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RT @AmandaPCraig: A correction (in tiny print) from The Sun regarding their lies about 600,000 benefit tourists in UK. You can help spread…
No. A discussion between people who wanted to leave and who have never been prepared to face the issues that Brexit… https://t.co/WFcskbVx3k
RT @uk_domain_names: Chubb (world's largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company) is redomiciling from the UK to France.…
RT @ThatTimWalker: Do please retweet if you believe @afneil should now apologise to @carolecadwalla https://t.co/7thaJORQaf
RT @mrjamesob: There are only three camps now: people who understand that there is no 'deal' better than the terms of membership negotiated…
It doesn’t help to be rude. Leaving the EU will make us all poorer and hit the poorest hardest. Principled people a… https://t.co/1GK9OS1s06
Isn’t this the man who advised his clients to invest outside Britain because of effects of Brexit? He still hasn’t… https://t.co/JWF2fh9Yva
No doubt you’ll be considering how DoT can meet its climate change commitments after CCC warning. You will also wan… https://t.co/O8R2RaCmNE
RT @eddiek2: Jo Johnson wants a 2nd vote. If it was down to these 3 options which one would you go for? #Brexit
RT @CharlesTannock: The scale of Brexit deceit is extraordinary. https://t.co/v2mQR7FLwh
RT @martin_lowe: The Conservatives call me ‘Citizen of Nowhere’. Labour calls me ‘deeply anti-democratic’. The Tabloids call me ‘elitist…
RT @Longshanks1307: #OnThisDay 1035 King Cnut died. Here he is at Dover, famously ordering the sea to turn back, before admitting 'I hadn't…
RT @atrupar: I can't believe this commercial that just ran on Fox News is for real https://t.co/gGInt8BKhp
RT @BWJones: Statistically, you are safer walking through Afghanistan than the United States in terms of risk from gun violence. Push tha…
RT @thehistoryguy: Sure. We can force Israel back to its pre-67 borders, reunify Ireland and abolish NATO but preventing something that doe…
RT @gummerben: This is remarkable, and very moving. What insight and what grace. https://t.co/7QUQUEr4Z2
A much underrated figure who had real influence in changing attitudes to poverty https://t.co/N6EvEPklJx
And decent sensible members of the Government know it. When will we stop being lemmings and say Brexit is bad for B… https://t.co/gzRVGfjoN8