of the UK-India c…
The Government has no choice but to continue to give EU migrants – many of them entrepreneurs, academics & skilled… https://t.co/kY1oC8Jbvd
A pleasure speaking to @TheDrum about the @cobrabeer journey, and how I had to really think outside the box to get… https://t.co/v8lhBDQVRj
International students are a jewel in the British crown. We must do more to prevent our reputation as one of their… https://t.co/XfX0pQcGUQ
Yesterday's Migration Advisory Committee report on international students was a missed opportunity. It is disappoin… https://t.co/MdVqkUEic3