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Blair strategist switches to help Lib Dems get elected. Now we really are preparing for a Liberal Democrat Gov… https://t.co/GNBvb1vs1e
US weather: Temperature records set to fall as 'dangerous' heatwave predicted https://t.co/S0RfCdCqpm https://t.co/iwKrzp6mfM
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RT @ChrisDaviesLD: Turns out that Ann Widdecombe and the Brexit Party were talking rubbish over fish nets and the EU....the world stands sh…
RT @agcolehamilton: Scotland doesn’t have a mandate for #indyref2 (join in if you know the words): 1: @theSNP are not Scotland 2: SNP + gr…
RT @LibDemLords: Lib Dem Lords NI Spokesperson @malcolmbruce leads for us on the Northern Ireland (Executive Functions) Bill - we welcome t…
Political hell defined: voting in a marginal https://t.co/UrMvmlDqLX In seats like Gordon I expect voters may ret… https://t.co/LjhCc0XwJP
Chronic medic shortage calls for healthier check https://t.co/K5sThLUy7A Will that mean Scottish students denied… https://t.co/J90r1b2zDQ
Political hell defined: voting in a marginal https://t.co/5goSgHY7zX I expect in seats like Gordon many will retu… https://t.co/28Nww1hjtC
North Sea firms ‘not the enemy’ in climate battle https://t.co/yG9V8OTwuG Net zero carbon an urgent transition - not an abrupt event
Corbynism is rotting from the head down https://t.co/22AI891lvs This is a “must read” for all Liberal Democrats (… https://t.co/rhM3Ao1og0
Corbynism is rotting from the head down https://t.co/Oc5ikoDQX4 Not “Vote Boris to stop Corbyn” but “Vote Lib Dem to stop both of them”
RT @RCorbettMEP: Over the last 10 years (in which the EuropeanUnion & Brexit have been regularly debated) #BBCQT has invited UK MEPs onto i…
A New Climate: Where do your supermarket flowers come from? | World News | Sky News But flowers grown in Europe u… https://t.co/yX8izkhpNA
No 12 London bus has reduced frequency. Guess what? Long wait and buses packed
RT @LibDems: "Boris Johnson is not the person to unify our country. He's made racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Scottish comments. You…
RT @Martin_Veart: My daughter Sophia went out Saturday night in #Edinburgh and did not return home. We were to go to Glasgow this afternoon…