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RT @redhistorian: John Stuart Mill explains, in 1869, why you can never win an argument on the internet. https://t.co/pLCPvFgtLT
RT @AbbyHollick: Listen to Episode 1 of #Duvet Days where @BryonyKimmings talks postnatal anxiety, dancing naked to Bjork and surviving tra…
Odd that Barclays and HSBC agreed to provide £10m overdraft to #PatisserieValerie without first getting the formal… https://t.co/cZbz9gKBqf
#KeirStarmer shows outstanding and brave leadership. He makes clear that Remain will be on the ballot in a #PeoplesVote
RT @BBCNewsnight: Lord Kerr says in the case of a no-deal Brexit people want to be able to give “informed consent” ie a ‘people’s vote’ #ne
Tory official tells me that the northern part of the #KensingtonChelsea constituency (including Grenfell tower) is… https://t.co/CKUy07zZSn
RT @PamAyres: I went down to Salisbury To listen to the choir, A pair of Russian tourists They were staring up the spire, Staring up the s…
RT @TBIJ: The Bureau’s @Raoldroyd welcomed the ECHR Big Brother judgment: “The Bureau is concerned about the chilling effect that the threa…
RT @LawDavF: Over seven years of Syrian War have left some 500,000 dead. More are about to be added. For purposes of comparison note that t…
Very chuffed that daughter #carolinehollick has been appointed Head of Drama at #C4. Congratulations to both partie… https://t.co/GnlphXQVXd
BBC News - Ben Stokes trial: Cricketer 'stepped in' to defend two gay men https://t.co/6hMaMZdvt5
At last a damning condemnation of the disgraceful anti Semitic and racist views of a small number of members of th… https://t.co/q0tUQqGSjO
In #Seattle home of #BillGates and #JeffBezos, two of the richest men on earth. Also home to more #homeless people… https://t.co/MJ6DSgc8pD
RT @margarethodge: I never thought that I would experience #Antisemitism as a member of the Labour Party. But I have – and it has left me f…
First met #MartinSorrell when he was FD of Saatchi.We competed and collaborated for 30 years. Energetic,clever,dete… https://t.co/dCN7NCixF5
And this is what Sir Martin Donnelly’s crisps taste like. A customs union won’t help – there is no such thing… https://t.co/HrBDNswU68
RT @officialJ4G: 3 Billboards Outside Grenfell, London Listen to all our voices now; we demand #Justice4Grenfell Please Retweet https://t…
Good to hear @edballs on Today armed with solid evidence from businesses large and small about Brexit problems. A w… https://t.co/hOB01lXvbR
RT @RachelReevesMP: Carillion’s former execs love to talk about how sorry they are, but being sorry won’t help the pensioners who'll lose o…