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Lord Bruce Of Bennachie

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RT @Mike4Eastleigh: There are just no adequate words to describe this man https://t.co/uoBfJYcISU
RT @michaelwhite: @DUPleader @JohnNemoBell What puzzles many of us, Mrs Foster ( apart from the obvious point that NI voted Remain), is tha…
RT @LaylaMoran: According to Brexiteers #Brexit is having no effect on our economy huh? If that’s the case can someone explain what unique…
RT @AberdeenCity: Could an ambitious cable car plan help give Aberdeen the Barcelona-style wow factor it’s looking for? https://t.co/7pcnes…
Theresa May should understand leading the country knowingly to a bad outcome is a ‘betrayal of trust’ -so why not a… https://t.co/NRa5trXr5T
Without EHIC card kidney patients and others with pre-existing conditions not covered and could not travel.
RT @RotaryHuntly: #WorldPolioday we are doing our bit with the support of our local community to @EndPolioNow we’re so close! @malcolmbruce
And that is Lib Dem Lords Leader, Dick Newby https://t.co/A4Ido7RODb
Why is Aberdeen Airport Parking more expensive than Edinburgh?
So when the economy nose dives, investment collapses and jobs losses soar Government will blame anyone but themselv… https://t.co/Wb1tJSwUY0
RT @blairmcdougall: Remember when the Tories were the party of business? https://t.co/PdNDHWLtoQ
RT @MatthewRycroft1: We @DFID_UK are committed to rising to the global challenge of ensuring a quality education for all. A great example i…
RT @britainelects: London Westminster voting intention: LAB: 48% (-7) CON: 26% (-7) LDEM: 15% (+6) GRN: 5% (+3) UKIP: 4% (+3) via @YouGov
RT @markpack: Psst, there is a party taking seats and votes off Conservatives consistently. Clue: it's not Labour. https://t.co/W0ZJ8o9RTG
So impressed with the professionalims and high competence of Estonian institutions - and the warmth of the welcome,… https://t.co/bDCrMge0IG
RT @Jakdaw09: @LaylaMoran On Aid, there remains a real danger that @DFID_UK will also interpret the drive to make Aid benefit the UK as a r…
They don’t even have to threaten violence. Labour does it for them. Where hard right and hard left meet. https://t.co/xfbYnwCrYJ