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We must not be complacent - the fight for LGBT rights and freedoms must continue https://t.co/GF8AQQkjtl
I’m not on Twitter at the moment but I just wanted to say a huge thank you. The decision I took, I did not take li… https://t.co/iD3zLGHBXq
RT @andrewbrownld: Former Labour MEP and lifelong LGBT+ rights activist, @mcashmanCBE joins many others from the two establishment parties…
RT @GrahamHoadly: Make your VOTE a big, sloppy milkshake and chuck it full force at Brexit on Thursday! Vote Remain! https://t.co/rM3Vu8GSQb
RT @GrahamHoadly: @mcashmanCBE @davidmartinmep Exactly this. We should not vote for a party whose leader is a supporter and enabler of Brex…
Good night everyone. It’s wonderful when life slows you down and you have to look at the detail, you can’t rush by:… https://t.co/68X5oZIw9B
I think I’ve just resigned from the Labour party by declaring that I will support the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.
RT @mcashmanCBE: @davidmartinmep David, I’m not interested in the past. I’m interested in now. I’m interested in the future. You have been…
I can’t trust Corbyn or the people around him on the defining issue in postwar Britain so on Thursday I will not be… https://t.co/cUNoG7NeyF
Shall we go to the polling station together on Thursday? For the first time in my life I will decide when I get the… https://t.co/4NeA4l9flW
The only way to resolve the most important issue facing this country and dividing it is with a final say on Mrs May… https://t.co/qx04iGOjpU
RT @wesstreeting: Appearing in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee this morning to give evidence on the @APPGBritMuslims definition…
Breaking news: Theresa May says MPs will get vote on whether to hold another referendum if they back EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill.
I fundamentally disagree with Peter. Ownership is not about having land or houses. Ownership is about belonging. An… https://t.co/wAfhksk8h8
I agonised how my body had slowed me down. My usual pace waited at every junction and suddenly I realised I could s… https://t.co/8ODdxFbKpj
Wonderful slow forest walk - charging towards me came a tortoise: I found a spot on the craggy hillside and lay med… https://t.co/cNIBRWTMKS
Thanks Sarah! Yet still every day we have to join forces to battle to defend what we have and build upon it. Brexit… https://t.co/bjIk7ToveY
I stand with 100% with @ruth_hunt she has the courage that defines leadership. So proud. Ruth Hunt: ‘We had a mora… https://t.co/Dexavp53wb