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RT @bbcquestiontime: "We are now engaged in a really difficult experiment as to whether it is *possible* democratically and peacefully to w…
Churchill's passion, power - and fragility. He was a Wounded Warrior. The Greatest Man had great faults. And inspir… https://t.co/TQbDlys8en
Clearly didn't win Lords vs Commons pigeon race. Devastated. Perhaps my pigeon still flying or was got at by the fa… https://t.co/Wm1ILAb8qJ
Lords outgunned (is that right word?) in Parliamentary Pigeon Race. Not sure if my two made it home yet. But reviva… https://t.co/Ljtt63Yj0f
Sponsored two pigeons in this magnificent Lords/Commons trial of strength. Perched on the edge of my branch in exci… https://t.co/BxsF2QYuQK
Met Sam in Kazakhstan. Great companion. Sure to be an excellent book. Cant wait. https://t.co/hgpmBeETwb
1) Ludicrous to approve £5Bill refurb @UKParliament while even one #GrenfellTower still exists in UK. 2) Equally lu… https://t.co/Btczy3kkVX
RT @J_VRoux: Dans le House of cards britannique, le Premier ministre et son épouse ne sont jamais trop loin du regard bienveillant de Napol…
Job of political chief-of-staff is to bury the bodies. Or to be buried. I survived. For a while. https://t.co/NSOpyWoQ1s
Exactly. That’s two PMs in 80 years who walked rather than being dragged out of Downing Street. Extraordinary. But… https://t.co/SUn4t1hV2G
Don’t buy it, even at this price, ‘cos I’ll get thrown out of @UKHouseofLords. https://t.co/36bJPmbppc
But my career in fiction is ruined! How can I compete with ludicrous fact? Say after me - Mr Juncker is President o… https://t.co/wNpVwVAPBY
Swiss have different taxes and excise to EU. Next you’ll be suggesting the Irish border row is nothing but politica… https://t.co/mTjhPZIrQZ
Bravo, Jake! Extraordinary young man. I’m overflowing with congratulations and awe. 13 years old with determination… https://t.co/zzXX4DLExA
Thank you, Bob! Haven’t seen you for 30 years but seem to remember you knew more than anyone about the printed word… https://t.co/U5x9QZOKAq
Extraordinary fact. #HaroldWilson was last British PM to leave in own time. Only one in last 80 years. All rest hac… https://t.co/02wl9uRdHb
Spent several days with #HaroldWilson @FletcherSchool in 70’s after he was thrown out @10DowningStreet. Famous in p… https://t.co/tFNuelsfO7
Sad to hear death of Mary Wilson, former PM’s wife. Fan of original @HouseofCards. She once wrote to me denying rum… https://t.co/qraoOYp27M
Great cause and some wonderful people - Child Bereavement UK 3 Peaks Alpine Challenge https://t.co/FXnikY4fj0