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‘In our bitterly divided nation, democracy must not become a fight to the death.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/kIS5tlXUAL
Yesterday @KensingtonRoyal convened the world’s largest private sector taskforce @United4Wildlife to update on supp… https://t.co/G648eeYHTq
‘Democracy can’t deal with increasingly complex issues if discussion is ever more shallow.’ Read my latest… https://t.co/q4XAd5ieZd
RT @GlobalOptimism: In this weeks' #OutrageAndOptimism we talk to @WilliamJHague about how those on the right of politics can find their vo…
RT @LordAshcroft: I had a good but short meeting with @MichaelGove on Monday on the cruelty of captive bred lions in South Africa. This is…
‘Shambolic Remainer ‘moderates’ have blown the European elections.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/qOIpKh9YLL
‘The time for denial is over. The right must offer its own solutions to the climate crisis.’ Read my latest… https://t.co/NarWt00xkE
‘Labour doesn’t want to solve Brexit, it only wants to destroy the Tories.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/YWMWqGKIzZ
‘The Prime Minister has a point: a no-deal Brexit could unravel our United Kingdom.’ Read my latest @Telegraph arti… https://t.co/h1iBgwIKdq
‘When I took over, the Conservatives were in ruins. For the next leader, things could be even worse.’ Read my lates… https://t.co/wx2d2oNcdX
‘Brexiteers will soon discover that all other deals are worse than Theresa May's.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/aEZxw7wR3N
RT @itvpeston: 🌎PESTON LIVE: Watch @Peston and @GuardianAnushka from anywhere in the world with @EmilyThornberry, @WilliamJHague, @SuellaBr
‘Brexiteers refusing to budge are not making a moral choice, they’re shirking their obligations.’ Read my latest… https://t.co/pnorkSc8LW
‘Step back from the abyss, view the big picture... and take this way out.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/6Nir9pTZpH
‘The Conservative party could disintegrate if it allows today’s battles over Brexit to define its future.’ Read my… https://t.co/FbrBxuwSRz
‘The Tories need a safety valve to survive the next few weeks intact.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/6R0Kls4xNB
‘Purging the Tories of Brexit rebels would end up poisoning the party.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/ZZsJWdDyKw
‘Venezuela’s agonies expose the heartlessness of Corbyn’s dogma.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/zaE8bD98Mf
‘Our European friends are taking a huge risk if they abandon Mrs May.’ Read my latest @Telegraph article https://t.co/yjqKRSlSyG
‘A second referendum would be a disaster for Britain, but it's where we are now heading.’ Read my latest @Telegraphhttps://t.co/EukjZ8L1SM