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There is a genuine disagreement over whether he used the a. He always maintained he did but backed down when the re… https://t.co/39kmuqyr1o
@karren_brady Soon they will have over 508 stuffed frogs and maybe THEN you will go.
RT @HenryNewman: After yesterday's vote MPs still have only three real choices - ⭐️ a No Deal ⭐️ a Brexit Deal ⭐️ no Brexit Over the last…
This was a very hard task and I’ve left out loads of great ones. But here are my five favourite biographies of prim… https://t.co/pVg33fwHoJ
RT @TamFinkelstein: Very proud to be the newest member of this supportive and impressive community. Thank you @wellcometrust @dawes_melani
Stan Greenberg is the man responsible for the original For the Many not the Few campaign. https://t.co/ibOlmKVU4p
What we are celebrating when we celebrate the moon landing https://t.co/uljNm6AAS2
RT @timesredbox: PODCAST: What Theresa ever did for us As May leaves No10, @MattChorley asks @aliceTTimes, @Dannythefink and @AnneAshworth
Arthur Balfour lost his seat in 1906. Boris could conceivably be the first prime minister to lose his seat in an el… https://t.co/nUnkOfLnhq
I think this means that quite a few men who can’t play tennis at all, literally don’t play in the slightest, think… https://t.co/E6XoMlDqER
My review of the Gladwellian anti Gladwell book Range by David Epstein https://t.co/KTPhZDV1Bu
He speaks out most bravely and I think you will find the vast majority of Jews are with him. The arrogance and delu… https://t.co/O680hpAQs8
RT @robertshrimsley: God, this Panorama is even more upsetting than I expected. Friends of mine have described identical experiences of fac…
Do read Jamie's book. It's one of those books that shape your thinking. https://t.co/s8mJnTIvSH
My column on my Dad’s work and the future of politics https://t.co/7jvBgW4Zuz
RT @TamFinkelstein: My dad was today declared an icon of his beloved @CityUniLondon. Though he is no longer with us and he is always an ic…
Finkelstein 2020: Though it looks wrong it is correct. https://t.co/0KLzNm41MX
To pick up the award @cityunilondon I wore the watch Dad left me. The perfect scientific instrument. https://t.co/Vbk85VCRdn
Very proud of my late father Ludwik Finkelstein who on the 125th anniversary of @CityUniLondon has been declared an… https://t.co/SlbFz0VMzC