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Mrs May scurrying around to form a cross-party deal on Brexit. In my first speech after the referendum result in 20… https://t.co/19RK6nNJcC
RT @stonewalluk: "We can argue all day, but trans people are dying, and I don't want to be part of a feminism that allows that to happen…"…
One of the most enjoyable things was playing Nottingham and hearing incredulous gasps of laughter being suffocated… https://t.co/W1Er71HI0N
Few people in UK politics understand this. UK government wants to unpick legally binding treaties, the EU is based… https://t.co/RWfo3KXYcn
How can you, smaller than anyone I have loved, wider than anyone I’ve held, play with my heart and my emotions in s… https://t.co/oqzUb2prdV
RT @THTorguk: TODAY IS THE DAY. 📆 RT to send a loud message to the PrEP Trial Board to say YES to doubling places on the trial to 26,000.…
Absolutely thrilled to host @UKHouseofLords Matthew Lopez the brilliance that is the writer of @inheritanceplay and… https://t.co/8fMroR0jKq
Thank you, I have taken action and have raised it with the foreign minister in the Lord’s and it subsequently throu… https://t.co/DWkghFtS5s
RT @MikeyMike1: Boris Johnson says he regrets quitting 2016 Tory leadership race We don't. Ever since then you've shown yourself to be a d…
Have raised this today with government minister in the @UKHouseofLords @tariqahmadbt Urgent global action needed. Now.
Congratulations Angela. Proud that you are our leader in the Lords. And along with Baroness (Diane) Hayter and Lord… https://t.co/PlcvccIZou
RT @LabourLordsUK: Breakdown of tonight’s historic vote in the Lords, in favour of @LadyBasildon motion against Govt’s #BrexitDeal: https:/…
I loved that show. Playing Inspector LaStrade. Enjoy that beautiful theatre and city. X https://t.co/nWY98U6JPc
You are so kind. So very kind. And I am so lucky to have you editing. From the very beginning you understood it. Xx https://t.co/4eOS9leHp7
I’m afraid the interview with Andrew Marr shows that Jeremy Corbyn is out of his depth. He does not understand the… https://t.co/sBjSslPnUe
Good night everyone. Thank you for the exchanges that we’ve had. Different opinions, but listening to each other. H… https://t.co/l91j3OAduR
Mike The extension would have to be untill July because that is when the new Parliament, and the new commission ta… https://t.co/ObFkAfYbGk
And actually more people voted in the 92 election! I was only informed of that last week. So much for the governmen… https://t.co/PVdhqwb0h9
Oh my dear! And you were in charge of negotiations? You know nothing about how the EU negotiates. But a few of us h… https://t.co/IkSDNNmBjB
Look at the rights based approach of the Treaty of Amsterdam. Groundbreaking when it comes to fighting discriminat… https://t.co/82Sc0nvkdd