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Johnson flops. Stewart wins the non Tory vote. The others were surprisingly poor. #bbcdebate
A week of black British creative genius.#GetUpStandupNow at #SomersetHouse a brilliant exhibition of paintings phot… https://t.co/KV9UfMdLXM
Watch Simon Albury’s brilliant and inspiring speech to the Lords Communications Committee. https://t.co/KoOjYvuQNx
RT @AbbyHollick: Just throwing back to when the gorgeous @emelisande got into my bed! Listen to our chat on #DuvetDays and get subscribing…
M Eric Baudelaire writes to me “Dear Lord H, You are leaving Europe, but where are you going?” Currently stumped for an answer.
RT @nowthisnews: CORRECTION: We've updated our graphic to reflect the calculations as described by Rep. Porter https://t.co/iNTEOdLNgx
Peter Oborne in a measured and courageous article explains why he , a leave voter, has changed his mind. I was a s… https://t.co/4qtvLrHS7Q
Gordon Brown speaks powerfully and movingly about our core Labour values. https://t.co/9xG6HTCI8Q
The #IPPR Commission on Public Policy and British Business-chmn #GeorgeBain -made the case for a minimum wage and u… https://t.co/TQrqiY45za
RT @dannybgoode: Kudos to the lady who sat down, right in the middle of one of the largest protests in history, to read “The Complete Inspe…
A taste of what lies ahead in the post Brexit trade negotiations that will stretch over the next 5 years or so. T… https://t.co/EFiPOxVE8R
Brilliant, heartfelt, funny and poignant readings last night at the Southbank by many of the New Daughters of Afric… https://t.co/G6Th045LGL
RT @GuardianHeather: New - Jeremy Corbyn will meet Oliver Letwin and Nick Boles this afternoon to discuss plans to try to secure a close on…
PM must keep us in single market and customs union to avoid mass destruction of manufacturing industry https://t.co/3mGeOhqgnt
#PLP Formby flounders. #Corbyn was a no show and so passed up the opportunity to show principled leadership and d… https://t.co/fdpW35Yh1f
RT @Ian56789: WOW! MSM TV Hack: "Is Macron the President for the rich?" Hollande: "Non - it's not true..... He is the President for the VE…
Ex #HS2 Chair Terry Morgan tells Peers that Old Oak Common in Hammersmith should be London terminus for first stage… https://t.co/rRJRs9r9Jq
RT @redhistorian: John Stuart Mill explains, in 1869, why you can never win an argument on the internet. https://t.co/pLCPvFgtLT