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@brianpaddick @PeterKe55063315 @guardiannews That’s a huge compliment as you know hold you in the highest esteem. Thank you. X
I fully support the statement contained in this advertisement but as I am no longer a Labour peer, I now sit as a n… https://t.co/6xKRLZ2iMM
You come from the same branch of self delusion and arrogance as your orange POTUS. Your question had nothing to do… https://t.co/hsvZLijH1y
You are racist to your jelly core. That you refuse to see it or cannot see it reveals how shallow, deluded and inep… https://t.co/53G285m8Lh
Let’s get under his thin skin: @realDonaldTrump you are a racist and you demean the office of President of the United States of America.
RT @kamelionwho: “Only in endings can we truly find beginnings. There is no finality only change. Shifting sliding easing 1 into another. A…
I am still shocked that my rights are considered by political parties as a vote of ‘conscience’. My rights are non… https://t.co/2XLD9mB4se
RT @APPGLGBT: 🏳️‍🌈⬇️ What are the immediate next steps for marriage equality in Northern Ireland? This afternoon Peers will debate the NI B…
RT @DavidLammy: Beautiful words. This is the best of England. Confident, diverse, world-class and full of humour. "We had Allah with us as…
Deeply frustrated that I cannot be at the debate on equal marriage and abortion rights in Northern Ireland… https://t.co/xcb47YY6P9
Petition: Establish a national day commemorating the significance of 15th August 1945. https://t.co/ICx8afAqsK
Stella Creasy Says The DUP Is Holding The UK To "Ransom" Over Same Sex Marriage And Abortion Rights In Northern Ire… https://t.co/9Gr08HJdyC
Silence nuzzles alongside me and comforting beyond words or platitudes I acknowledge I need not replacement nor pre… https://t.co/FKtzY5zFZI
Thank you Mark for bringing your expertise into this discussion. Gentle Len carefully ignores the general secretary… https://t.co/4hjpt3fRZM
Summer begins it’s lease and his absence is filled by the staggering simplicity of nature. Each combines with anoth… https://t.co/P3SsWE3QV9
Please retweet and remember them. The interesting thing is what most of them have in common: Brexit! I rest my case… https://t.co/JEIMQZkFEl
I stand in solidarity with @JewishLabour and the courageous ex Labour staffers who at great cost to themselves have… https://t.co/Yt0dG1e729
Theresa May MP: Give Sir Kim Darroch a peerage - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/vEovo0sq41 via @UKChange
And people wonder why some of us after more than 45 years in the Labour Party no longer wish to be associated with… https://t.co/XmMaAuIHjg