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So when the economy nose dives, investment collapses and jobs losses soar Government will blame anyone but themselv… https://t.co/Wb1tJSwUY0
RT @blairmcdougall: Remember when the Tories were the party of business? https://t.co/PdNDHWLtoQ
RT @MatthewRycroft1: We @DFID_UK are committed to rising to the global challenge of ensuring a quality education for all. A great example i…
RT @britainelects: London Westminster voting intention: LAB: 48% (-7) CON: 26% (-7) LDEM: 15% (+6) GRN: 5% (+3) UKIP: 4% (+3) via @YouGov
RT @markpack: Psst, there is a party taking seats and votes off Conservatives consistently. Clue: it's not Labour. https://t.co/W0ZJ8o9RTG
So impressed with the professionalims and high competence of Estonian institutions - and the warmth of the welcome,… https://t.co/bDCrMge0IG
RT @Jakdaw09: @LaylaMoran On Aid, there remains a real danger that @DFID_UK will also interpret the drive to make Aid benefit the UK as a r…
They don’t even have to threaten violence. Labour does it for them. Where hard right and hard left meet. https://t.co/xfbYnwCrYJ
RT @Independent: British soldier who lost leg in Iraq shares powerful message to those who think he should be Islamophobic https://t.co/24l…
Actially his remarks were very finely judged to tap the offensive base of Conservatism https://t.co/IfjGaxiSbu
RT @MatthewRycroft1: .@PennyMordaunt announces new partnership on Assistive Technologies at #DisabilitySummit Leave no one behind #NowIsTh
Penny Mordaunt announces DFID AT30 to deliver assistive technology for 300m people and lead global AT partnership
Penny Mordaunt announces DFID AT30 to deliver assistive technology for 300 people and lead global partnership #Disabilitysummit
All major companies should commit to minimum 5% of work force for people with disabilities. #DisabilitySummit
Paul Polman CEO Unilever says disability must be addressed at board level. #DisabilitySummit
RT @DFID_UK: "When disabled people are included, great things happen ..." International Development Secretary signing part of her opening…
Assistive Technology should include free video relay services for sign language users - including the UK #DisabilitySummit